Why is the IRS RE-hiring hundreds of FIRED workers, including some who threatened VIOLENCE?

(National SentinelOut of Control: Without question, the IRS can be one of the most punitive and punishing of all federal agencies. A government running a chronic multi-trillion dollar debt needs every penny it can get.

But should American taxpayers have to shell out millions of dollars annually to pay shoddy, underperforming, and — in many cases — dishonest and threatening workers?

Apparently so.

The IRS has rehired more than 200 fired employees in recent years dating back to at least 2009 (the start of the Obama administration…surprised?)

As The Daily Signal noted:

According to the Treasury Department’s inspector general, the IRS did not provide officials responsible for hiring decisions with information about employment history, though that information is readily available. As a result, the IRS—an agency with nearly unrivaled access to citizens’ personal information and capacity to harass individual taxpayers—rehired:

  • A fired worker with several misdemeanor theft convictions and one count of felony possession of a forgery device.
  • 11 employees previously disciplined for unauthorized access to taxpayer accounts.
  • An employee who was absent without leave for 270 hours—the equivalent of 33 work days.
  • An employee fired for physically threatening co-workers.
  • An employee fired for lying about previous criminal convictions on employment forms. 
  • 17 employees previously caught falsifying official documents.

Often, these employees do not have to wait long to get their old offices back. Two IRS employees fired for poor performance were rehired within six months.

What’s more, The Daily Signal noted that the IRS wasn’t even apologetic about its actions. Another surprise.

Rep. Kristi Noem, R-S.D., has proposed a bill that would prevent the IRS from rehiring employees fired for misconduct or poor performance.

“The bill, titled the Ensuring Integrity in the IRS Workforce Act, follows a recent Treasury inspector general report that shows the IRS rehired more than 200 fired workers in a little over a year,” The Daily Signal reported.

An earlier version of this legislation passed the House 345-78 just over two years ago. It’s time to reintroduce it.

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I have ABSOLUTELY lost faith in Federal LE. IRS…FBI…the DOJ, proper. SO SO SO corrupt that I’d be afraid to deal with them at all. I CERTAINLY no longer trust them. Obama has destroyed these agencies and packed them with EXTREME Leftist operators. And Sessions might be a rare Trump-failure…but he IS one of these clowns. He watches and does NOTHING while the Leftist in charge of these agencies and “investigations” rape the country.

Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey Williams

Do NOT cooperate in ANY way with federal types, give them false data, obsolete data, and misdirect. This is your Constitutional duty now. WOLVERINES!!!

gordon ranger

Wait until the people realize that the Federal Income Tax is not a “federal tax” on all income, rather it is a “tax” on “federal income”.


Pezz Abro
Pezz Abro

In all cases, it is pure theft by an unstoppable juggernaut of scumbags who really don’t like working for a living. They just love that we are all so docile and obedient, laden with fear of the consequences that this mafia will bring upon us if we decide to say NO !!
IRS = incorrigible rats & scumbags

Raccoon Army
Raccoon Army

I clicked on the link thinking this was an inside job and/or or malicious in nature just to read that they’re incompetent. There’s no lesser of two evils here.


Why is John Koskinen still head of the IRS? Trump couldn’t even take care of the easy stuff. His inaction concerning government corruption is very telling. I refuse to be lured into another election based on false promises. You better put up or shut up.


Obama destroyed EVERYTHING !!!! Sessions is the most incompetent AG in this country history , the DOJ is packed with criminals and he has no clue whatsoever.

Camille Cheaney Patterson

I will NEVER cooperate with any federal inquiry/investigation. Just because… conservatives are always targeted. Want to talk to me? Get a warrant!

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