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Mexico deploying security, military forces to resort beaches amid rising CARTEL violence

(National SentinelOut of Control: The incoming president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador — a.k.a. AMLO — will have his hands full when he formally takes office in December as more of his country is besieged with cartel violence.

As Breitbart News reports, the violence is getting so bad that Mexico is deploying hundreds of security forces and military elements to once-peaceful resort beaches:

More than 200 federal and state police personnel supported by elements of the Mexican army were deployed to once tourist-friendly Guaymas amid escalating violence and threats of a cartel war.

The deployment was made for additional high-visibility patrols. The area is subject to a security alert issued by the U.S. consulate in Hermosillo. U.S. employees are prohibited from traveling to the popular locations of San Carlos, Guaymas, and Empalme, Sonora, due to recent violent activity.

The security alert was issued after credible information was received regarding a possible cartel war in Guaymas over the presumed murder of three operatives belonging to “Los Salazar” within the Sinaloa Cartel. They were vacationing there when they were arrested by municipal police. The trio was handed over to a rival criminal group.

Los Salazar reportedly issued an order to retaliate against the Guaymas police and their allies for the presumed murder of the operatives, according to Breitbart Texas law enforcement sources. The order, and a spike in cartel-related violence, triggered the security alert.

Last year was Mexico’s most violent, deadly on record, making it one of the few countries around the world to watch this year as being prone to failure thanks to the cartel violence.

As we noted in the most recent issue of Flashpoint Intelligence Review [sign up for free here], several U.S. airlines have cut services to Mexico due to rising cartel violence and murder at a number of Mexican resort beaches.

FIR reported:

U.S.-based airlines are beginning to cut services and flights to a growing number of Mexican destinations – mostly vacation destinations for Americans – because of rising cartel violence and rising fears among passengers. Some of Mexico’s most sought-after destinations including Cancun and Playa del Carmen are being caught up in cartel-related murders and violence, and it’s beginning to have a negative cumulative effect on airline ticket sales. As such, carriers are reducing flights to those locations. In May, 50 people were murdered in Cancun alone, marking around 200 deaths for the year. In April two cartel gunmen sped towards a beach area there and opened fire. At Playa del Carmen, a drug cartel claimed responsibility for an explosion aboard a passenger ferry that left 25 people injured including seven Americans.

Mexico is already a narco-state but it is on on the verge of becoming a massive failed state where millions will flee north unless the U.S. can help AMLO quell the violence.

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Keep the CRIMINALS out of America !! We don’t want ’em and we don’t need ’em. Evil always destroys ITSELF, and America does not want to be the recipient nor the savior of the debris of war.


And Americans should stay out of Mexico. Never spend your money in a corrupt enemy’s nation. Meciso is ripping us off.

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