Tucker Carlson: ‘We’re on the cusp of something horrible’ in America thanks to the Left’s rage

(National SentinelUncivil: Fox News host Tucker Carlson and guest Dana Loesch discussed the growing state of political incivility in America on Wednesday, with both openly questioning whether it was possible to return to a place where the Left’s discourse took the form of debate instead of violence.

“The thing though that I keep hearing so much so often from individuals who are on the left is a way to justify this, they position their defense of Antifa or some of these mobs, and that’s what they were, mobs, chasing the Cruzes out of a restaurant and mobs that are doxxing Republican senators and their families,” Loesch began, referencing several instances where Republicans and Trump Cabinet officials were openly harassed in public.

“We’re on the cusp of something horrible,” Carlson said. “There are still widely respected people in this country. I don’t see my job as ginning up partisan rage and getting people to act out in violence.

“That’s a totally irresponsible thing to do. Where are the people on the left who are making that — I mean there are responsible people on the left. Why are they cowardly and can’t speak up now?” he asked.

“I think Heidi Heitkamp is one of those. She condemned Hillary Clinton when Hillary Clinton said essentially that they’re not going to be civil so long as they don’t have power,” Loesch continued, noting that the North Dakota Democrat recently condemned Hillary Clinton’s comments about being uncivil to Republicans.

“But there needs to be more like Heidi Heitkamp, but at the same time though I kind of wonder if it’s not too late. I sincerely hope it’s not. I hope we can get back to a place where we can exchange ideas,” she added.

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7 Comments on "Tucker Carlson: ‘We’re on the cusp of something horrible’ in America thanks to the Left’s rage"

  1. Oh, it’s half past way too late.

  2. Would Heidi Heitkamp have condemned Hillary’s comments if not in a desperate bid for re-election? I think not.

  3. Oh, but Dana, it was never about “ideas”, or the left wouldn’t have relied on the courts to incrementally impose their fascism on the voters for so long, over the course 5+ decades. It was about tyranny all along. Now they don’t hold the court anymore, and most of them won’t live long enough to see the court reversed back to being the fascist left’s tools. So they’ve got nothing to lose by raging. Nothing to win, either, but winning to them only ever meant hurting people anyway. (Hence their sacrament of aborting the most helpless among us.)

  4. It has taken a long time to create what you see today. It’s been 34 years since the Democrats accepted a defeat as legitimate in a Presidential race. That was when Reagan won 49 states. Bush I was “put in office by the CIA”, Bush II was “selected not elected” and Trump was put in office by the “Russians”. The Leftist mobs aren’t going away and they will get more violent as they continue to fail to change America to fit their wishes fast enough. The Dems may take the House in a few weeks but that will change nothing with the radical Left.

  5. You can’t expect morality from people who are immoral. They have no concept of what morality means and so, civility is lost. The Left is entrenched in evil and their behavior will always reflect that. To them, violence is the new freedom of speech and they believe they have the right to force their ideologies on us.

    They are sore losers too.The Left will never get over a Hillary loss. Their rage will not be quenched. Their only goal now is to fight Trump every step of the way. The Left are are not interested in Trump’s achievements for America. They criticize everything he has accomplished for us. They hate him and this country. Violence and the rhetoric of hatred have now become their political platform. A deadly, wicked cancer has spread across these United States. We are witnessing the birth of acerbic, anti-American sentiment from the Left. If given a chance, they would not hesitate replacing our Constitution with a Socialist one and our freedoms and everything America stands for would be lost forever.

  6. Tucker Carlson is doing almost the same as the left and hammering on something, which is obvious.
    He and all the others in these days are claiming that the left and their politicians are riling up the masses to be aggressive towards the Republicans, conservatives and everyone not agreeing with the left.
    Well, there is no such dominating figure like Trump for the left, and some left-wing jojos making ridiculous claims will really not rile up the masses. The maximum it might do is some harassment and mentally disturbed individual doing or trying to do some weird things.

    But it might stir up some people to be aggressive towards others and such behavior is good for the elections (against the dems). That’s all.

  7. Too little to late to condemn the violent rhetoric. This is nothing but a political Hail Mary to keep her seat.

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