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Mexican officials confirm DHS report that criminals ARE part of migrant caravan

(National SentinelRevealed: Democrats and their propagandists in the ‘establishment media’ have adopted a default response to anything POTUS Donald Trump and members of his government say: Deny it, call them liars, and issue a counter-narrative.

That’s the way the Left has responded to the Trump administration’s claims that criminals have infiltrated the various migrant caravans that have either arrived at our southwest border or are close to arriving.

The Department of Homeland Security has said for some time now that criminal elements and gang bangers have infiltrated these caravans, and just as regularly, the Left has denied that, claiming that all migrants are harmless, impoverished people simply looking for a better life.

Now, however, Mexican officials are confirming DHS’ initial claims that criminals are indeed embedded in the caravans.

The Washington Examiner notes:

Mexico’s ambassador to Washington has said that “there are people that have criminal backgrounds” in the migrant caravan, lending weight to President Trump’s assertion that it presents a threat to the United States.

Geronimo Gutierrez told the Washington Examiner that while there were criminal elements in the caravan, he could not put a number on how many there might be. A Department of Homeland Security official reportedly said on Monday the department estimates that there are more than 500 criminals traveling in the caravan heading toward the U.S.

When asked about the specific number, Gutierrez said, “What I can tell you is that we, you know, work together very closely with the United States through different mechanisms to look at people that are moving through our region and I think that’s positive because it allows us to identify individuals that might have a criminal background.”

“I think that those numbers, precisely, were, I don’t know exactly where those numbers are coming from but I do know we have strong cooperation with the United States to identify people that have criminal records that are coming into our region, and that just makes sense, and that’s an example of the good cooperation that Mexico and the United States have,” he noted further.

Gutierrez said he was “skeptical” of the number itself, but it isn’t as though DHS is simply pulling numbers out of a hat.

As we reported earlier this week, Homeland Security has paid informants inside the caravans and is getting human intelligence daily about them. Also, DHS is monitoring migrants’ social media and text messaging.

Either way, the president has a responsibility to protect and defend the country, and that starts at our borders. Anyone who is critical of that has a political agenda or is an enemy of the state.

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8 Comments on Mexican officials confirm DHS report that criminals ARE part of migrant caravan

  1. LOL! We don’t need Mexico to tell us that gangsters and terrorists will sneak in with the (ostensible) “refugees!” Common sense and the law of averages tells you that…though there are more criminals than random chance would explain…

  2. The reason the left and the establishment both threaten to go ballistic over a sealed border is because it is an end game move. A Check Point Charlie type of sealed border, or Check Point Carlos, if you prefer, becomes check mate as billions of dollars begin to be lost on day one.

    Imagine: all hell breaking loose in Washington, in the media, and across the country. Game on. The wall must be funded. The laws have to be changed and Mexico must begin to control it’s side of the border. Otherwise, the President just stands pat. Judicial actions are ignored until bipartisan accommodations are reached.

    The President commands the army. This invasion constitutes a imminent threat. He can publicly document Venezuelan and Cuban intentions and efforts to destabilize the border along with their agents organizing the caravan for the express purpose of threatening and weakening US Sovereignty. These caravans are overt acts of foreign aggression. It’s all there ready to be presented to the American public. The President simply has to kick over the apple cart, which he has been quite understandably reluctant to do. That reluctance has been a mistake. It is now abundantly clear to everyone on both sides what the game really is and where the opposition intends to take it. The mid terms are over.

    The President simply has to make his case to the American people. His job one is to protect America. The people will support that. The left, Democrats, the judiciary and the entire globalist establishment can step up to the line on which ever side they choose. He wins big.

  3. Anyone with more than three working brain cells has known from the beginning that a large part of these illegal alien invaders are criminals.

  4. I agree with the Mexican officials and the DHS — there are criminals within the illegal horde threatening to breach our nation’s southern border — but the most worrisome criminals involved with the illegal caravan are Soros and his anti-sovereign cabal thugs who have orchestrated this farce and are funding it. They are the worst criminals and terrorists we face. They are determined to gain control of the planet, and they are evil.

  5. So Meheeeeco doesn’t like the invasion? Yeah welcome to our world, ya’ll have infested our country with your chusma and have totally changed the demographic and not for the better. Puto’s!!

  6. The Democrat Party is a party of utter lawlessness, whether it be in promoting the invasion of our country by unprocessed migrants (please recall that there was a process to Ellis Island and other points of entry (San Francisco) established a LONG, LONG TIME AGO, or whether it be allowing NO PROCESS to prevail when it comes to VOTING, or when it comes to PROPER POLICE ACTION in protecting our US CITIZENS from crime.


  7. David Burgess // November 24, 2018 at 10:07 am // Reply

    If the Mexican’s verify this, why don’t they weed them out instead of letting them continue?

  8. Both parties have their reasons for an open border, however the one that hurts them the most is it will slow/stop the flow of drugs into the USA. The Clintons are highly invested in drug running, just ask the good people in Arkansas. All of a sudden it becomes less profitable because now they have to pay more to bribe their way in.

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