Report: U.S. military moving barriers, equipment to border ahead of migrant caravan

(National SentinelPreparation: Defense Secretary James Mattis told reporters in Prague, Czech Republic, on Sunday that active-duty military personnel are moving jersey barriers and other equipment to the U.S.-Mexico border in anticipation of the arrival of a massive migrant caravan.

Mattis told reporters who are traveling with him that details of the troop deployment are currently under development and that he should receive them later today. The plan will include a recommendation for the number of troops needed to carry out the mission.

The Washington Times noted:

The additional troops will provide logistical and other support to the Border Patrol, and will bolster the efforts of the approximately 2,000 National Guard forces already there. The new forces are expected to provide logistical assistance such as air support and equipment, including vehicles and tents.

National Guard troops routinely perform those same functions, so it is not clear why active duty forces are being used.

President Donald Trump for the past week has been calling attention to the caravan heading by foot into southern Mexico, but it is still hundreds of miles from U.S. soil.

Last week, POTUS Donald Trump declared the migrant caravans to be a “national emergency.” Reports also said the administration was preparing an executive order that would essentially curtail most claims of asylum under U.S. law.

The deployment of active duty troops, not more National Guard forces, is a rarity inside the United States. And while some Democrats have claimed that the president is unnecessarily ‘militarizing the border’ or that U.S. troops are prohibited by the 1870s-era Posse Comitatus act from taking part in border security duties, the military has always been charged with defending our borders from an invasion.

And though they’re not coming with weapons, the migrant caravan most certainly is an invasion. Even Border Patrol officials have said as much.

Others believe that the president and Congress have to do more than just deploy the Army along the border.

The head of the National Border Patrol Council approves of POTUS Trump’s efforts to boost border security ahead of the expected arrival of thousands of mostly Central American migrants at the southwestern U.S. border in the coming weeks, but he says the president’s promised wall is a better answer.

Brandon Judd said what needs to happen is that Congress must pass new laws and provide funding for the president’s promised border wall.

“It’s going to help, but not for the reason that people think,” said Judd regarding the president’s instructions to the Pentagon to send 800 regular Army troops to assist with logistical support at the border.

“It’s going to free up our resources to be able to ensure that the cartels do not create a profit the way they did on the last caravan,” he told Breitbart News Radio on SiriusXM Thursday night.

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If they are not moving Razor wire Abrams, Bradleys, and Line troops (Infantry Armor and Field Artillery to the border add in Military Police units 15-25,000 troops ought to be enough. if this is not done they will rush the border and get in the country that way.


I do not know if this is possible, could we gas them with ether or laughing gas, load them on trains and take them to the Guatemala and Honduran border.


Thank Paul Ryan and his gang of RINOs for pretending to be conservative then blocking any new wall funding for 2 years.


Their weapons are their children, good hearted American people and dems who want them to be a problem. What is so terrible about where they are coming from? Why not expand what we have from this land into other lands, JOBS, FREEDOM that everyone seems to want except their leaders?

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