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Wow! Lawyers for ‘exonerated’ Manafort could call Rod Rosenstein as a lead witness

(National SentinelBombshell: Eight years ago Paul Manafort was investigated for the very same charges he has since been indicted for by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano made this point on Wednesday during an appearance on the network’s morning show, “Fox & Friends.”

What’s more, a legal team led by current Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein was responsible for exonerating Manafort, as Napolitano reminded the audience.

According to Bizzy Blog, which posted a transcript of Napolitano’s appearance:

JUDGE NAPOLITANO: Here’s Manafort’s defense: ‘I was investigated for all this by the government eight years ago, and I was exonerated. And I’m going to put on the stand as my first witness the young lawyer who exonerated me.

‘You know who that young lawyer is? Rod Rosenstein.’


NAPOLITANO: Yes! So this is going to be quite a show if they succeed in getting Rosenstein, who now runs the Justice Department —

DOOCY: So why was I innocent then and guilty now?

NAPOLITANO: There you go.

The former judge made the same point later in the day during another appearance on the network:

NAPOLITANO: Paul Manafort’s lawyers are former federal prosecutors who are every bit as talented and experienced as the people on the other side of the courtroom.

One of their arguments is this: Paul Manafort was investigated by the federal government, by a team of federal prosecutors and FBI agents for all this stuff eight years ago, and they exonerated him.

And who was the young prosecutor that led that exoneration? Rod Rosenstein, who now runs the Justice Department.

And they have threatened to call Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein as their first witness and have him give to the jury all the reasons why he declined the prosecution of these charges eight years ago.

Maybe this helps explain why Manafort has refused to cut a deal with Mueller despite the fact that he is facing decades in prison.

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7 Comments on Wow! Lawyers for ‘exonerated’ Manafort could call Rod Rosenstein as a lead witness

  1. The shocking part of this entire witch hunt is the fact that no matter now THOROUGHLY CORRUPT the players, motivations, and overall “investigation” are proven to be…it continues. We ALL shake our heads and say “how in America?” and LET IT CONTINUE. If I were poor Manafort…I’d sure hope SOMEONE on the right side of the law would at LEAST get me out of solitary confinement! MS13 don’t suffer such punishment and they’re GUILTY of something. A LOT of something!

  2. And of course the Podestas, lobbying in the same way for many fo the same clients, get a pass.

  3. Rod Rosenstein needs to be impeached and imprisoned. Then let’s see if he still has that smirk on his face

  4. Lawrence Peck // August 2, 2018 at 10:38 am // Reply

    Talk about a perjury trap. This guy has so much on the record congressional testimony and exposed e-mails that he could end up leaving the courtroom in handcuffs after a mistrial.

  5. Marty Lopez // August 2, 2018 at 3:31 pm // Reply

    Where the hell is the President and what possible excuse can he have not to release all the documents congress has requested? who the hell has his ear?

  6. If they can do this with Manafort, can’t charges also be brought against Hillary Clinton on her email crimes, even though Comey exonerated her in 2016?

  7. But they are discussing tax and bank fraud that happened more recent than 8 years ago. When the Ukrainian President left in 2014 and Manafort stopped getting paid that’s when he started cheating.

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