This is the Democrat LEFT: ALL Trump inauguration day rioters will GET OFF after DC juries refuse to convict

(National SentinelLawlessness: The leadership of the Democratic Party may be working behind the scenes to beat back an attempt by socialist anarchists to take over the party, but if the results of several recent trials in Washington, D.C., are any indication, they’ve already lost their party.

U.S. prosecutors have dropped all charges against all Alt-Left anarchist rioters who destroyed tens of thousands of dollars worth of property during a premeditated attack on pro-Trump supporters on POTUS’ inauguration day Jan. 20, 2017.

They really had no choice. Juries in D.C. had so far refused to find any of the rioters guilty — including more than a dozen who had pleaded guilty.

The Daily Caller reports:

The D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office dropped all charges Friday against people awaiting trial for allegedly rioting during President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day.

Police arrested 234 people on January 20, 2017, for rioting that was allegedly spearheaded by a group that calls themselves DisruptJ20. Protesters caused more than $100,000 in damage by setting fires and smashing store windows, reported The Washington Post.

Although 21 people pleaded guilty before trial, prosecutors failed to secure any convictions for the protesters who went to trial. The attorney’s office filed a motion to dismiss the remaining 38 protesters awaiting trial, reported Zoe Tillman of BuzzFeed News

“The destruction that occurred during these criminal acts was in sharp contrast to the peaceful demonstrations and gatherings that took place over the Inauguration weekend in the District of Columbia, and created a danger for all who were nearby,” the D.C. U.S. Attorney’s office said in a statement.

The attorney’s office had already dropped charges against 150 of the defendants after the first six alleged rioters were acquitted, WaPo reported.

During some trials, prosecutors even showed jurors video of the suspects in action.

Jurors claimed that the videos were too fuzzy to make out the suspects clearly.


D.C. went for Hillary by something like 95 percent. It’s quite obvious due to the Democratic Left’s unhinged Trump hate, there was no way these rioting, anti-Trump thugs were going to be found guilty.

So much for justice in loony liberal D.C.

Democratic Party leaders say they are working to regain control over their once-rational party.

The fact that Democrat-leaning jurors refused told these rioters to account proves that the party may already be too far gone.

What is one of the objectives of the Democratic Socialists of America currently hijacking the Democratic Party?

Abolish prisons. 

Yeah, that’ll work out just fine.

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3 Comments on "This is the Democrat LEFT: ALL Trump inauguration day rioters will GET OFF after DC juries refuse to convict"

  1. They do have a point about abolishing the cash bail scam. No one should be kept in prison because they don’t have the money to get out. Instead, maybe there needs to be a parole officer assigned to the person arrested so that they check in every so often until their trial date is set. It’s another scam by the government to squeeze money out of the populous and it penalizes only the poor.

    • Now that’s some of the dumbest BS I’ve ever heard. How can it be a big ripoff since you get the money returned when the case is over Bail is just to guarantee your appearances. Yes, it sucks to have to come up with the money but various states have alternate bail such as putting up property or using a bail bondsman.

  2. John Frymire | July 7, 2018 at 4:11 pm | Reply

    Bails are used to secure the presence of the accused come trial day. That is, bails are used because the accused may not show for the trial. After all, he’s free. If he goes to trial, there is a chance he won’t be free at the end of it. Why go to trial if you’re already free? Bail compensates the people for costs associated with re-apprehending the accused. Unless Lisa Montez and the alt Left have a better solution, and they don’t, they should stop whining about criminals having a tough time. The way to discourage crime is to make criminals uncomfortable.

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