New calls for FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford… did she LIE under oath?

(National SentinelJustice: In the aftermath last week of Senate Judiciary Committee testimony from Christine Blasey Ford and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, there was a common theme among elected leaders and the political commentariat: Both of them were “credible.”

Ford, you may recall, has accused Kavanaugh of sexually molesting and assaulting her 35-plus years ago when both were teenagers in Maryland. Kavanaugh has vehemently denied Ford’s allegations as well as those leveled by other women.

Both testified under oath. But while there are two sides to every story, there is only one set of facts, which means one of them is not being truthful.

One of them wasn’t being honest. And lying under oath to a congressional panel is a crime. So is lying to the FBI (just ask former Trump National Security Adviser Michael Flynn).

That means one of them should be subject to legal action, which – if convicted – would include prison time.

But which one?

Before she testified, and during, Ford claimed that she couldn’t recall anything about the alleged incident – when it happened, where it happened, and how she got to and from the party/event where the alleged incident took place. Yet she is certain that Kavanaugh was the offender?

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She also claimed that Kavanaugh’s high school pal Mark Judge was in whatever room at whichever place the alleged incident happened, so he could turn up the music and watch the door to mask Ford’s protests. She said three other people were also witnesses. None of them corroborate her story.

She claimed that she was afraid of flying, and yet she flies all over the world, practically. She claimed that she has “never” coached anyone about how to take a polygraph exam, but an ex-boyfriend now claims – under oath and penalty of perjury – that he saw her coach former FBI and Justice Department official (and good friend) Monica McLean.

What about Kavanaugh? How can we be sure he was telling the truth?

Judge Kavanaugh has been through six – and now seven – FBI background checks. These are not haphazardly done, as the crazy Left is insinuating after the bureau cleared him again this week. These are well-documented, meticulous investigations because they have to be: Anyone who goes to work in the White House, as Kavanaugh did for President George W. Bush, or is being nominated for the federal bench, where Kavanaugh now sits, must be fully and completely vetted.

If there had been even a whiff of any allegation of a sexual or criminal nature, the bureau would have found out about it.

What’s more, Kavanaugh is being vouched for by practically everyone who ever knew him or worked with him, including some 75 women and ex-girlfriends. In short, there are no holes in Kavanaugh’s story; there is nothing to indicate he’s being dishonest.

The same cannot be said for Christine Blasey Ford. No one is vouching for her. No one is corroborating her story. The only people who are behind her are Democrats who have exploited her and their Left-wing supporters because they want to believe her, not because she’s believable.

So, now what? If our justice system works, like The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh notes, Ford will be investigated and, if found to have been dishonest, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Ditto for her lawyers. And perhaps even her Democrat handlers.

After all, why shouldn’t she be? She’s tried to destroy a man’s life and not just his but that of his family. A demonstrably good, decent, man who is also a brilliant jurist, just the sort of person we’d want on the nation’s highest court.

Perhaps Democrats (and Ford) are counting on getting a pass because the Left is already ‘outraged.’ These days, the Left is perpetually outraged. The message, therefore, must be sent: If you’re a liar and you get caught, you’re going to pay the price.

Brett Kavanaugh and his family have, and they’re not guilty of anything.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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24 Comments on "New calls for FBI investigation of Christine Blasey Ford… did she LIE under oath?"

  1. TexanForever Thompson | October 7, 2018 at 3:15 pm | Reply

    Nothing about Ford’s allegations rings true. To the contrary, people who knew her in the early days say she was not to be trusted for telling the truth. She has a Ph.D in Psych but never received a license to practice. … Why? … Could it be that she failed to either take or pass the licensing exams? She did, however, coach someone on how to cheat on a polygraph test.

    She needs to be held accountable if she lied about Kavanaugh. Orange seems to be all the rage nowadays. … maybe accented with a little bling about the wrists.

  2. Of course Ms Ford is a liar and did it for political reasons because why else would her butch attorney Mr Katz drop her as a client? They will not be pursuing the allegations made against Judge Kavanaugh.

  3. Let it go. Kavanaugh won and she looks like a pathetic pawn to America. Get Feinstein and Wasserman-Schultz.

    • NO WAY!!!!! Don’t “Let it go.” If this scam goes unpunished they will continue to use this technique time and time again. STOP IT NOW!!!! Hit her with the full force of the law. This is ridiculous.

      I agree…go for Feinstiein and Wasserm-Schultz…but Ford must DO TIME!!!!!!

