BONGINO BOMBSHELL: Mueller not investigating TRUMP; he’s working to COVER for corrupt CLINTON Foundation

(National SentinelMassive Corruption: We always knew that special counsel Robert Mueller’s “collusion” investigation was nothing but a hoax — a grand performance meant to trip up a duly-elected president and undermine his authority.

But we’re learning that it’s much, much more than that. It’s perhaps the biggest scandal of all to come out of Spygate.

You may recall in recent days that Mueller has shifted his attention to Erik Prince, the founder and CEO of Blackwater, the personal security service that has been in the crosshairs of the Deep State for years.

As the New York Daily News reported Monday:

Trump-connected military contractor Erik Prince has turned over his phones and computer to Robert Mueller, a representative said Monday, signaling the special counsel’s interest in a backchannel Prince allegedly tried to broker between the White House and the Kremlin.

Prince, whose since-defunct Blackwater company is infamous for its role in the killing of 17 Iraqi civilians in 2007, acknowledged last week he has “cooperated” with Mueller’s investigators as they continue to probe possible collusion between President Trump’s campaign and the Russian government.

On Monday, a spokesman for Prince confirmed he has also provided Mueller’s team with “total access to his phones and computer.”

“Mr. Prince has a lot of opinions about the various investigations, but there is no question that they are important and serious, and so Mr. Prince will keep his opinions to himself for now and let the investigators do their work,” the spokesman told the Daily News. “All we will add is that much of the reporting and speculation about Mr. Prince in the media is inaccurate, and we are confident that when the investigators have finished their work, we will be able to put these distractions aside.”

What it the world does Mueller want with Prince, a former Navy SEAL whose sister, by the way, is POTUS Trump’s education secretary, Betsy Devos?

Enter Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, and Anthony Weiner.

In late October 2016, just days before the November election, reports noted that the FBI found hundreds of thousands of emails on a laptop belonging to Weiner. The Feds and the NYPD were investigating him at the time for sexting a minor girl.

Zero Hedge reported at the time:

Now, according to the WSJ, it appears that Federal agents are preparing to scour roughly 650,000 emails that, as we reported moments ago were discovered weeks ago on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, to see how many relate to a prior probe of Hillary Clinton’s email use, as metadata on the device suggests there may be thousands sent to or from the private server that the Democratic nominee used while she was secretary of state, according to people familiar with the matter.

As the WSJ adds, the review will take weeks at a minimum to determine whether those messages are work-related emails between Huma Abedin, a close Clinton aide and the estranged wife of Mr. Weiner, and State Department officials; how many are duplicates of emails already reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation; and whether they include either classified information or important new evidence in the Clinton email probe, which FBI officials call “Midyear.”

Later, we would learn that the actual code name of the Clinton investgation was “Midyear Exam,” or MYE, for short.

What do these two events have in common?

Conservative talker and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino laid it out on his show Tuesday.

He said Mueller’s real mission isn’t to go after POTUS Trump for “collusion” or “obstruction of justice” or anything of the sort because a) Mueller and those who helped get him appointed (James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, etc.) know the charges are bogus; and b) know that POTUS has the authority to fire whomever he wants; and c) know Trump didn’t “obstruct” because the investigation has continued.

Bongino then dropped the bomb: Mueller’s real objective is to cover up the corruption that led to Spygate. And Prince is just the latest mark.

Prince knows all the details surrounding the FBI’s discovery of the 650,000 emails on Weiner’s computer. He knows there are emails that contain details of massive corruption and criminal behavior on the part of the Clintons, especially, but others connected to them.

And remember: Comey’s sole purpose was to ensure Hillary Clinton was free and clear to run for president because there was no way she would lose to a lout like Trump — right?

Bongino played a clip of Prince discussing what his FBI and NYPD sources have told him is contained in the emails. It’s horrific.

Right before the election Prince did an interview with Alex Barlow of Breitbart News on SiriusXM radio.

Per Breitbart:

“Because of Weinergate and the sexting scandal, the NYPD started investigating it. Through a subpoena, through a warrant, they searched his laptop, and sure enough, found those 650,000 emails. They found way more stuff than just more information pertaining to the inappropriate sexting the guy was doing,” Prince claimed.

“They found State Department emails. They found a lot of other really damning criminal information, including money laundering, including the fact that Hillary went to this sex island with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Clinton went there more than 20 times. Hillary Clinton went there at least six times,” he said.

“The amount of garbage that they found in these emails, of criminal activity by Hillary, by her immediate circle, and even by other Democratic members of Congress was so disgusting they gave it to the FBI, and they said, ‘We’re going to go public with this if you don’t reopen the investigation and you don’t do the right thing with timely indictments,’” Prince explained.

He also noted that in addition to trips with a convicted pedophile, Prince said all the ‘missing emails’ from Hillary’s days as secretary of state, when she was trafficking in classified information via her unprotected personal server, are also on that Weiner laptop.

Sound too incredible to be true? We know that Bill Clinton has been to that island; he would even ditch his Secret Service detail in order to take those trips.

But Hillary too?

Bongino reminds his listeners that Prince is a former CEO of a top-level government security contractor; despite what happened in Iraq, the fact is he’s a credible source.

You know who isn’t credible, as we’ve seen over and over again? Mueller. The Clintons. Comey. Obama’s Deep State.

All this comes as the corrupt Mueller is reportedly preparing to “zero in” on ‘collusion’ charges regarding the 2016 Trump campaign.

Gee, do you think it’s a coincidence that story broke at the same time Bongino was dropping his bombshells about Mueller’s interest in Prince and what he knows?

“Mueller is trying to shut down people connected to the Clintons,” Bongino said. “He is not investigating Trump. He’s trying to shut these people down so they don’t expose the failures of the DoJ and the FBI to investigate the Clinton Foundation. Because if these people are allowed to talk, then the scams the Clinton Foundation was pulling will become obvious and will come out.”

Listen around the 11:29 mark:

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The Clintons are the root of these scandals. Since Mueller/Rosenstein had some involvement in uranium 1, they are linked to her and their present actions indicate covering up for her.


if fbi investigates anyone else they force their way in through the front door and seize all pertinent info.. phone lap tops computers and any other evidence and call in witness’ but not hillary or her foundation.. no no no.. they warn her, help smash the evidence and run major interference, stall, stonewall, and provide no evidence.. even though there is epic evidence in the open and even though fox caught them red handed doing exactly what they tried to pin on our president.. they all spied , colluded, and covered up in an epic fashion yet these monsters still… Read more »

Daniel G

If only papers like the “New York Times-Up!” weren’t so in the way!


Those phones and computer will never see the light of day again.

Jim Johnston
Jim Johnston

Kind of old news, but good that its being talked about – again. Weinergate is the real problem for the Clintons, and look for Anthony Wiener to soon commit Arkancide. Amazed how Clinton corruption has almost brought this country to its knees. And now the swampers say its the people who want justice that are bringing America down.

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