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Dem senator DEFENDS ‘well-justified’ Leftist harassment of Republicans

(National SentinelMarxists on the Move: Democrat Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware made clear this week what his party has turned into: A group of Marxist ‘revolutionaries’ who seek to not only overturn elections by force but also destroy the civil society in the process.

During an appearance on MSNBC with Chuck Todd Wednesday, the host asked Coons what he thought about all of the Leftist harassment of Republican colleagues regarding the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Specifically, Coons was asked “about mailed coat hangers, threatening voicemails, and other tactics directed towards senators who may vote to confirm Kavanaugh,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

“I’ve got to ask you about some of the tactics, about some of these special interest groups,” Todd began. He went on to mention the “coat hangers sent to Senator Susan Collins’s office, some really nasty voicemails that have been played, you know, the tactics.” After recognizing that “there’s a lot of passion,” he asked, “What do you make of ’em?”

The answer should have been simple: Violence and threats of violence are unacceptable forms of political protest in America.

But no.

The WFB noted:

Coons seized on the general idea of passion and avoided commenting specifically on the threats made against his Senate colleague Sen. Susan Collins (R., Maine). “There is a huge amount of passion, as I think the whole country saw,” Coons replied. He noted that passion has been exemplified by the many arrests made during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings and the many calls made by constituents, and he called those actions “well justified.”

“Passion” is not violence or threats of violence. To conflate the two is disingenuous.

But it appears to be the ‘buzzword’ — the narrative — the Left has settled on to excuse such unacceptable behavior. As the WFB noted further:

The dissembling focus on protestor’s “passion” in lieu of their misconduct did not begin with Coons. MSNBC contributor Yamiche Alcindor did the same just yesterday. “When you listen to those [abusive messages] and having been out on the campaign trail, it’s the passion of people,” Alcindor said. “It’s obviously abusive and the language that’s being used is abhorrent, but you also feel like they’re talking about life-and-death issues.

‘Life or death issues?’ The appointment of a Supreme Court justice? Really?

The only ‘life and death’ issue the Left is concerned about is maintaining their ‘right’ to kill babies. How sick can you get?

Make no mistake about it: Today’s Democratic Party is no longer the party of JFK and LBJ. It’s a party increasingly filled with Marxist hoodlums, maniacs, and Left-wing Brown Shirts who have decided that shredding the social fabric of the country is preferable to engaging in our traditional forms of political protest and involvement.

And they are willing to burn the country down in order to steal power.



11 Comments on Dem senator DEFENDS ‘well-justified’ Leftist harassment of Republicans

  1. So will he be OK with like or Harsher Treatment? Shouldn’t leaders set Examples? And if this is one, His Oath of Office has been broken.

  2. Fine. If they welcome passion. They will also start to get some of conservative “passion” to defend individual liberties and freedoms from fascists bent on using thuggish tactics and intimidation.

  3. Then the message is clear, we need to show our passion back, 10 fold.

  4. Willie William // September 14, 2018 at 10:16 am // Reply

    All of the hate and violence comes from the left.

  5. A source who said they were briefed on the contents of the letter said it described an incident involving Kavanaugh and a woman that took place when both were 17 years old and at a party. According to the source, Kavanaugh and a male friend had locked her in a room against her will, making her feel threatened, but she was able to get out of the room.

  6. DASeel // – even is this woman is not being paid by Soros or the DNC to make this claim about something 40 years ago, and even is it happened as claimed, what do the actions of CHILDREN have to do with a SCOTUS judge ? About as much as the Liberals with making our current laws.

  7. The Democrat Socialist Party is NOT the Democrat Party of JFK, but it is the Democrat Party that LBJ helped build. He turned the Democrat Party into a huge welfare machine, and a party that prioritized immigrants (especially illegal ones) over Americans, as well as slugs and criminals over decent, productive citizens. It was done on purpose, though I don’t think even LBJ could have imagined how far it would go (he was just looking for extra votes).

  8. I was taught as a child to be a man and always take the higher ground when it comes to civility. Seems the senator has sank to the bottom of the Marianas Trench and is thus lower than whale feces. Way to go senator. You are the Icon of your party.

  9. He lies – like most of his comrades. There is NOT a huge amount of passion from these protesters. What there is, is a huge amount of money being paid to these “protesters” (actors) for their raucous demonstration of hate, inspired by the Democrats who organized the demonstrations, and who also exhibited their own contemptuous attitudes toward Kavanaugh when they had their opportunities to question the candidate for SC Justice. I am ashamed to admit that I used to be a Democrat – I changed parties several years ago, because I was ashamed to be a part of a group of liars and haters that they became. God deliver us from people like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and their ilk.

  10. well.
    because they are all traitors and DESERVE WHATEVER HAPPENS TO THEM.

  11. Coons is a twit.

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