Guess who also hates Jim Acosta’s press conference antics? His colleagues, says Dana Perino

(National SentinelGrandstanding: Earlier this week CNN propagandist Jim Acosta had his White House press credentials yanked by the Trump administration after yet another rude attempt to badger POTUS Donald Trump during a post-election presser on Wednesday.

CNN whined about it, of course, and Acosta will never take any responsibility for being a jerk to the current commander-in-chief — who, by the way, gives the media much more access to him than his predecessor, the high-and-mighty Barack Obama, the most corrupt president in a century.

Overtly, the establishment press covered for Acosta, pretending that he didn’t really put hands on a White House intern who was, on the president’s instructions, trying to take away the microphone reporters use during press conferences so she could give it to the next one POTUS Trump called.

But behind the scenes, his colleagues are sick and tired of his BS grandstanding and antics, according to Fox News host and herself a former White House press for President George W. Bush.

“I do know that a lot of Jim Acosta’s colleagues are very frustrated with him,” Perino told Fox News‘ Chris Wallace after Acosta’s credentials were jerked.

“They, of course, defend his right to ask a question,” she continued, The Blaze reports, “but you know when he gets in the way of everyone being able to actually do their job and fulfill that mission, I think that’s a problem.”

Later in the segment, Perino said that bickering with the president and openly challenging him to steal the spotlight isn’t ‘journalism.’

“You know the White House press corps mission is to cover the White House, to basically chronicle the presidency, to explain the White House decision and decision-making,” she said.

“Arguing with the president doesn’t get you there, and the president’s been quite willing to take lots of questions from these reporters,” Perino noted.


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Willie William
Willie William

To bad that CNN (Clown News Network) only hires jackasses instead of real reporters to report the news.


RINO Perino’s remarks serve as a cover for an unhinged press corps. There are several other irrational and self serving trouble makers there, and not a single MSM reporter has voiced a concern. I believe that people indicate their feelings with words and actions, not silence. Perino merely gossips, and she is not an analyst, she is a PR person. The only reason she appears on these shows is that she is a reliable RINO.


Out here in flyover country our opinion of Acosta is Rhett Butlers opinion. Only Washington cares and 2/3rds of them can’t be trusted to describe water as wet.

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