The LEFT is killing the West with mass migration policies aimed at destroying cultures

(National SentinelDemographic Shift: Astute observers have noted for years that Western culture is in danger of becoming extinct as liberal leaders have steadily pursued and adopted policies that are not conducive to self-preservation.

Aided and abetted by the entertainment industry, academia, and extreme Leftist ideology, European and North American countries are experiencing declining birth rates even as their nations are becoming inundated with people who do not share their societal, religious, or cultural values and who have no intention of assimilating. 

The birth rates are declining because attitudes about rearing children have changed in response to Leftist societal influences that favor self-centeredness and self-achievement. Demographics are changing because Leftist leaders averse to perpetuating traditional values and mores they don’t agree with are, with their policies, inviting hordes of mostly poor, destitute migrants into their countries, often in selfish pursuit of building or expanding their power base.

These types of policies are contributing to national cultural suicide throughout the West, but the condition is far more advanced in Europe.

As noted by Paul Craig Roberts, who served briefly as the United States Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy under President Reagan, the European Left has destroyed the traditional concept of “patriotism” and replaced it with something outright sinister. No longer does the term translate into love of country and the desire to put one’s own country’s interests above all others. Today, the European Left equates the term with a near-lethal form of “nationalism” and ‘white supremacy’ of the kind demonstrated by Nazi Germany’s Adolph Hitler and Fascist Italy’s Benito Mussolini. 

“Throughout Europe the word ‘patriot’ now designates a person who supports the destruction of their country’s ethnicity by non-white immigration. The meaning of patriot in the old senses now means ‘nationalism,’ ‘far-right’ and ‘white supremacy,’” he wrote.

He notes further:

The reigning view today is that people of European descent are so evil that they must be replaced by people of color. The traitorous leaders of Western countries are working to bring this about. It is the main goal of the EU and the U.S. Democratic Party, which is now the political party of Identity Politics, a doctrine of hate that preaches that only people of European descent are guilty. And, except for Hungary, the haters of white people are succeeding throughout the Western world. U.K. Prime Minister May sold out the British people by pretending to exit the EU while in fact subjecting the British people to EU dominance.

Germany is rapidly becoming largely non-German. Under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, Germany has led EU members in granting asylum to second- and third-world migrants from North Africa and the Middle East, the vast majority of whom are Muslim and do not share Western cultural, religious, or societal values — and aren’t going to start accepting or sharing them anytime soon. Germany was followed by Italy, France, and Greece.

In terms of sheer numbers, Greece and Italy have taken in the most migrants and refugees, with numbers peaking in 2015.

“What remains of German DNA will now be watered down by the mass invasion of Germany, with the German government’s support, by Islamic peoples from the Middle East and Northern Africa. These ‘refugees’ are the product of Washington’s wars supported by Merkel, who obviously hates Germany,” Roberts writes.

Whether it is a conspiracy or not, European culture is steadily being erased, he notes further. And the same seems to be happening in the U.S., as the Left increasingly pushes the notion that majority whites are the problem — especially POTUS Trump “deplorables.”

In his 2002 book, “Death of the West,” Patrick J. Buchanan noted:

“As a growing population has long been the mark of healthy nations and rising civilizations, falling populations have been a sign of civilizations in decline. If that holds true, Western civilization, power and wealth aside, is in critical condition.”

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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12 Comments on "The LEFT is killing the West with mass migration policies aimed at destroying cultures"

  1. James Carpenter | November 23, 2018 at 11:00 am | Reply

    As history is written by the “victors”, can you imagine what will be made of the decades surrounding us now?

  2. The Washington Times has now demonstrated that it engages in shadow banning and censorship. It is no more committed to the open and free exchange of ideas than Google, or Facebook, Apple and, or the slew of other totalitarian, social media sites such as Twitter and U-tube. It has shadow banned me, meaning I am allowed to post remarks, but then they are removed from the site as soon as I leave and no one is ever allowed to see them. Voices are effectively black listed, shut out and removed from the public space.

    Those who are shadow banned are never notified, much less given any reason. If it is an offensive post that is at issue, as per some editorial policy, or judgment, why wouldn’t that post be removed and the poster notified of whatever the transgression might thought to be? That would not only be informative, educational as it were, but allow for future moderation and modification by the poster.

    No, the policy intent, one is only left to concur is much darker and sinister. These voices controlling the public space and air waves are not at all committed to any free and open exchange of ideas and opinions as in a free, open forum befitting any democratic society. Rather, they are about shaping and controlling public opinion and we are only allowed to be participants as predestined characters in some 1984, Orwellian novel.

    These are not the legitimate prerogatives of any private, independent business. These businesses and technologies are demonstrating the need for regulation and deconstruction. One can only imagine the transgressions upon our liberty, freedom of speech and democracy once A.I. and Big Data hit their stride. Precedents abound from 20th/c robber barons forward. This is simply far too much power, in far too few hands. It can not be accommodated in a free, open and democratic society. It quite clearly demands constraint in an Information Age of Block Chain technology.

    And yes, the west is being strangled to suit the business goals of globalists.

  3. Pour dirty water into clen water… wht coul go wrong ?

    • That’s why the Wash Times changed their comments from Disqus to the weird, non-Descript thing they use now.

  4. Examples please. You can make statements but you need to back them up with facts. If not you are no better than the shadow banners.

    • You need examples of the west destroying its own cultures, otherwise the author is as bad as the censors?

      • Sweden is the rape capital of Europe because of the massive open borders unvetted immigration of third world immigrants from the middle east. These Muslims have very different attitudes towards women from the way western civilization views women. All of Europe suffers from this scourge. You can look at the statistics for rapes in Sweden from the below UN study your self. Europe and the West is being sent back to Medieval Times because of open borders immigration policies.

        “Rape at the national level, number of police-recorded offences”. UNODC. 2013. Retrieved 10 June 2014.

        See below an example of how leniently European countries treat sexual crimes against women when committed by Muslims.
        France: Another ‘refugee’ acquitted of rape ‘as he has different cultural norms’ – His female high school victim attempted suicide
        November 22, 2018

  5. All part of immigration jihad.

  6. It requires an especially evil person to destroy their own nation and culture.

  7. What the people do not realise is the ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel after they have destroyed Christianity and the western values . This is a planned invasion of the West and the supporters of Israel .

  8. This Open Borders, cultural obliteration insanity is the work of the New World Order — They are striving for world domination that will position them—the elitist dictators—at the top of the NWO Marxist society, living in luxury, of course, while we, the enslaved workers, are kept at the bottom of their social order, fighting robots for jobs, with full-blown censorship controlling all forms of communication, and their choice of religion will be Islamist Sharia Law because it is oppressive and will help the elites to control the vast global population. This is no joke. This nightmare for humanity is what Soros, Hillary, Lynn Rothschild, Angela Merkel, Sweden, and all the leftist politicians are longing for, and Trump is fighting to stop.

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