Ingraham: ‘The Confederacy happened’ and ‘we OWE it to the future’ to remember ALL U.S. history

(National SentinelMemory Hole: To America’s young Leftists, there is nothing more offensive in this world than the United States — including a particular time in our history when the entire country was not united under one banner.

Slavery is America’s “original sin,” and despite the fact that our country fought a deadly and devastating Civil War to eradicate it, and then passed a series of constitutional amendments and civil rights laws to make amends for it, the American Left, and particularly young Leftists on college campuses, cannot seem to move past it.

Instead, they seek to memory hole the entire issue of slavery and the Confederacy, the latter of which was a real country for a time and whose heroes have been memorialized in statues and monuments throughout the South.

Since 2015 more than 100 Confederacy-related statues and memorials have been destroyed or taken down. And the issue flared again Monday on the campus of the University of North Carolina after Leftist students refused to accept a compromise involving the “Silent Sam” statue, which honors UNC students who fought for the Confederacy.

Fox News host Laura Ingraham defended the university’s compromise — moving the statue to a newly constructed $5 million building on the outskirts of the south side of campus, where it could be properly contextualized. But Leftist students, who tore down the Silent Sam statue in August, weren’t satisfied.

“There’s a movement, particularly among the young, to hate the past and eradicate anything they find objectionable or troubling,” Ingraham said. “The Confederacy happened. And we owe it to the future to leave history as it existed undisturbed.

“Continue to debate it. Have conversations about it. But why not allow future generations the opportunity to mark this history, process it and come to their own conclusions?” Ingraham asked. “Put up another statue commemorating the slaves who were abused and killed adjacent to Silent Sam.”

“But to destroy instead of engage, to defy the law instead of respect it, is no way to honor the past or the future or to highlight all the gains America has made,” Ingraham added, noting that a 2015 state law prohibits the permanent removal of state-owned memorials or statues without express permission.

Ingraham had a pair of UNC students on her program to discuss the issue. Alana Edwards, president of UNC Young Democrats, said she is a “proud southerner” who is opposed to having the statue anywhere on campus. She sees it as “as destructive and a symbol of a different era entirely.”

But Magdalene Horzempa, who supports having the statue on campus, said the “minority” of loud liberal students should not be able to dictate school policy for “the majority.”

“I feel that only placing the monument on the south side of campus in a building allows UNC administration to ignore the problem that’s going on [now] on campus, and that’s liberal students feeling that they can run the university … trying to encompass and overthrow the opinions of the majority and only allow the public to see the vocal minority that’s taking place,” she told Ingraham, adding that “mob rule” isn’t the way to go.

“And for these students to feel that it was OK to take this statue down in the very beginning in August was — that’s absolutely not OK,” Horzempa added.

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6 Comments on "Ingraham: ‘The Confederacy happened’ and ‘we OWE it to the future’ to remember ALL U.S. history"

  1. Christopher McElree | December 5, 2018 at 11:42 am | Reply

    People who waged war to preserve the institution of slavery should not be celebrated in the public sphere. It’s the celebration that is problematic. Is it fair to liken Robert E. Lee to a Nazi general? Not in my mind. But how are our Black friends and neighbors supposed to feel about our honoring the Confederacy and its ‘heroes’ with big monuments in our public squares? Statues of Confederate soldiers belong in museums. This is not a complicated issue.

    • Rest assured when all the ones in public are gone the ones in museums will be the next targets

    • the South didn’t wage war to preserve slavery moron, we were forced into war over MOSTLY TARIFFS that started back in the 1820’s and where we were paying 50% in tariffs before we could ship our goods.
      plus we were also fighting FOR STATES RIGHTS.

    • It is a “complicated issue” if you believe the Civil War was about slavery. The ignorance that surround the war is appalling, unless it isn’t ignorance at all but historical revisionism or worse outright deceit. But the victors always write the history books right? Like most conflicts the seeds of war often involve economic issues, it is no different with this war. The North, to fund the Industrial Revolution, increased tariffs on cotton from the Southern states. And as we all know – unless you are a leftist – if you increase the tax on anything less of it is purchased. This was the seed of conflict. Lincoln, to his credit, wrapped himself and the cause of the North in slavery to stir outrage and legitimize the cause of the North. What New England farm boy would go to war and die to defend rich investors? By repeating the false premise of the war’s cause you end up siding with those – THE RICH – that you claim to despise.

  2. Funny but No One equates the slavery fight with the most disgusting form of Voter Fraud Ever, pitiful minds in this country.

  3. The Civil War was NOT fought to eradicate slavery. It was waged by Lincoln to attain perpetual Unionism.

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