The whining continues: Hillary says Trump’s debates with her ‘filled with sexism’

(National SentinelExcuses, excuses: Hillary Clinton has blamed her election loss to Donald Trump on just about everything imaginable — except herself.

Now, she’s blaming it on the fact that POTUS Trump’s a man.

In an interview with CBS’ “Sunday Morning,” Clinton said the way then GOP-nominee Trump debated her was “filled with sexism.”

When asked if she actually kept “a file on sexism in politics,” she responded:

I do. I do. It’s a file that tells a somewhat sobering story about how hard it is to break through the mindsets that people have. And it is difficult for many people, not just men, a lot of women, to think, wait a minute, this woman is going to be a governor or a member of Congress or my mayor or maybe even a president.

She added: “If you watched the way Trump debated me, it was imbued with sexism. Making fun of me for preparing—that’s the old like, ‘Oh, yeah, the girl in the class who is always prepared, I don’t need to be prepared.’”


At some point, doesn’t even a sycophantic media grow weary of this woman’s whining excuses for why the majority of the country rejected her — twice?

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Why did Hillary need to prepare so hard for the debate when Donna Brasil had already supplied her with all the questions to be asked at the debate. Hillary you are a loser and nobody wants you to be president so once and for all shut the hell up and go away!


Feminism is a hateful belief, no different than racism. Women power is the same as white power, brown power and black power.The man is always wrong. Women must take over. That is the hateful and irrational belief of a women admired by millions of misguided Americans.

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