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Latest Left-wing gun control push by Gabby Giffords is disgusting

(National SentinelNo Class: We’ve always been sympathetic to former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, D-Ariz., after she survived a mass shooting incident at a campaign event in January 2011. That’s a horrific thing to experience and we sympathize with all victims of violence, no matter what the cause.

But her gun control organization has gone too far in a new campaign aimed at flipping pro-gun rights congressional districts: It is using 3-D statuettes of a child cowering under a school desk to depict an “active shooter” situation.

As Townhall reports:

The Giffords gun control group has made it their mission to flip 10 pro-gun Congressional districts across the nation. The group wants to replace legislators who “have long prioritized the gun lobby’s agenda over taking action to reduce gun violence and protect public safety” with those who “are committed to protecting kids from gun violence.”

The group plans to display a 3-D printed child hiding under a desk, which represents “active shooter drills” that take place on school grounds.

“Young people took this frustration and tapped into the proud American tradition of raising our voices. Now they are demanding action,” Giffords said in a statement.

“I am proud of them for making it clear to the gun lobby and the NRA that we will no longer tolerate a world where politicians vote against the public safety of the communities they represent. Together we are organizing to bring gun safety champions to Congress this November so we can make real, meaningful changes to save lives.”

Frankly, that’s disgusting. But besides being in poor taste, the emotions the statuette are meant to trigger are precisely why we have nonsensical gun control laws that put school children at risk in the first place.

Meanwhile, we have murder rates of kids and young people in places like Chicago, St. Louis, and other Democrat-run cities that are worse than war zones, but of course, Gifford and others pushing their gun control agenda never want to talk about that.

There are any number of ‘common sense’ proposals on the table — arming teachers, increasing armed school resource officers, bulking up physical security at schools — among them.

But Left-wing Democrats have consistently opposed nearly all of them, almost as if they’d prefer school shootings would continue so they can push more gun control.

Democrats always say, “We’re not coming after your guns!” But their actions always suggest otherwise.



10 Comments on Latest Left-wing gun control push by Gabby Giffords is disgusting

  1. I often wonder what would have happened if someone at Gifford’s event had a concealed carry permit. Perhaps some lives could have been saved. I’ve never heard her address this possibility.

    • Someone was there with a concealed weapon. Others just went after the nut job and took away his gun when he was reloading. People who are against gun ownership when put into these situations admit that if “they” had a weapon they would have shot the bad guy to save their own. I live less than a block from that scene in Tucson and remember it well. I also remember the media and democrats blaming it immediately or conservatives. Despicable people the democrats and their media stooges.

  2. easy fix. print a 3D image of a good guy with a gun standing guard over that girl.

  3. What Gabby Giffords was shot at was less of a “mass shooting event” than it was an “assassinate a federal judge who is guilty of wrongthink and disguise it as a mass shooting event”.

  4. Dear Ms Giffords,

    Shut up, shut up SHUT UP!



  5. I am not a member of any gun rights group nor do I belong to the NRA, but I will NOT “tolerate a world where politicians vote against the public safety”. I am a gun owner (not a fanatic) and I own several firearms. I enjoy target shooting and of course I believe in protecting my home and family. I don’t hunt. My guns are secured but still readily available should I need one.

    I’m a Vietnam veteran, well versed gun handling, and a responsible law-abiding citizen but I won’t allow somebody else to fool with my Constitutional rights. Your right to dislike guns stops where my right to own them begins. You will do well to think about that before you decide to kick down my door! Stay safe.

  6. Please let Ms. Divot head alone. She needs something to do to occupy her time. After all nobody listens to her anyways.

  7. We need gun control because people will not willingly get in the boxcars.

  8. Butch Barding // September 18, 2018 at 5:47 pm // Reply

    6 million in Germany no guns?????

  9. The bullet that went into Giffords brain unfortunately turned her into a puppet. Just saying!

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