Party of Lunacy: Losing NYC Dem Joe Crowley says American taxpayers should ‘compensate’ illegal aliens

(National SentinelOut-Lefting a Leftist: Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley of New York, after serving 10 terms, was defeated in a primary last month by a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Since her victory, Ocasio-Cortez has become the new face of the extreme Left. She is also becoming more popular among Democratic voters because Democratic voters love free stuff and Ocasio-Cortez is promising them the moon like all socialist leaders do.

But because she and Sen. Bernie Sanders are moving the Democratic Party to the extreme Left, other Democrats are following her because they see the writing on the wall and they want to stay in Washington where the perks are good.

So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Crowley, who’s trying to remain relevant and electable as a third-party candidateis moving as far Left as Ocasio-Cortez.

That’s the only way to explain why he would actually come out and suggest, as a serious policy, that American taxpayers be forced to compensate illegal aliens

You can’t make this stuff up. As Lifezette reports:

A Democrat in this country has actually suggested taxpayers pay lawbreakers for — you guessed it — breaking our laws.

Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) believes illegal immigrants should receive financial compensation for their treatment after crossing the U.S. border — since children were separated from lawbreaking adults, as is customary in the U.S. (many families have since been reunited with each other).

“To have these children depart, separated, is one of the most reprehensible things I’ve ever witnessed in my 20 years of service here in the House of Representatives,” Crowley said on Wednesday.

“These children need to be reunited with their parents immediately,” he added.

“Once again, the administration’s actions in the first place, with the inability to restore these families, is reprehensible.”

Oh, but this gets even more unbelievable: “The damage that has been done to these children will be lifelong — to these family units will be lifelong, as well,” he continued. “In fact, I suggest they need to be compensated for what this administration did to them. The first form of compensation needs to be the full reunification of these families.”

Reparations for lawbreakers?

If anything, the American taxpayers should be getting compensated by the countries who are sending us their unemployed, their poor, and their criminals because once they get here it’s the American taxpayer who foots the bill.

This ridiculous proposal isn’t going anywhere, but you wait and see: The idea will catch on with other Democrats who are lurching to the Left in order to remain extreme enough for their growing far-Left base.

Crowley is now trying to out-Left a Leftist so he can remain in office.

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8 Comments on "Party of Lunacy: Losing NYC Dem Joe Crowley says American taxpayers should ‘compensate’ illegal aliens"

  1. why should we compensate illegal??? NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

  2. Crowley has become irrelevant. After 10 terms, he’s ready for retirement. His butt hurts because he was defeated by a little girl. He’ll say anything now. It doesn’t matter what or how crazy it sounds. He’s desperate to remain relevant. Don’t be surprised if he starts claiming Americans should pay for all illegals housing and food and free education for their children … forever.

    The stupidity of the Left has reached epidemic proportions of insanity. If they ever achieve complete political power, they will destroy our Constitution and everything America stands for. Americans will perish while the third world invade us and take everything we hold dear. We can’t let that happen. It’s our country, our home, our future, our freedom. Keep it!

  3. Hey Joey, a little advice . . . TAKE A HIKE !!

  4. I think he is right…the treatment of our undocumented workers is awful. It is high time we recognized their sacrifice and offer them fair compensation.

    • Pfffft! OK…hang on…

    • They flock here to be treated awfully? Awful relative to what? My hunch is that you never once criticized the corrupt, repressive, murderous countries they come from. Therefore, you express fake outrage.

  5. LOL! How about this? The compensation will come in the form of 1 free plane ticket back to wherever they came from? If they decide they want to live in the GREATEST nation on Earth…they can GET IN LINE and do it LEGALLY, just like my progenitors did…

  6. Crowley committed an incredible blunder by allowing a know nothing child to defeat him. Now he attempts to compensate by trying to compete with her for the looniest leftist ideas. He lost that election because of racism by minorities, and his reaction is to offer them more.

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