Red Wave: Heitkamp down in N.D. as Hawley surges in Missouri

(National SentinelMidterms: Democrats expecting to blow out Republicans during the midterms in six weeks should take stock of this sobering fact: It’s likely their party will remain in the minority and even lose ground given what we’re seeing in key states and on the campaign trail.

Right now, Real Clear Politics has some races — Arizona and Nevada — leaning Democratic, which seems odd given that Sen. Dean Heller in Nevada is running a good campaign and Arizona is a red state.

But other races Democrats have been hyping for months are good news for Republicans.

In Texas, it looks as though Sen. Ted Cruz will handily beat Rep. Beto O’Rourke, while in North Dakota, incumbent Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is down anywhere from 6 to 10 points to GOP challenger Rep. Kevin Cramer.

In Missouri, GOP Attorney General Josh Hawley is now leading incumbent Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill.

There are other signs of a growing red wave as well, the Boston Herald notes:

A new report from Gallup should sober up those expecting a “blue wave” in the November elections.

According to this recently released report, the percent of Americans saying they have a “favorable” view of Republicans now stands at 45 percent, up from 36 percent. Favorability for Democrats stands at 44 percent, exactly where it was last September.

This is the highest favorability for Republicans since January 2011, when it stood at 47 percent just after Republicans gained control of Congress in the 2010 midterm elections.

Of particular interest are large gains for Republican favorability among men — now at 50 percent, up from 37 percent a year ago — and middle-income households ($30,000 to $74,999), now at 49 percent, up from 36 percent a year ago.

Republican favorability has even increased among women — 40 percent now compared to 35 percent last September.

And there are additional measurables that the Beltway political pollsters and oddsmakers missed during the 2016 election: The level of excitement among POTUS Trump’s base.

When he holds campaign events the lines are even longer than they were two years ago, and that’s saying something. During a campaign event Monday evening in Tennessee for Rep. Marsha Blackburn, lines — long ones — began to form 5-6 hours before POTUS was to appear.

The more we hear about a “blue wave,” the more we think it’s just Democrats trying to talk themselves and the general public into believing it’ll happen.

The reality on the ground looks much different.

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4 Comments on "Red Wave: Heitkamp down in N.D. as Hawley surges in Missouri"

  1. Ha! From now on when we talk about President Trump, we only need to call him ‘He’ and everyone knows about who we are talking about.

    So, when He enters a room, or hall, or field, or anywhere, people listen, people watch him. He’s truly the best President of the United States in history of America. He is by far the best leader in the world, nobody can even reach his level, if ever.

    For his enemies, the only advise I can give is make a deal with him. For his international friends. endorse and honor him as He deserves.

  2. The color of the wave in November will be RED.

  3. Remember back in 1980 the Dims believed Carter would easily beat Reagan? That was Reagan’s first RED WAVE. There are a lot of similarites between Reagan and Trump…

  4. Darrell Dullnig | October 2, 2018 at 8:41 pm | Reply

    The good news? The red wave is going to swamp the blue wave.

    The bad news? The resulting tsunami will drown everyone.

    The really good news? The rest of the world will breathe a sigh of relief.

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