ICE tells New Jersey AG to stick it after new ‘sanctuary state’ rules adopted: ‘We’ll conduct MORE raids!’

(National SentinelLawlessness: New Jersey’s attorney general has earned the ire of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) after announcing his state would essentially follow California’s statewide “sanctuary” policies to harbor illegal aliens.

Last week, the new “Immigrant Trust Directive” was announced Thursday by Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal said, according to WCAU. The initiative was necessary, Grewal claims, because illegal immigrants will ‘stay in the shadows’ and fail to report crimes if they fear being deported (which they should because again, they’re in America illegally).

In criticizing POTUS Donald Trump’s duty to enforce all laws, including immigration laws, Grewel said the president’s efforts have “cultivated a culture of fear” which is pushing “most vulnerable residents deeper into the shadows.”

And because of that, don’t you know, there is a lot of crime going unreported to authorities.

“We know from experience that individuals are far less likely to report a crime to the local police if they fear that the responding officer will turn them over to federal immigration authorities,” he said.

The new rules form “a bright line” between federal immigration officials and local police, Grewal said, according to

“With this directive, we hope to draw immigrants out of the shadows and into our communities. We hope to create an environment where residents feel safe around our officers, whether they’re reporting a crime or simply striking up a conversation,” the AG said.

“No law-abiding resident of this great state should live in fear that a routine traffic stop by local police will result in his or her deportation from this country,” Grewal said.

First of all, if there is so much crime within the illegal immigrant community, that is a problem in and of itself. Secondly, Grewal makes it sound as though only illegal immigrants are capable of reporting crimes in his state.

Whatever. ICE isn't having any of it. As reported by NBC News Philadelphia, officials said the agency would simply conduct more raids in New Jersey -- and there isn't a thing state officials can do about it.

"The probability is that at-large arrests and worksite enforcement operations, which already exist, will likely increase due to the fact that ICE ERO will no longer have the cooperation of the jails related to immigration enforcement," ICE spokesman Emilio Dabul, of the Newark office, said in an email.

ICE's highest priority, Dabul continued, "is public safety and enforcing immigration laws, we must pursue that to the best extent possible, which will likely involve more at large arrests and worksite enforcement operations."

The Pew Research Center has estimated that New Jersey has about 500,000 illegal aliens living in the state, one of the highest of all U.S. states.

This all comes on the heels of the release of Luis Perez from the Middlesex County jail; he's now suspected of allegedly killing three people in a Missouri shooting spree.

ICE filed a detainer request with the Middlesex County jail and asked the agency be notified before Perez was released, but jail officials refused.

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4 Comments on "ICE tells New Jersey AG to stick it after new ‘sanctuary state’ rules adopted: ‘We’ll conduct MORE raids!’"

  1. To any ICE officer reading this. Thank you for then job you do!! In spite of the lack of thanks and support you get from the Left, there are millions of us who appreciate every one of you.

  2. Easy fix; charge Middlesex County Jail officials as accessories to manslaughter in Federal Court.

  3. Personally, I think the federal government should withdraw all support to any state that refuses to follow the law. Begin by arresting without bail or bond, the officials that are abetting the illegal activities like the AG, mayors, DA and Jail officials, see if they enjoy being in federal custody. The liberal courts will off course and cry about it but by the time it gets to the Supreme count those officials will have learned a few things in prison.

    To ICE, Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your efforts to reduce the crime and scum in our country.

  4. Why would the citizens in NJ want their elected officials using their hard-earned tax dollars to protect and advocate for people who don’t contribute to said taxes? And are here illegally? Especially since NJ is MS-13 GROUND ZERO.

    I’d sure want MY tax dollars to be spent in advocacy of a better life for me and my fellow citizens. But…I guess you can’t figure out the mind of the Leftists. I mean, the grifters in government are an open book. It’s all about money and reelection. I can’t figure out how the average citizen can vote Democrat and think they’re being represented.

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