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DHS chief: Migrant caravan should turn around because they ‘are not getting in’

(National SentinelDenied: Homeland Security chief Kirstjen Nelsen said during an interview on Sunday that the migrant caravan traipsing towards the United States will “not get in” so they may as well turn around.

Reports over the weekend noted that about 1,700 mostly Central American migrants accepted an offer of asylum from Mexico. But thousands more refused, saying they want to be in the U.S.

But that’s not going to happen, Nelson said.

“There a legal way to get into this country. Those who choose to enter illegally will be stopped,” she told “Fox News Sunday.”

Nelson noted that most of those coming to the U.S. by caravan will likely try to claim they fear returning to their home countries and will attempt to seek asylum. That’s because they know how that works in the U.S.: They will be released into the country and told to return at a later date for an asylum hearing, but most don’t and simply disappear inside the country as illegal aliens.

Nelson said Sunday that’s not going to happen with the approaching group.

“My general message to this caravan is, ‘Do not come. You will not be allowed in,’” she said. “There is a right way to emigrate to this country, and this is not it.”

She further noted that people traveling in the caravan should first seek asylum in Mexico.

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6 Comments on DHS chief: Migrant caravan should turn around because they ‘are not getting in’

  1. Shut down the border and cut off all funds from all countries where the illegals are from

  2. Just shoot the invaders until they run the other way.

  3. Yeah. Turn around and try Brazil. Ha, ha.

  4. Richard Daugherty // October 29, 2018 at 8:51 pm // Reply

    Go home now!! It will be easier than coming all that way for nothing.

  5. I’m very concerned since we’re not going to shoot them. They’re going to get in and there’s already another caravan on the way – this one from El Salvador.

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