      • Exactly! If we let it go, it only gives them license to do it again. Nip it in the bud. I bet if they start investigating Ford and her atty’s, they’re going to uncover a huge mudhole. I’m betting her brother had the bright idea to do this.

  4. Investigate, publicly show all their ties and prosecute all. This was a DEEP state op.

    • Investigation is impossible. The DOJ is run by criminals. The leaders of the republican party have no interest in reform.

      • Frank Marty Martin | October 8, 2018 at 7:02 am |

        I wrote to AG Sessions about this yesterday. Something anybody can do, google Contact the DOJ. I said the future of our Democracy is at stake if Lying can be allowed to destroy nominees. I also said I had zero faith he would do anything about it!

  5. Show me from MO. | October 7, 2018 at 11:06 pm | Reply

    Feinstein set on the accusation until right before the vote in committee, since if she had presented the accusation to the committee in July, when she became aware of it, it would have been investigated by the FBI then as part of their regular background checks and probably found not to be credible.
    The way it was held back until a critical moment makes it seem like an “October Surprise” or a political campaign maneuver meant to influence the outcome of an election. It seems Feinstein was treating her Senate colleagues like of ordinary voters in an election, and then the accusations started to get more and more incredible, going back to highschool and the senators questioning about year book entries. This was similar to what happened in the Roy Moore election.
    The Republicans, even at that late date, were willing to undergo the inconvenience of what turned into a political circus, but finally made the determination that the presumption of innocence until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt would apply, since the Democrats had turned it into a criminal court proceeding, and it appeared were determined to find Kavanaugh guilty before the American people whether there was credibile evidence or not.

  6. Michael Fisher | October 7, 2018 at 11:18 pm | Reply

    She must pay the price for this wanton destruction of a good man’s life and career. To do less is to invite further dishonest attacks thus weakening our Republic.

  7. Why not…

  8. The republicans pound their chests and claim to be outraged but they will do as they’ve all done – go on vacation and nothing more will be heard.

    • Yes it is all pretend. I see republican cowards now trying to play the hero after the game is over. There will be no investigations of Feinstein’s unethical acts, the accuser’s perjury, or security problems. Republican “leaders” only acted in the end to confirm Kavanaugh to save their careers.

  9. The three bimbos are all DNC operatives. Nothing to see here, move on!!
    If they were Republican women they would be in jail already!!

  10. The problem is that the DOJ would need a referral from Chairman Grassley as head of the SJC for the FBI to investigate Ford’s lies. Not sure that’s going to happen.

    • Exactly Dave, not going to happen. The Senate has its own recourse when lied too, and that does not involve the FBI. At this time there is no crime that has been committed by Ford. Playing politics within the US Senate is what they do.

  11. She must be investigated and shown to have lied, to clear Kavanaugh’s name.
    Trump can then pardon her.

    • Why would Trump pardon her? She tried to destroy a man and family, she deserves full punishment.

  12. It needs to be done to stop future accusations with no basis in fact. The public has had more than enough lies form various ‘uncorroborated’ sources and the MSM for way too long. Time to have a mechanism to combat these lies.

  13. They need to investigate and prosecute to the full extent of the law. This includes the crooked Senators that were involved in this sham. The only way to stop things like this from happening is sending people to jail. The one thing that people don’t realize about bullies (Democraps) is that once you punch back hard they fall apart like a cheap suit. All bark no bite.

  14. rufusvondufus | October 8, 2018 at 8:08 am | Reply

    The surprised fearful look on Blasy Ford’s face when asked to stand and take the oath was all I needed to see to know she was preparing to lie. Her fearful look towards her atty (the man) spoke volumes. He put his hand up like to say don’t worry and uttered a few words but you could tell she was not prepared to testify under oath. Why not? She needs to be thoroughly vetted and if proof exists of lying then she needs to go to prison. So to with Avenatti and his hos along with Feinstein.

  15. rufusvondufus | October 8, 2018 at 8:11 am | Reply

    I say promise her immunity if she turns over on all of the other guilty parties in this charade and attempt to destroy Justice Kavanaugh.

  16. The only way she should be prosecuted is if all those who pushed her, who leaked her, who abused her should be too. Those who did this seem to include the fbi friend, aschoo, feinstein, katz, the other lawyer not avenatti, he is a separate case that definitly, along with swetlok should be prosecuted.

  17. an independent investigator, bounty hunter, author could investigate ford, ramirez, swetlok, man on the boat, avenatti, katz, hill all without congress, gov involvement

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