Rep. Jim Jordon: Sessions on his way out; ‘obvious to me’ Rosenstein is running DoJ

(National SentinelDeep State: Rep. Jim Jordan said during a Fox News interview Tuesday evening that he believes Attorney General Jeff Sessions will soon become an ex-attorney general following the midterm elections.

The Ohio Republican also told host Martha McCallum it’s “obvious” to him that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is actually running the Justice Department, though he doesn’t seem happy about that.

“I mean, it’s obvious to me, I think obvious to most people, Rod Rosenstein is in charge of the Justice Department, not Jeff Sessions,” Jordan said.

“And I think it’s also obvious that the president is going to be looking for a new attorney general. I think he’s made that pretty clear. My guess is that happens sometime in the not-so-distant future,” Jordan continued.

“Jeff Sessions is a good man. He was a good senator, but I think it’s — the president of the United States wants an attorney general that conduct matters different than Jeff Sessions, and I think that will happen sometime, like I said, in the not-too-distant future,” he added.

The Ohio Republican then accused Rosenstein of “making it difficult” for Congress to do its job as a separate and equal branch of government, a comment that was likely directed at the deputy AG’s slow-walking and then redacting documents requested by lawmakers investigating various Obama Deep State crimes.

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6 Comments on "Rep. Jim Jordon: Sessions on his way out; ‘obvious to me’ Rosenstein is running DoJ"

  1. Sessions is not a good man. Why does everyone keep saying that? Look at what is (or isn’t rather) doing. A GOOD MAN DOES NOT DO WHAT HE IS DOING!

    • It’s merely politeness. Good is reflected by actions. Sessions has done incredibly bad things. Sessions is a coup member, great betrayer, obstructer, and oath violator.

  2. Rodent-Stein may have flipped on all of them

    • RR is a member of the criminal conspiracy. His activities go back to the uranium sale. A proper course of action is to remove all criminals running the DOJ. Hope and trust do not work.

  3. You are correct, sour intent.
    I’ve read that he’s -essentially- being run by the deep state; they have something on him
    or – – something.
    IMV, Pres. T should have recused h i m as soon as Sessions bagged out of his job re Mueller.

  4. Jordan is a real leader. The Ryan gang (McCarthy) lead from behind. They will not comment on the highly illegal behavior of the DOJ leaders.

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