Mainstream media laments cost of deploying U.S. troops to border but isn’t that what our military is for?

(National SentinelMisplaced Priorities: The U.S. military has been deployed fighting low-intensity ‘brushfire’ wars for so long the mainstream media has forgotten why our military exists in the first place.

Hint: It’s not to protect and defend other nations before it protects and defends ours first and foremost.

Sure, we have mutual defense agreements with other countries. Yes, there that renowned military alliance known at NATO that we essentially prop up.

But make no mistake about it: The U.S. military exists first to protect and defend the borders of the United States.

So why is the MSM complaining about how much it will cost to send thousands of soldiers to the U.S.-Mexico boundary to assist civilian authorities in protecting the integrity of our borders?

As The Blaze notes, several outlets reported Saturday that it could cost as much as $200 million through the end of the year to deploy anywhere from 7,000 to 15,000 troops, depending on POTUS Donald Trump’s orders.

Okay. So, what’s the big deal? The current defense budget is somewhere in the neighborhood of $716 billion; we spend around $45 billion annually in Afghanistan alone.

Why we continue to do that is another question — and a legitimate one after being in that failed country for 17 years.

But even so, that does not negate the fact that the American military’s primary duty is to protect and defend the United States. And the president has deemed the approaching migrant caravans, which include MS-13 members, armed criminals, and — according to this report — maybe even terrorist elements from the Middle East.

The bottom line is this: To watch the disgustingly dishonest MSM complain about the U.S. military performing its primary duty is the epitome of tone-deafness.

You’d think a simple ‘thank you’ would be in order instead.

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3 Comments on "Mainstream media laments cost of deploying U.S. troops to border but isn’t that what our military is for?"

  1. Aren’t we paying them anyway??

  2. Questions like this, though compelling, serve no good purpose. And, in fact, instill or reinforce a dangerous notion. Asking this question implies that this is a topic up for debate.

    The establishment of the US by the Constitution was PRIMARILY for a “common defense”. That motivation is the keystone of the preamble. Were it not for the role of a “common defense”, the US Government would never have been reatified.

    Article 4 Section 4 explicitly states that the US government will protect the States from invasion (note the word “armed” was deliberately omitted). Unfortunately, now that somewhere over 90% of US government functions are blatantly unConstitutional, the subject of national defense has fallen under this mind set of arbitrary rule that we find ourselves under.

    It will be refreshing, if not therapeutic, when conservative politicians, columnists, and bloggers at least occasionally reference specific passages in the US Constitution, other than Amendments 1, 2, and 5.

    • WE are paying our guys either way. I think it is a GREAT way to do a LOT of things that NEED doing to help our border security. It also help our military prepare and Live in hot zones, WATCH their area’s for INVADERS and more. IMO,well worth the monies spent in many ways

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