Red alert for the Republic: HALF of Americans just voted to destroy the country by putting socialist Democrats in charge

(National Sentinel) Self-Destruct: Many Democratic candidates for the House and Senate during the midterms campaigned as political “moderates” who were willing to ‘work with’ Republicans to get things done for the American people.

But now that voters have given Democrats control of the House again after eight years of Republican majorities, those who supported them are going to see anything but political “moderation.”

Instead, we’re going to see a Democratic Party that no longer resembles the party of FDR, Harry Truman, and JFK. We’re going to see a party that has much more in common with governments in Venezuela, China, Cuba, and the former Soviet Union.

We’re going to see much more “socialism” than we will see ‘democratic’ governance because that is the direction the party is heading, even if the over-70 crowd of elected Democrats currently ‘running things’ don’t think so.

In essence, voters who put Democrats back in charge cast ballots against their own country. They voted for candidates who espouse a political ideology — Marxist/socialist — that is 180 degrees opposite of our founding principles of individual freedom, liberty, and constitutionalism.

Newly-elected Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York is a perfect example. She ran as a “Democratic Socialist” — and she won, handily. She backs full-on government-run healthcare, “free” college, “free” housing, universal basic incomes, and other taxpayer-supported entitlements.

So does Tallahassee (Florida) Mayor Andrew Gillum. He lost his bid to become the Sunshine State’s new governor, but the fact that the race was as close as it was is an indication Americans’ attitudes about his political ideology are shifting, and in a big way. A socialist-sounding candidate could not have won a primary election just 10-15 years ago (Bernie Sanders of Vermont is an enigma and an exception), but today they’re running neck-and-neck with Republican candidates espousing law and order, constitutionalism, free markets, low taxes, pro-growth policies and individual responsibility, all attributes that made America the greatest country in the world.

Other Democratic candidates espoused the same hard-Left ideology. Rep. Robert “Beto” O’Rourke, D-Texas, did not unseat incumbent GOP Sen. Ted Cruz but again, he came much closer in red Texas than expected.

In Missouri, another bright red state, voters rejected a 10-cent-per-gallon gasoline tax that would have been phased in over several years in favor of a medical marijuana proposition, another that calls for a Democrat-inspired congressional redistricting, and a measure raising the state minimum wage to $12 an hour by 2023. No matter what you personally think about medical marijuana, remember Missouri is a red state and they traditionally have opposed such measures. The same is true for mandated minimum wages.

Leftist Democrats managed to persuade enough voters to put them in charge of the House on promises that they will “protect healthcare” (that they destroyed with Obamacare) by implementing socialized medicine. Never mind that there is no way we can afford the $32-plus trillion price tag — and that’s just over a period of 10 years. Even Bernie’s state had to scrap its plan because officials couldn’t find any way to pay for it without tanking the Vermont economy.

Free college sounds good until you run out of other people’s money to pay for it. So does free housing, free food, free child care, and free money (universal basic incomes). Nothing is ‘free.’ The money has to come from somewhere. Governments don’t make money they take money from hardworking people and businesses to finance its operations. But you can only go back to the taxpayer so many times before that becomes an economy killer too. Just ask Connecticut.

Democrats in the House won’t get much past the expanded GOP majority in the Senate or POTUS Trump’s veto pen. But make no mistake: The party is transforming into a political entity our founders would have resisted, and it’s drawing a lot of support from swooning voters who have no idea they’re destroying their own futures.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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11 Comments on "Red alert for the Republic: HALF of Americans just voted to destroy the country by putting socialist Democrats in charge"

  1. Lets be honest, outside of trump, I didnt see a whole lot of work by the republicans to keep their seats, never pushed hard for the wall, much less funded it, not a whole lot of hard campaigning by anyone not named trump. never fully repealed obamacare, barely passed a tax cut that could have been 40 times better.

    basically we got a half-brained tax cut, and some judges, with the full power of the government. on top of that i didnt see a whole lot of hard campaigning, in my state both democrats outworked the republicans easily.

    I am in no way saying democrat policies are better, they arent, but just like trump did in 2016, they outworked our side and quite frankly, it wasnt even close.

    The only thing that prevented a blue wave was the democrats screw up on kavanaugh, the republicans did next to nothing and deserved to lose.

    note to future republicans, be fighters or dont bother stepping up, youll just fail us all.

    both parties are screwed up, but at least the democrats are politically competent (barely).

    • Agree but one thing that everyone is avoiding is Trumps demeanor tee’d off a lot of suburban women and they voted Democrat. I am not saying he has to kiss their exhaust ports but he and the R Party need to pay attention to that and not loose that demographic again.

  2. R Steve Livengood | November 8, 2018 at 11:22 pm | Reply

    The future of the United States is going to be determined by those who will believe what they have heard the most… What is the saying… tell a big enough lie and say it often and it becomes the “truth?”

  3. runs lock step with the modern younger generation.. want to earn a free paycheck with little to no work involved

  4. Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

  5. You’re seeing the effects of 20 years worth of indoctrination provided by our public and private colleges.

  6. voter fraud is still a major reason they get elected .. we need to clean this up.. another thing is msm and big tech .. lies and censorship must stop…

  7. It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. In any event, fraud or no fraud, Romney was right (at least once) with his 47% statement during his campaign. When those 47% get free stuff and pay no taxes, why wouldn’t they vote for socialism? They’ve been indoctrinated in a socialist government education system. It’s what they know. To survive, this Republic needs to take socialism out of the government educational institutions.

  8. Well…let’s be honest…with the RIFE Democrat voter fraud which we all continue to tolerate…not really HALF of Americans voted for these Leftist KOOKS.

  9. The other thing that people need to think of is MONEY. George Soros and Tom Steyer poured millions of dollars into the races. They are seriously two evil socialist anti-Americans. On the whole, the Democrats running for the House outspent Republicans 900 million to 600 million. That is a whole lotta ads and propaganda that can be bought for that amount of money.

    The last thing that people need to realize is that our country has been dumbed down to the point of being stupid by socialist public education. Our children don’t know history, science, math, or English skills. Combine generations of brain-washed students k-graduate degrees with Hollyweird, and a 90% advantage of all socialism all the time in the news media, and you have a lot of hurdles for “normal” Republicans to overcome. A dumbed down population is easier to control and to fool (think propaganda and stupid left wing arguments that make no sense). The outlook is grim.

  10. Demonstrates that Americans are basically the same dupes you find in all the Western nations currently committing suicide–why shouldn’t they be? All that’s slowed them down a bit is two oceans and a constitutional amendment–the 1st–that’s allowed some critical opinion to creep through PLUS a man brash enough to publicly cut through the PC garbage and point out the horrible truth occasionally. But even some on his own side are now criticising that heroic brashness.

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