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‘Tis the season: ‘Civil rights’ group demands removal of Christian display in Michigan town

(National SentinelUncivil: Another Christmas season, another angry group of Leftists who are trying to ruin it for a majority of fellow citizens.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists last week demanded the removal of a Christmas display featuring the Three Wise Men and a star because they claim it violates the so-called ‘separation of church and state’ clause in the Constitution.

The association has been involved in similar state cases in the past, station WZZM-TV reported.

Rather than simply allow the vast majority of residents of Newaygo, Mich., to enjoy their display, which has been a feature of the Christmas season for four decades, the MACRA is claiming that it is so offensive and illegal that it must be taken down.

More than 2,000 residents have reportedly signed an online petition to keep the display in place, reports noted.

“Here it’s a tradition,” noted Stacie Johnson, one of the residents participating in Friday night’s Christmas walk, the TV station reported. “You can see it coming from White Cloud.”

“Majority are saying leave it alone,” said Johnson.

MACRA officials say it is a clear violation of the separation of church and state because it has been placed on a public school rooftop.

“It clearly conveys the message of the Christian nativity,” MACRA’s Mitch Kahle told the news outlet.

He claimed that his organization after receiving a complaint.

“We were approached by a complainant from the area,” Kahle told the TV station.

The station said that the school district is working with school officials to issue a response.

“And they have promised to get back to us by Dec. 7,” Kahle said. “You have a public school that’s promoting the story of the Christian Nativity and that’s not permitted under the Constitution.”

Actually, it is. The First Amendment’s religious expression clause doesn’t contain any observance limitations such as ‘public school buildings,’ regardless of how federal courts have ruled on the issue (remember — the Supreme Court once upheld the ‘legality’ of slavery).

Not only that, the First Amendment prohibits governments from mandating a certain religion; putting up a Christian display during an observed, recognized religious holiday isn’t mandating that anyone become a believer/follower of the Christian religion.

And what about the rights of residents who want the display kept up?

In any event, the locals in Newaygo have a Plan B. If a court forces the removal of the Three Wise Men display, it will likely be moved to a nearby hilltop, which is on private property.

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8 Comments on ‘Tis the season: ‘Civil rights’ group demands removal of Christian display in Michigan town

  1. Deborah Runnels Bailey // December 2, 2018 at 10:57 am // Reply

    Just move it to the hill. Give the haters and atheists some peace this Christmas season.

  2. john bentley // December 2, 2018 at 10:59 am // Reply

    It is the civil right of Christians to celebrate Christmas.

  3. Seems like Sharia Law is kicking in. Funny thing is that the display features the three wise men on camels, who out of great WISDOM, sought the Christ child and offered gifts and protection to the parents.

  4. USJoeFreedom // December 2, 2018 at 11:22 am // Reply

    Bit by bit, evil by evil, atheist are destroying the nation and every single good value.

  5. So WHERE in the Constitution does is say there is to be a separation of church & state?
    That is a bigger myth than Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny combined.

    BTW, any community where these knuckleheads start shrieking their anti-Christian bigotry, boycott all the local businesses, especially during Christmas shopping time. Never do business with Freemasons and other anti-Christian businesses.

  6. Leave the non-moslems alone and focus on mass repatriation of moslems back to the deserts of the middle east.

  7. As an atheist, I have no complaints about Christmas celebrations, in fact I find Christmas celebrations totally enjoyable despite the myths behind it. What I do resent is those who follow the Islamic death cult and their followers, particularly Antifa, deliberately trying to spoil any and all jollifications. Instead of putting so much effort trying to ruin it for Christmas celebrants, why not go out and help (say) the homeless or destitute who have neither food to eat nor warm clothes to wear.

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