POW: This one graph shows the lying media has ZERO influence over Trump approval ratings

(National SentinelNo MoJo: The Left-wing establishment media’s influence has been waning for years, but in past times whenever the corporate press collectively flexed its muscles and went after [insert Republican officeholder or pundit here] they usually got their person.

The ‘offending’ Republican would resign in disgrace, humbly fade into the background after multiple mea culpas, and remain in exile for an appropriate amount of time until allowed to re-enter the public sphere as a “politically rehabilitated” individual.

The media does not have that power anymore, as evidenced by the fact that despite non-stop negative coverage and loads of daily political noise, they can’t get POTUS Trump’s approval figures to drop by any real amount.

And one graph demonstrates the pathetic media’s lack of influence perfectly, as Breitbart News‘ Joel Pollack notes:

Over the past two weeks, as the establishment media have accused him of being both a “Nazi” and a “traitor,” President Donald Trump’s job approval rating has held steady — and even improved a tad.

Below is a screenshot of the Real Clear Politics poll of polls graph that shows Trump’s approval rating over the last 14 days. The red line is Trump’s disapproval rating, the black is his approval rating. The two almost perfectly flat lines are superb symbols of the death of the media’s influence on public opinion.

To wit:

Poll after poll shows that the public is losing faith…in the pathetic, disgustingly dishonest establishment media.

Pollack notes further:

Voters are also sticking with Trump because his critics in the media and elsewhere are so over-the-top in their fevered hate, in their unhinged hyperbole, that by comparison, despite his mistakes and shortcomings, Trump remains the preferred alternative.

Finally, voters are much more interested in actions than words. While Trump can be crude and belligerent, his policies are working. The economy is thriving, North Korea is not firing off missiles and threatening nuclear war, ISIS is all but destroyed, and Russia seems a lot less adventurous than it was under Obama when Putin maneuvered unchecked into the Crimea and Middle East.

Under Trump, America is at relative peace and prosperity is rising.

Only the establishment media won’t report it because they’re obsessed with Trump hate.

They’ve lost their mojo. They can’t separate POTUS Trump’s supporters from him.

And it’s driving them crazy.

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2 Comments on "POW: This one graph shows the lying media has ZERO influence over Trump approval ratings"

  1. This is a man who knows how to get things done !! Only reluctant and recalcitrant DemoRAT morons are doing everything to stop him because all they care about are their own bank accounts whose levels of cash depend on the success of the globalist agenda. Well guess what, fellas ; you’re all gonna go broke unless you get on the Trump Train, cause THAT’S WHERE IT’S AT. Tell THE enemy, your enemy and ours, to GTFO of America, and start changing your loyalties to the people instead of to raw cash. Fellas, trust me, you have on idea how good you will feel, how balanced your lives and your souls will be if you just get on the side of righteousness !!

  2. I agreed with the article until I read at the end about Putin and Syria and Crimea???

    Obviously the author needs to look a little wider into world matters rather than stay in default :US Good……Other countries Bad!!!

    Putin moved unchecked into Crimea and the middle east???? Cowshyte!!!

    I have family in Crimea, they are thankful to Putin that Crimea has been returned to Russia where it belongs. It was only given to Ukraine in the Soviet era for ease of admin purposes.
    95% of the vote was to go back to Russia, yes it was hasty but Putin protected Russian people from being murdered in the streets by the Ukrainians.
    Even now the Ukrainian army is violating the ceasefire and it goes 100% unreported in Europe and I assume the US too.
    Russian women and children are being killed by shelling but that’s OK because Putin is the bad guy right?
    Would America not do what Russia did to protect it’s own people from an illegal puppet fascist junta installed in Kiev by the west?

    Even your president said when he was in the EU meeting :” Why are all you guys siding with Ukraine on this? They are one of the most corrupt countries in the world!”
    Merkel and Co just stared at him with no answer.

    Putin and Assad kicked jihad ass in Syria while the US and UK/France/Saudi/Israel were arming and training them!!
    So who’s side are you on if you think Putin should have been “checked” in the middle east.?

    Putin went in there after Obama’s CIA instigated a criminal regime change there. Obama even admitted “we desired a change in regime in Kiev” WHAT?????
    Who the F do you think you are to do that to any sovereign nation?
    How many people are dead and maimed now in Ukraine? In Syria?

    None of this would never have happened if the CIA NWO puppets and their counterparts in the UK and western Europe would just keep out of other people’s business and look after your own country for once.

    Gulf of Tonkin? Well done CIA. 58,000 Americans dead. Over 2 million Vietnamese.

    Iran? Well done CIA. Overthrew the legitimate government in 1959 along with MI6 to protect British oil interests that had been nationalised, resulting in the Iranian revolution in 1979 and the current situation we are all now facing with the lunatic Iranian government.

    It’s one thing to be patriotic and to support your president, I for one am so grateful he is the president and not the sociopath Hillary Clinton or we would already be in a full scale war with Russia in Syria if she was in the oval office……but……please keep it real and stop demonising Russia all the time for all and sundry.

    You should be grateful Russia went into Syria and got the job done.
    It was all pretty much done when Trump won the election.
    There is still US/Russia conflict there over what the US is describing as “moderate rebels” and they are protecting them from Russian attacks.
    There are no moderate rebels, there are only jihadists in different groups with different names.
    Trump knows this but he had to throw a bone to the warmongers and globalists in DC and so he responded to the fake news gas attack with a cruise missile strike.
    It was a white helmets lie, last ditch attempt to bring western govs fully into the war on the terrorists side to oust Assad.
    Thankfully it failed.
    Now Israel is giving safe passage out of Syria to these “white helmets” where they will be resettled in the US, UK and Europe!!!!
    God help us all then!!!!!!
    Why can’t they resettle in Saudi? Jordan? Lebanon? Kuwait? Libya?
    Oh sorry, no one wants to go to Libya after Obama, Cameron and Hollande turned the whole country upside down and they now have a slave market operating again.
    Muslims selling black men in the open market for about $200 each.
    Yeah man, that’s real progress!!!
    Where are the US liberal left and BLM on this? The silence is deafening! But not surprising.

    Well done US,UK,France for bringing democracy to Libya along with anarchy, religious fascism, beheadings, child rape and murder, open slavery, a truly great failed state…..which is what they wanted all along of course.

    That’s why they are so angry with Russia, as their diabolical plans were stopped in Syria…and Putin protected the ethnic Russian people in Crimea and eastern Ukraine from the neo-nazi fascist thugs installed in Kiev.

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