Trump backhands Hillary Clinton over her Kavanaugh criticism: ‘That’s why she lost’

(National SentinelHand Grenade: POTUS Donald Trump launched a broadside against the woman he vanquished in November 2016, Hillary Clinton, over her recent criticism of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, noting it demonstrated why she couldn’t beat him.

Speaking to reporters at the White House while discussing UN Amb. Nikki Haley’s resignation, one correspondent asked the president about the swearing-in ceremony Monday night in which he praised Kavanaugh and declared him “innocent” of uncorroborated allegations of sexual abuse 36 years ago while apologizing to him and his family on behalf of the country for the way Democrats tried to smear him.

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Clinton, the twice-failed Democratic presidential contender, had attacked POTUS Trump and Kavanaugh over what she claimed was a politicized ceremony (it was — so what?).

Clinton told Chistiane Amanpour of CNN, “What was done last night in the White House was a political rally. It further undermined the image and integrity of the court.”

Like Clinton or any Democrat today knows anything about “integrity.”

POTUS wasted no time swatting Hillary like a bug.

“I guess that’s why she lost. She doesn’t get it. She never did. I knew that a long time ago. Hillary never got it. That’s why she lost. Anything else?” he said.


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1 Comment on "Trump backhands Hillary Clinton over her Kavanaugh criticism: ‘That’s why she lost’"

  1. The President is right. Monday night was not a political rally. It was a public swearing in Ceremony hosted by the President.

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