Laying it DOWN: POTUS Trump warns ‘extremist Dems’ and ICE protesters he will ENFORCE the law

(National SentinelRule of Law: President Donald Trump has watched his staff be harangued and chased out of restaurants.

He’s watched as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his wife, Elaine Chao — POTUS Trump’s Commerce Secretary — be confronted by Left-wing cowards on the campus of Georgetown University.

He’s seen ICE agents threatened nationwide, amid lunatic calls for the agency to be abolished.

And he’s listened to angry, unhinged crank Democrats like Maxine Waters threaten him, his Cabinet, and his administration.

POTUS Trump has had enough.

In a pair of tweets Thursday, the president laid down a gauntlet of sorts and vowed that he won’t be deterred from enforcing the law and keeping order.

He tweeted: “In recent days we have heard shameless attacks on our courageous law enforcement officers. Extremist Democrat politicians have called for the complete elimination of ICE. Leftwing Activists are trying to block ICE officers from doing their jobs and publicly posting their…

“…home addresses – putting these selfless public servants in harm’s way. These radical protesters want ANARCHY – but the only response they will find from our government is LAW AND ORDER!”

What the Left is doing is abominable. They are attempting to tear our country apart for the sake of obtaining political power.

They’re not going to accomplish either objective. POTUS and his legions of supporters won’t allow it.

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The more Trump wins, the angrier the Left becomes. Now, with the Supreme Court passing a victory to Trump’s immigration plan and the imminent retirement of Justice Kennedy, the Left lose their minds and feel they have no recourse but to resort to violence. Notice also that Trump’s tweet placed LAW AND ORDER in capital letters. He means it. He will not tolerate those who harm his staff or any government official. Severe punishment awaits those who will try. Sooner or later it will happen then watch how the Left media will spin the news to portray Trump as a… Read more »

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