Foul-mouthed Tennessee DEM spokesman: ‘F–k reaching out to Trump voters; idiots aren’t listening’

(National SentinelPolitically Incorrect: If you needed more proof that today’s Democratic Party has become infested with unhinged, foul-speaking losers, you can add this story to your growing list of examples.

Last week Tennessee Democrat Phil Bredesen, a former governor now running for the U.S. Senate against Republican and U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, bristled at Vice President Mike Pence’s description of him as a “liberal,” accusing him of “name-calling.”

But being called (accurately) a liberal is a lot better than the ignorant Twitter utterances of Mark Brown, a top communications official for the Tennessee Democratic Party.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, Brown has quite the electronic potty mouth when it comes to POTUS Donald Trump and his growing legions of supporters:

Republican aides in the state directed the Washington Free Beacon to Mark Brown, a top communications official for the Tennessee Democratic Party acting as spokesman for its efforts to help Bredesen win his 2018 Senate race. Brown has taken the name-calling to a level beyond calling people “liberal,” dishing out labels ranging from “fuckstik” (sic) to “Putin’s bitch” for President Donald Trump.

The rhetoric from Brown isn’t in synch (sic) with the message from Bredesen, who is hoping to flip a Tennessee Senate seat blue by running as a centrist who could “work together” with Republicans in Washington, D.C.

Brown has stated his belief that reaching across the aisle to Trump voters isn’t worth it. “F**k reaching out to Trump voters,” he argued.”The idiots aren’t listening.”

In just the past year, this unhinged lunatic attacked POTUS often using the kind of language that ignorant people with no education often stoop to:

And this guy’s a ‘communications director?’ Who’s he communicating with, the thug faction of the Democratic Party?

State Republican leaders were appalled but not surprised, given the tone of today’s Democratic Party on the national level and the cretinous behavior of its rank-and-file and leadership.

The Washington Free Beacon noted further:

Scott Golden, the chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, said the “hateful comments” from Brown were “reprehensible.” He labeled Brown a “professional Twitter troll” who has been “expressing his party’s true sentiments about President Trump.”

Phony Phil Bredesen is complaining about the Vice President calling him out for what he is: a liberal,” Golden said. “Meanwhile, professional Twitter troll and Tennessee Democratic Party spokesman Mark Brown has been doing Bredesen’s dirty work and expressing his party’s true sentiments about President Trump.”

If the objective is to “work with” POTUS Trump, this isn’t the way to express it.

But then Bredesen has to win the seat first, doesn’t he? POTUS won 60.7 percent of the vote in Tennessee.

There’s also this. Bredesen and Blackburn are running for retiring Sen. Bob Corker’s seat. Corker decided to retire rather than lose a primary next month because he’s a #NeverTrump Republican and support for him tanked after he began to criticize the president.

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8 Comments on "Foul-mouthed Tennessee DEM spokesman: ‘F–k reaching out to Trump voters; idiots aren’t listening’"

  1. The dems and lefties, including the lying fake left-wing news media are in complete meltdown. President Trump lives rent free in their heads and he has plenty of room to roam around because of the complete lack of any brains to get in his way.

  2. Perhaps if he were taken out and buried somewhere the world would be better.

  3. All the have left is Hate…

  4. I’m not impressed with someone that’s so illiterate that they can only respond in four letter words. He’s the perfect twit to communitcate with Dims

  5. These are the things the Democrats offer: selling aborted baby parts, no borders, increased taxes, hate, wars, profanity., anti-white racism, globalism, satanism, pedophelia.

  6. “F–k reaching out to Trump voters; idiots aren’t listening”

    Obviously the Democrats aren’t listening and don’t care to listen to Trump voters. Nor do they even consider listening to voters, and think their job is to tell voters what to think. That goes right along with their refusal to accept the outcome of an election. They have no respect for voters, except for the voters who do what they tell them to do. Elitism and entitlement shows itself.

  7. The awful state of the democratic party is an indication of the awful state of US culture. Without the media including junk pop culture pushing leftism the democratic party would shrink to become a minority party. Likewise, this crazed leftist movement of the democrats enables the RINOs to move left.

  8. #WalkAway

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