Dems ALREADY plotting their next move against Kavanaugh, even if he’s confirmed

(National SentinelChaos: Even if Judge Brett Kavanaugh, POTUS Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, is eventually confirmed, Democrats are already promising to make his life as miserable as possible for as long as possible.

Left-wing nutjob Rep. Eric Swalwell, a stereotypical product of California, said if Democrats win the House in the November midterms, they’re going to investigate allegations of perjury against Kavanaugh, according to Politico:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said that “as soon as Democrats get gavels,” the party will vet the FBI’s handling of Ford’s claim against the Supreme Court nominee — even if Kavanaugh is already seated on the high court by that time. Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.), who sits on the House Judiciary Committee, also said in an interview that the party could probe Kavanaugh’s denials of the allegations against him.

“If they ramrod this nomination through, and we win the majority, we can still investigate this on the House side, and certainly the question as to whether a Supreme Court justice committed perjury is something you could look at,” Swalwell said . “Hopefully it doesn’t come to that; hopefully they do this right.”

“Because it’s going to get investigated either way and it would be better not to have to investigate a sitting judge,” he said.

Translation: Democrats are once again willing to blow up the Constitution and judicial process of confirming judges and justices in order to virtue-signal to their increasingly unhinged base.

“You can’t ignore a crime victim’s claim that something happened, refuse to investigate, throw her up into the stand without the least bit of support for her, without the least bit of effort to corroborate what she says and then walk away from that,” Whitehouse told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

Really? You can if that claim is obviously part of a wider Democratic plan to disrupt and derail a perfectly qualified jurist from taking his rightful place on the nation’s highest court.

How do we know this is all just a scam?

For one, the timing. As the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings closed and it looked like there was nothing that would stop Kavanaugh from being seated, Sen. Dianne Feinstein — the ranking (minority) member of the Judiciary Committee, whipped out this letter she’d received over the summer from some “anonymous” woman alleging that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 36 years ago, while both were in high school.

For another, the backstory. As Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., has pointed out, the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, supposedly wanted to remain anonymous but yet, in August, she hired a lawyer and then took a polygraph test (that was administered by her lawyer). Why would she do that if she wanted to remain anonymous?

Also, Feinstein — the keeper of the letter — never asked Kavanaugh anything about Ford’s allegations during the hearings. Or when she met with him privately. Or ever.

And now Democrats are using the threat of investigating Kavanaugh not only as a ‘get out the vote’ appeal to their base, but as a political weapon designed to send a message to future SCOTUS nominees who revere the Constitution over judicial activism: “Don’t accept it because if you do, we’ll destroy you.”

Democrats are the antithesis of ‘democracy,’ freedom, and liberty. They cannot ever be given the reins of power again.



4 Comments on "Dems ALREADY plotting their next move against Kavanaugh, even if he’s confirmed"

  1. Democrats are the antithesis of ‘democracy,’ freedom, and liberty. They cannot ever be given the reins of power again.

  2. I wonder what would have happened if the spineless Republicans had fought this hard against Obama?

  3. ijustwantedtoknow | September 21, 2018 at 10:38 am | Reply

    the democrats don’t care about our country
    they only care about their power & their personal wealth
    and their willing to embrace communism to get them

  4. victor danilovich | September 21, 2018 at 1:41 pm | Reply

    The root of problem is ungodliness of 99% of so called democrats,
    and their anger against GOD !

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