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Portland descending into chaos as Leftists take the streets with mayor, cops, AWOL

(National SentinelMobs: In the days before a planned free speech rally in Portland, Ore., by the conservative group Patriot Prayer, people claiming to belong to Rose City Antifa organization were discussing showing up armed to disrupt the event.

The group published a “call to action” which urged members to use “direct confrontation” to “eliminate” Patriot Prayer and their protectors, the Proud Boys, so they could no longer hold rallies, The National Sentinel reported.

Obviously, any group seeking to disrupt or otherwise impede another from exercising their constitutional right to demonstrate and speak freely should be of concern to local officials, especially if one side is discussing arming itself specifically to ‘directly confront’ the other.

As it turned out, the event sparked further unrest in a city that has become Ground Zero in the Left’s war on the very founding fabric of American society. And worse, local officials are enabling the violence by refusing to crack down on those most responsible for it: Left-wing groups like Antifa.

That was in August. Things in Portland have only gotten worse, thanks to the inaction of local officials like Mayor Ted Wheeler. PJ Media reported:

On Saturday, violence erupted in Portland as they took to the streets to protest a police shooting. The protests involved criminal acts, intimidation of motorists, and general mayhem. In the videos, protesters scream obscenities, create a no-go zone for cars, and call those who violate their demands “white nationalists.” 

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away in rural southern Oregon, several Republican voters have received letters in the mail threatening that they will be shot. The letters have been forwarded to law enforcement for investigation.

As you can see in the above video, Left-wing mobs of thugs took over streets in Portland, shouting at, threatening, and intimidating several drivers as police looked on, doing nothing.

At one point, an elderly driver was surrounded, and his car struck as he attempted to pass along a street occupied by thugs because he refused to heed the mob’s orders. For that, they chased him down after he used his vehicle to push aside a thug who had leaped in front of him.

“Updates via KOIN news: The elderly man called police & filed a report after the incident. The person who made contact with the front of the car has not. And police basically said they didn’t get involved to protect first amendment rights,” tweeted Andy C. Ngo, a columnist, and editor at a local media news publication.

No cops. No leadership from city hall. Nothing from state officials. Just brazen lawlessness that keeps getting worse with every flashpoint event that the thugs choose to use as an excuse to occupy the streets and create no-go zones for residents of a city descending further into chaos.

“So this is what has become of a great city: Property damage, violent assault, appeased thugs, infringed rights,” PJ Media’s Jeff Reynolds writes.

During the August protest in which Antifa members were discussing showing up armed, Wheeler ordered his police department to stand down and then blamed it on the Trump administration’s policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their families (which was the same as Obama’s).

The new Left, which consists of a hodgepodge of socialists, Marxists, communists, and anarchists, have decided that they no longer want to play by the rules. They’re not at all willing to compromise, and they have chosen the same path that every other hard-Left movement has chosen over the past century: Violence. That the Left in Oregon and, in particular, Portland, has been so successful isn’t so much because the movement is loved as because there are too many cowards in charge.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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11 Comments on Portland descending into chaos as Leftists take the streets with mayor, cops, AWOL

  1. Bring on Trump`s bikers,lets level the playing field!

  2. TiredOfChildren // October 11, 2018 at 5:39 pm // Reply

    This is actually excellent. Let the riots begin, that will bring in even more of the roaches. When there is a big bunch of them, fly a B 52 over and napalm the entire city. Problem solved. If you don’t want to get that radical then several tanks for a reenactment of Tienanmen square will work too.

  3. Its time to end this stuff before somebody really gets hurt. Since these people were illegally directing traffic around the protest area. That tell me that they did not have a permit to protest there or the police would have been at the intersections.What would the city have said if the Driver had a heart attack or stroke and died when they hit hit care. They would have at least Civilly liable and hopefully criminally liable. This ins not a 1st amendment issue. This is a community safety issue. Sooner or later somebody is going to defend themselves from this BS and they are going to shoot a few of these “protesters” IE Rioters. Then watch the press and democrats react.

  4. So I guess the Democrat Senator told the Democrat Governor to tell the Democrat Mayor to tell the Democrat Police Chief to tell the police to “stand down”
    Gosh, what a shocker..

  5. David Carter // October 13, 2018 at 12:15 pm // Reply

    I wouldn’t live in the U.S. again without carrying a handgun. Too much crime, political violence and outright anarchy.

  6. Wayne pacific // October 13, 2018 at 1:39 pm // Reply

    There is a “war” against white Christians and white men, which is international in scope. It is happening in the USA, Europe and South Africa.

  7. Send in the NG. And the Mayor and Police had better STAY “AWOL”.

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