Clueless: Supporters of socialist Ocasio-Cortez have NO idea how to pay for her policies

(National SentinelStumped: As ‘moderate’ Democrats — if there is such a thing anymore — try to tamp down rising support among the party’s base for Venezuela-style socialism, one of their newest faces, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, keeps spreading the Marxist gospel.

Free higher education. Guaranteed federal government jobs. Free health care. Universal basic income.

Free, free, free.

But where would the money for all this largess actually come from?

As Lifezette reports, supporters in her district don’t really know and don’t really seem to care:

People on the street in Astoria, Queens — a portion of the 14th congressional district in which Ocasio-Cortez won her nomination against Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) — were asked by Campus Reform’s media director, Cabot Phillips, if they agreed with her Democratic socialism ideas — and how they would be financed.

They were flummoxed.

survival frog

“I don’t know where the money would come from, but they can figure it out,” one respondent said about paying for free health care and education.

“Oh, God — I mean, us, I guess,” one woman said when asked who would pay for goods and services for all. She then turned to her companion for help in answering the question — who also answered hesitantly, “Us.”

One supporter said the American public would be fine with paying higher taxes if they had “a good idea and a good reason to spend their tax money.”

You know whose fault all of this socialism ignorance this really is, don’t you?

The ‘mainstream media’ for failing to fully vet Ocasio-Cortez’s ideas and put her on the spot to explain — in detail and realistically — how she plans to pay for them

Because ‘tax the rich’ and ‘tax the corporations’ into oblivion hasn’t worked anywhere it’s been tried

Even “moderate” Democrats know that.

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Under Obozo, America was falling into an economic death spiral. The Dems didn’t care. Obozo gave trillions of dollars to Iran.The Dems didn’t care. The jobless rate increased. Taxes increased. Crime increased. The Dems didn’t care. Corruption within our government ran rampant. The Dems didn’t care. Our borders became an open door to illegals. The Dems didn’t care.

One look at the bafoons within the Dem party and you see just the tip of the iceberg of everything that went wrong with this country. They don’t care about us. They never have.

Thank God for Donald J. Trump. MAGA

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