Indiana farmers cut 60-acre ‘THANK YOU’ to POTUS for allowing year-round E15 sales

(TNSBIG Thanks: A group of Indiana farmers cut a giant ‘thank you’ to POTUS Donald Trump after he reversed a ban on the sale of E15 ethanol gasoline during the summer.

Bruce Buchanan, a farmer who manages 6,000 acres with his son Allen for Buchanan Family Farms in Fowler, Indiana, told Fox & Friends Sunday that he wanted to find some way to thank the president for allowing year-round E15 sales, so he decided to use a corn field.

He carved the message out of 60 acres of corn on Tuesday and Wednesday, which reads, “Thanks Mr. Trump For E15.”

“We literally mechanically harvested the corn as we proceeded to spell out the letters in the maze,” Buchanan said.

His yuuuge thank you message soon went viral on social media, garnering the attention of Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue as well as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Twitter.

The president announced his decision to permit year-round E15 sales during a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa, on October 9. Previously, there was a government ban on summer sales of the corn-based fuel.

Buchanan said POTUS’ ethanol decision is going to be “pretty impactful” for the farming community.

“We know for a fact that, for the ag economy, income is down and prices are down. What this is going to do for that, we don’t know, and you don’t know, for sure. But we felt it was a pretty impactful thing for our president to do,” Buchanan told the Lafayette Journal & Courier.

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Zbigniew Chrysler

I neither need nor want E15 gas in any engine I own. PERIOD. This is nothing but another giveaway to BIG CORN.


I don’t want any alcohol in my gas. I like Trump, but this s wrong.

TexanForever Thompson
TexanForever Thompson

Screw the investors and producers who profit from ruining millions of other people’s engines and raising shipping costa for everything that moves on roads. These farmers should be raising vegetables, hay, or cotton. … To HELL with ethanol and anyone associated with it.

Skoch None

Let the market decide, not the government. If it doesn’t sell, the farmer will have to farm something else.

I’t called FREE MARKET ECONOMY. If people don’t wan’t ethononol in their vehicle the government souldn’t force the gas to have the blend at anytime.

Capitalism makes the choice possible.

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