Why are Republicans relentlessly pursued and indicted over non-crimes while Democrats go free for TREASON?

(National SentinelInjustice: No doubt Democrats are privately giggling over the sentencing this past week of former U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, a Texas Republican who, for all the world, appears like he was railroaded by overzealous federal prosecutors.

As reported by Rachel Alexander at TownHall, a federal court ordered Stockman to serve 10 years in prison over nefarious charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering. Alexander, the editor of the Intellectual Conservative and herself an attorney, noted that when prosecutors don’t really have evidence of a substantive crime, “they use those vague but scary sounding charges” like fraud.

But the court and the prosecutors weren’t through. In addition to serving time, Stockman was also ordered to pay more than $1 million in restitution, a sum that is to be divided between him and a pair of co-defendants. 

What were the former Texas lawmaker’s massive crimes against the people? What did he do? He served as the go-between for two donors making four donations that totaled $915,000 to two non-profit organizations that he was associated with.

Crime! Crime!

One non-profit spent a portion of the donation on a campaign mailer that highlighted differences between Stockman and his opponent. The organization is a (c)4 for tax purposes and its objective is to educate the electorate. The mailer did not specifically endorse Stockman nor did it instruct voters how to cast their ballot, and as such did not violate any known campaign finance laws. In addition, the donors had no problems with how their contributions were used, “which was mostly for youth education,” Alexander noted.

Despite the fact that Stockman had been around politics for years and very likely knew what the rules say, prosecutors claimed that the transactions constituted fraud. They further claimed that the former congressman stole some charitable contributions and then used them to pay personal expenses, Alexander noted.

“The truth is,” she explained, “he never benefited personally but took some pay before he ran for office. He was a fundraiser for the nonprofits before he was in office. The nonprofit merely chose to spend some of the money later on a campaign mailer. Stockman’s charitable efforts were ignored.”

In addition, she wrote, Stockman was also recognized for hiring handicapped employees including people who were deaf, blind, or mentally challenged. He got an award for those efforts from Gallaudet University, the first institution of higher learning for the deaf.

The money-laundering allegations stemmed from the fact that financial firm Wells Fargo opened a new savings account on his behalf, but that was tied to a very well-known scandal in which the company opened millions of fraudulent savings and checking accounts on behalf of clients without their permission. The company wound up settling with a fine of $185 million.

Unjust? You bet. Alexander explains further that the charges were so weak it took four grand juries before one finally indicted Stockman. She also noted a key witness in the case explained that Stockman is completely innocent.

What’s his real crime? Being a conservative and a whistleblower — two things the Deep State loathes. So now Stockman is a political prisoner and will remain one unless or until POTUS Donald Trump is made aware of this gross injustice and pardons him.

What makes Stockman’s case doubly galling is the fact that while he is prosecuted and jailed for ridiculous charges that Alexander says normally amount to about 13 months behind bars, key Democrats have been allowed to traffic in classified material (Hillary Clinton); lie to Congress (James Comey); illegally leak information to the press (Comey/Rep. Adam Schiff/Andrew McCabe); and help exonerate an obviously guilty suspect (Peter Strzok/Lisa Page). 

The president can only drain the swamp so much as the nation’s highest elected official, but the Justice Department works for the Executive Branch that POTUS runs. It’s high time to go after criminals wherever they are found, no matter their political affiliation.

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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James Carpenter
James Carpenter

Because the Swamp is wide, deep and still has the power.
To prosecute/persecute its enemies.
And protect its members.

Next question?


To divert attention away from the real criminals.

Watching from Miissouri
Watching from Miissouri

Hopefully, the case will be reviewed by a higher court and perhaps some error in prosecution or sentencing be discovered. It does seem unjust from the story. Probably a prosecutor making a name for himself. I’m not sure about the four different grand juries. That would seem to be a form of double jeopardy, although a grand jury is not really a trial but it might figure in, and if a prosecutor keeps bringing up the case, probably eventually he will be able empanel a grand jury which will refer the case on for prosecution. I’m not sure there is… Read more »


meanwhile and the clinton slush fund foundation, business as usual aside from hillary stashing $5 billion dollars in Qatar from the clinton slush fund foundation and we’re supposed to forget about the billions bill and hillary stole from Haiti, and hillary selling 20% of US uranium and bills largest ever fee for a speech after the deal was closed on the uranium deal.. hillarys secret private server so her crimes wouldn’t be documented by an .gov email address, or that she destroyed evidence, withheld all evidence against her that was supposed to be turned over, the missing 33K emails, weiners… Read more »

dave Jensen
dave Jensen

The Republicans have always been sissies until Trump arrived. Some of them are showing a little fight but we need a lot more. Rip the democoms living guts out and let a pack of dog feast on them.,

mike croft

Where is Mr Huber???????????????????????????????

Whisperin Pints

That is why Feinstein’s and Harris’ request to “make a deal” with Repubs on lower and appeals courts appointments, should be dismissed out of hand. Dems have a warped, self-serving concept of justice and our legal system as a whole.

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