Pro-life film driving the Left CRAZY: ‘Go f*** yourself’

(National SentinelChoose Life: For some sick reason, Left-wing Democrats’ litmus test for Supreme Court judges is that they must reflexively and intuitively support a woman’s ‘right’ to kill her unborn child — while at the same time insisting that conservative pro-Life supporters have no right to impose a like-minded litmus test on SCOTUS candidates.

So with that in mind, they are going to pull out all the stops in an attempt to derail President Donald Trump’s next Supreme Court nominee which fell into his lap when Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his retirement last month after the count’s most current session.

With that backdrop, a new pro-Life film starring Jon Voight, Corbin Bernsen, Stacey Dash, Robert Davi, William Forsythe and others is currently in production with a planned release date at some point before Trump’s nominee is appointed.

As reported by Lifezette, the film is being directed by Nick Loeb — in secret, until just recently — and has been beset with problems that have nothing to do with the talent or the script or the technical aspects but rather everything to do with the subject matter:

The film set was struck with drama when a few hired staff members abruptly quit after discovering it wouldn’t portray the pro-abortion narrative about the landmark case.

“I have been doing research on the movie trying to figure out who is producing and what the gist of the story is, and I finally found it and so I am withdrawing from this project,” one location scout said. “I am a staunch pro-abortion feminist activist and I will not be party to such horrible propaganda.”

Also, a production assistant abruptly quit and threw down her headset in front of Loeb after learning what the film was about and whether he was the producer.

“When I told her I was, she told me to go f**k myself, then she threw her headset on the ground and walked off. I found out later she was our electrician.”

But that’s not all. According to Loeb, he’s also had difficulty getting the word out about the crowdfunded project on a social media platform known for its hostility towards and censorship of conservative content: Facebook.

“I’m learning all kinds of new terms,” he told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson recently, including “shadow ban” — a process where administrators of a site post content but Facebook engineers block it from being seeneven by followers, and even if it’s done as paid advertising.

He also told Carlson that the production team has had to replace actors who have also quit once they discovered it was a pro-Life film. And Louisiana State University (LSU) in Baton Rouge kicked the production off-campus after learning what the film was about.

Loeb said the biggest problem with Left-wing opponents is that they really are afraid of the truth, which is what the film, “Roe v. Wade — The Movie,” seeks to tell. Among other truths, he said the film portrays the ‘mainstream media’ of the day as culpable in pushing phony narratives about “back-alley abortions” and other fake news (sound familiar?).

Of course, speaking of the Supreme Court, justices ruled in favor of the procedure after the media and interested parties manipulated lower courts and the highest court in the land in 1973. Since then more than 60 million babies have perished, according to the movie’s crowdfunding website.

In a statement to Natural News, Loeb said, “We have all heard of Roe v Wade, with Kennedy’s retirement, it’s time people know the truth not only about the decision but how it got to the court.”

Check out the film site.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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1 Comment on "Pro-life film driving the Left CRAZY: ‘Go f*** yourself’"

  1. I give Loeb a lot of credit for having the courage to produce this film. So, his location scout called it “horrible propaganda”. What is horrible is how a woman can claim the right to kill an unborn baby. No one has the right to kill … period. Also, chopping the baby up into parts for profit is as close to evil as one can possibly get. They call this a “right”? It’s insanity. We can no longer stand idly by and do nothing. We must stop this mutilation of human life at any cost.

    I for one will watch this film when it comes out.

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