#Walkaway movement gaining HUGE momentum as scores of FORMER Democrats leave the party of HATE

(National SentinelMe Too: It started as a video featuring a handsome gay man and now it’s morphed into a tidal wave: The #Walkaway campaign has gained huge momentum as scores of former Democrats leave the party that has long ago left them.

According to a June article in Epoch Times:

When actor James Woods tweeted out the hashtag “#WalkAway” in late June, even the alt-right missed the enormity of what lay beneath it. The Democratic Party had, in fact, struck an iceberg.

Some 5 million people on Facebook and YouTube have seen the video by now. A very handsome gay man, who you just assume is about to scold you on progressive talking points, instead says this:

“Once upon a time, I was a liberal. Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal.

“I reject a system which allows an ambitious, misinformed and dogmatic mob to suppress free speech, create false narratives, and apathetically steamroll over the truth.”

And then this devastating line—the Rosa Parks moment of the video:

“I reject hate.”

If Democratic strategists were still able to watch the rest of the video without suffering a nervous breakdown, they’d see that it quickly got worse.

“These are the reasons why I became a liberal. And these are the same reasons why I am now walking away.”

Since then, scores of people claiming to be former Democrats have picked up the #Walkaway gauntlet and followed the man, Brandon Straka, and declared their independence from the party of hate, division, lies, and intolerance — as the party continues to lurch leftward as it rages perpetually against POTUS Donald Trump and his supporters.

Breitbart News adds:

The movement has been especially successful because its spokespersons have not been the sort typically associated with conservativism. Young and old, black and white, men and women, gay and straight—the campaign seems to elude stereotypes and pigeonholing.

The popular young conservative commentator C.J. Pearson, for instance, has given the movement a significant push by highlighting the Democratic Party’s racist past. “The Democratic Party is the party of slavery. The party of Jim Crow. The party of segregation. The party of the KKK,” Pearson tweeted Saturday.

“Democrats walked away from black folks long ago. Now, it’s our time to #WalkAway,” he added.

According to Straka, this is “so much more than a hashtag on Twitter.”

“This is a testimonial campaign, a grassroots movement that is going to change the political landscape of this country.”

The movement explained by Straka:

And so on.

The Democratic Party has so overplayed their hand when it comes to the constant Trump hate. Calling people who support law enforcement, border enforcement, liberty, freedom, and opportunity for “Nazis” and “fascists” just doesn’t play well with most Americans.

Red wave?

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I walked away in 1993 when the Clinton Gov burned and crushed alive 72 men, women and children in Waco TX. THAT’s what Clinton should have been impeached over.

David Betancourt
David Betancourt

Just’ as ( God used Moses to free 2-million slaves held captive by Egypt ! ( GOD IS THE SAME TODAY ,YESTERDAY & FOREVER ,(God s not mocked’ ” what so ever a man of woman sow’s that Shall they shall also reap Trump is God’s modern day Moses .Kick back & watch Weather, you like or not dose not matter watch him use a simple down to earth Genius to shake this world at it’s core liberal Democrats…….your abuse of Power is coming to an end very rapidly say’s the LORD OF HOST! Loading...

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