NYTimes’ Paul Krugman says all Republicans are not just bad people, they are liars, too

(National SentinelPinhead: If you’re a conservative, self-identify as a Republican, or support POTUS Donald Trump, the Left-wing media elite can’t stand you and don’t believe you contribute anything good to our country.

To the Left, if you’re a Republican and especially one who supports our current commander-in-chief, you’re a disgusting human being and anything bad that happens to you is deserved (and even desired).

One of the most repugnant of all liberal media elites, New York Times ‘economist’ and columnist Paul Krugman, typifies the Left’s attitude towards Republicans. In a recent pre-midterm election column he painted all Republicans in broad, hate-filled brush strokes, proclaiming all of us as “bad people” and liars, while at the same time holding Democrats out pillars of honesty and integrity.

“In fact, at this point the G.O.P.’s campaign message consists of nothing but lies; it’s hard to think of a single true thing Republicans are running on,” Krugman wrote, adding:

And yes, it’s a Republican problem (and it’s not just Donald Trump). Democrats aren’t saints, but they campaign mostly on real issues, and generally do, in fact, stand for more or less what they claim to stand for. Republicans don’t. And the total dishonesty of Republican electioneering should itself be a decisive political issue, because at this point it defines the  party’s character.

Republicans are lying about “almost everything,” Krugman continued, including “their agenda” which he says won’t help “the middle and working classes.”

And by default, of course, the 64-plus million American voters who support POTUS Trump and Republicans are liars and, in Hillary Clinton’s now-infamous words, “deplorables.”

First of all, here’s betting that Krugman doesn’t know hardly anyone who could be considered a “middle” or “working” class American. At a net worth of about $2.5 million, liberals like Krugman don’t hang around with those kinds of people, so he can’t possibly know how much Republican policies have or have not helped middle, working-class Americans.

Secondly, to presume that Republicans are liars in the era of the most dishonest Democratic Party in the history of the Democratic Party is beyond ludicrous.

You talk about not having an agenda. Democrats have been running on three things: Hate, political violence, and anti-Trump opposition. That’s it.

The few times they’ve mentioned “health care” as an issue they’ve generally been booed off the stage by everyone except their most diehard (or clueless) supporters. It was Obama and Democrats who make our health care system much worse after they lied repeatedly to get it passed (you can keep your doctor, you won’t lose your current plan, your premiums will go down, E.R. visits will fall, etc.). None of those promises were kept.

Meanwhile, the Democrat plan to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s character was built completely on fabricated allegations of sexual abuse, according to a just-released investigative report by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Meanwhile several of Kavanaugh’s accusers have now been referred to the Justice Department by committee chairman Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, for criminal investigation over allegations they lied to congressional investigators.

POTUS Trump, meanwhile, has kept as many of his campaign promises as were in his power to keep that he ran on in 2016. Those he hasn’t “kept” — building the border wall (though some of it is going up) and repealing Obamacare are due thanks lack of support from many retiring RINOs.

As you head to the polls in 2020 (yes, it’s two years away but…), keep in mind one thing: Republicans are not saints either, but to allow Krugman and his brand of yellow journalism to paint all of them as liars is a massive case of journalistic malpractice.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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would someone care to explain how krugman can be so willfully blind to the lefts lies, and have the audacity to call the kettle a liar, when the pot is just as bad “if not worse”???
does the right lie? yes,. does the left lie? apparently not in krugmans echo chamber of insanity!

Show me from MO
Show me from MO

Krugman essentially touting progressives and socialists. Democrats have lost their footing and have been taken over by progressives and socialists as far as the main stream of the Democratic party is going. It is essentially restraining corporations, as the Obama administration was doing with all encompassing regulations, while expanding government to regulate industry. Trump has made a good start to reversing these policies although with an uncooperative congress, including progressive Republicans who are trying to outdo the Democrats in promoting government run health care and extensive regulation of the economy, his success has been limited. As the freedom and liberty… Read more »


Has Krugman ever been right? about ANYTHING?
What a Jerk he is!

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