Video: POTUS Trump talks Jim Acosta and what he’ll do if he ‘misbehaves’ during press conferences

(National Sentinel‘No Big Deal’: POTUS Donald Trump is the most media-accessible president in years, but one correspondent for CNN could change all of that if he gets out of line again.

On Friday a federal judge issued a narrow ruling ordering the White House to return Jim Acosta’s “hard pass” so that he can once again begin attending White House press conferences after the Trump administration revoked it earlier this month.

The court ruled that the administration violated Acosta’s Fifth Amendment due process rights but never addressed CNN‘s First Amendment claims.

As such, the administration revealed later Friday that it would craft rules for White House correspondents to follow from here on out, which would seem to satisfy the due process requirement.

Afterward, POTUS Trump addressed the court’s decision and the fact that Acosta’s hard pass had to be returned (Note: Acosta was never completely barred from White House grounds because he could still apply for and possibly receive a daily pass, The Blaze notes).

“Yeah, it’s fine. I mean it’s not a big deal. What they said though is that we have to create rules and regulations for conduct et cetera, et cetera,” Trump said.

“We’re doing that, we’re going to write them up right now,” the president added. “It’s not a big deal, and if he misbehaves we’ll throw him out or we’ll stop the news conference.”

The rules will apply to everyone, however:

We’ll have rules of decorum you know you can’t keep asking questions. We had a lot of reporters in that room, many many reporters in that room and they were unable to ask questions because this guy gets up and starts you know doing what he’s supposed to be doing for him and for CNN and you know just shouting out questions and making statements, too.

But I will say this: Look, nobody believes in the First Amendment more than I do and if I think somebody is acting out of sorts I will leave I will say thank you very much, everybody, I appreciate you coming and I’ll leave. And those reporters will not be too friendly to whoever it is that’s acting up.


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Exactly, cause this is just how they do it in the army ; you get his peers to denounce his behavior and punish him for it, not the POTUS.


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