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MORE reasons why the Dems can kiss their ‘blue wave’ GOODBYE in November

(National SentinelRed Wave: In December and January, generic polling indicated that Democrats had obtained a significant advantage over Republicans as the 2018 midterms were coming into view.

That led many Democrats and Democrat-aligned pundits to declare a “blue wave” was approaching this fall that would wash away Republican control of Congress and be the clearest indication yet that Americans were having buyer’s remorse over the election of POTUS Donald Trump.

But by spring the advantage began to slip away. In May, The Hill reported the advantage had tanked from about 13 or points in January to just 7 points.

It’s only gotten worse for Democrats since. And here’s how we know.

For days now the insane Left and the Democratic Party — one in the same — have been hammering POTUS Donald Trump over his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Because Trump didn’t go over and body-slam Putin on the dais in Helsinki, he really is owned by the Kremlin leader and ‘we were right all along’ about their collusion!

That’s a winner at the polls, right?


As Zero Hedge notes, the percentage of Americans who give one thought to “the situation with Russia” is so low it doesn’t even have a numerical value:

While ever-hope-filled expectations among the left are for a ‘blue wave’ in the Mid-term elections, we suspect things may not turn out quite as planned given the last week’s “crisis”. Even before President Trump had set foot in Helsinki, the left and the media were banging the drums of war against “the thug” Putin and how he would trump Trump, and once the press conference furore was over, all hell broke loose as the left-leaning world attempted to out-signal one another’s virtue as to the “treasonous”, “surrender” that had occurred.

Once again – the “Russia, Russia, Russia” cries drowned out any sane discussion of the end of cold war 2.0.

There’s just one problem with the Democrats’ unending focus on Russia and the media’s constant collusion chatter: few Americans care, because – drumroll – they have real lives in the real economy to worry about.

As the latest survey from Gallup shows: when asked what the most important problem facing the nation is, Russia did not even warrant a 1% – and worse still, it is declining in importance from there.

There’s more.

Democrats are expecting a “blue wave” in November, right?

So how come they keep changing their campaign slogan?

In fact, why do they even need a slogan if the elections are in the bag?

As Fox News reports:

Democrats are taking a mulligan on a slogan for the midterms after their first was mercilessly mocked, this time hoping to tap into the populist spirit under the message: “For the People.”

Politico reported that the slogan was unveiled in a private meeting Wednesday, and is meant to focus on economic issues. 

Dems will reportedly focus on three key areas: addressing health care issues and infrastructure spending, and highlighting Republican corruption. 

The move comes after Democrats last year pushed the slogan: “A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

This drew immediate taunts given its obvious similarity to the Papa John’s tagline, “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s.”

Democrats want to focus on “economic issues?” Really? Trump and the Republicans have created a business-friendly economy that is so flush with new jobs the country is at full employment — so much so that it’s impossible to bring back manufacturing jobs because there aren’t enough workers to fill them.

Healthcare? Really?

We thought Barack Obama and Democrats already fixed “healthcare.” Or doesn’t Obamacare count as a “fix?”

GOP corruption? After Spygate? Really?

Democrats are shedding voters not gaining them, as the #WalkAway movement proves.

Blue wave?

“…[I]n November, voters will render their decision, and whatever they decide it’ll be on Trump’s platform of economic nationalism, which has boosted economic growth and created jobs,” Zero Hedge noted, as Republican voters will be jacked up and ready to keep their party’s majority.

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9 Comments on MORE reasons why the Dems can kiss their ‘blue wave’ GOODBYE in November

  1. The Dems and the Liberal Left have totally blown it. They scream impeachment repeatedly at the drop of a hat. They are irrational and psychotic. They are not capable of performing their jobs.They are exactly what Trump says they are – obstructionists.

    They get paid a full-time salary for this too? What a waste of money! What a dysfunctional lot they are. These are Senators and Congressional folk who act like they’re still in 3rd grade. Do they really think America will vote for them in November while they keep parading all this lunacy?

    Yeah … good luck with that.

  2. I love how the ” liberal” dem idiots keep screaming “impeach” or “resist” yet I have yet to hear a reason for either. Impeach Trump for what???? Resist??? What are they “resisting???” These people have shown the country AND the world how totally incompetent they are. How totally UN American they are. ” for the people”.. seriously? The LAST thing these morons care about is The People and it shows. OH! All of a sudden they care about the economy? Health issues etc???? They are total obstructionists! THEY DO NOTHING except complain cuz (sarc) they don’t like Trump, waa…. well, The People are watching, so keep spouting your spew you liberal idiots!!!! Do you even think before you speak?! You all sound like a bunch of idiots. You do. Do not pander to us. We The People VOTED for Trump for a REASON! I think our President is doing a great job. He is doing what he said he would, at least he is trying. What are the Dems doing? uh, Nothing except complaining about EVERYTHING! And they getting paid?…………………. They are ROBBING the hard working, taxpayers that’s what they are doing. Maybe they need to be reminded of who actually pays them….. or, is someone else paying them??? Soros??? That should be looked into ASAP 😉 I’ll be voting for Trump again and not a single Dem AND HEY KILLARY And MICHELLE OBUMMER—- I am a White female, I’m single and no man tells me who to vote for. I can think for myself and I know what “Team” I am on! TEAM TRUMP!

    • Karin Marini // July 20, 2018 at 2:50 am // Reply

      You are correct Sandy and have my full support..Nothing beats honesty and level-headed thinking.
      We will beat all “HATERS.”

  3. Justin Bradford // July 19, 2018 at 9:22 pm // Reply

    They left out “Hate, Spend and Act Like Fools” For the People

  4. Texan Forever // July 19, 2018 at 10:09 pm // Reply

    The chances of a “Blue Wave” disappeared months ago as the Marxist Dems got more desperate and moved even further to the left. November will be a red tsunami. Can’t wait ’till President Trump nominates two more Supreme Court justices. … Bring popcorn for watching the leftist heads explode. … Should be a grand spectacle. MAGA

  5. To all anti-American’s, wake up & die right . Before you do not have a choice. ALL CRIMES BEGIN WITH A LIE . Get beyond Love & Grief, Live for the Good of Mankind. Simple Truths That Loser’s will not understand.

  6. I AM THE GOD & the devil, I created both of them. I am Man. How many more century’s will it take before we get a clue? Do we have enough time to get it ?

  7. You may ask your self WHY?

  8. Washington DC Chaff and Countermeasures… also known as the Potomac Two-Step is just another way of hiding the truth … aka Politically Correct … or … Double Speak …..

    To the democratic left:
    Do you have any idea what the word sovereignty means?
    It must be a miserable existence to be mad about something every day

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