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Former FBI special agent outs Mueller and McCabe over their “unethical” tactics used against Michael Flynn

(National SentinelCorrupt: A federal court is scheduled to sentence former national security advisor and three-star Army general Michael Flynn after he pleaded guilty to ‘lying’ to FBI agents regarding a conversation he had with Russia’s ambassador to the United States in the weeks leading up to POTUS Donald Trump’s January 2017 inauguration. 

But ahead of Tuesday’s sentencing, it has become patently obvious that Flynn was targeted by a Deep State dead set on taking down a duly elected president that the Washington establishment has never “approved of.”

That’s not just an opinion being offered by partisan supporters of the president. A former FBI special agent has not only petitioned the federal court overseeing Flynn’s case in support of the onetime DIA director, but she has also described to Judge Emmett Sullivan how the tactics of special counsel Robert Mueller and fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe were “unethical.”

In a letter to the court — republished by request at the website of investigative reporter Sara A. Carter — Robyn Gritz, who is now a  Senior Information Security Metrics and Reporting Analyst with Discover Financial Services in the Chicago Metro area — noted that she met Flynn in 2005 while she was serving in the Counterterrorism Division (CTD) at FBI Headquarters.

She further noted that she also met Andrew McCabe, then a supervisory special agent, at about the same time after he reported to the same office where she worked.

“I have known both men for 12-13 years and worked directly with both throughout my career. They are on the opposite spectrum of each other with regard to truthfulness, temperament, and ethics, both professionally and personally,” she wrote in a direct indictment of McCabe.

During her 16 years with the FBI, Gritz wrote that she “personally witnessed and reported unethical & sometimes illegal tactics used to coerce targets of investigations externally and internally” involving McCabe specifically, who later, she says, was behind disciplinary action directed against her, she believes, by McCabe as retaliation that eventually led to a reprimand and her resignation.

She also identified special counsel Robert Mueller, a former FBI director, as someone with similar ethical ‘shortcomings’ as McCabe. And she wrote that she believes Flynn’s confession was coerced by Mueller’s team after he was specifically targeted by McCabe as part of the effort to undermine the incoming Trump administration:

Thomas Fitton of Judicial Watch commented to me that the “Process is the punishment.” This is the most accurate description I have heard regarding the time Mike has gone through with this process and the year and a half I was ostracized and idled before I resigned. This process is one which many FBI employees, current, retired and former, feel was brought to the FBI by Mueller and he subsequently brought this to the Special Prosecutor investigation.

“I am explaining this because numerous Agents have expressed the need for you to know McCabe’s and Mueller’s pattern of ‘target and destroy’ has been utilized on many others, without regard for policies and laws,” she wrote.

Last week, fired FBI Director James Comey admitted to an NBC News reporter he violated department protocols and standard operating procedure when he sent two agents — one of whom was Peter Strzok — on an ‘ambush’ interview of Flynn. It was this interview in which Flynn was asked about his conversation with a Russian diplomat in December 2016 that Mueller would use to extract a guilty plea of lying to FBI agents.

Gritz believes that confession was coerced by Mueller after Flynn was set up by McCabe and Comey. And she wants Judge Sullivan to know it.

On Tuesday, Sullivan — after first chastising Flynn and intimating he was a traitor to his country before apologizing for that statement — has delayed the former Army general’s sentencing until March, ostensibly to give him time to consider his options. — J. D. Heyes

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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Brave woman. Too bad she is trying to communicate with corrupt cowards.

Kevin Cowlishaw
Kevin Cowlishaw

It appears the judge is going to sentence Flynn not on the so-called lying charge but how he perceives Flynn as a traitor. Pick the difference between this judge and Mueller.

Don McCoy
Don McCoy

Uh oh…this could be trouble for Mueller and McCabe! ROFLMAO! KIDDING! Just kidding. Nothing will happen to them unless they switch parties!

Half Moon
Half Moon

Mueller is on his knees with spong and bucket trying to clean up the blood, that he and his pack of boys are responsible for. Want to find Collusion ? Just open up that Hillary server! You know, the lady that paid for the fake Dossier ! Remember her ! These people are cooking up their own destruction.


Flynn has no choice. Mueller released indictments of Flynn’s friends on Monday, as a message. If Flynn withdraws his plea, Mueller said that he will request prison time. And, of course, he will prosecute Flynn’s son.

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