Victor Davis Hanson: ‘We are seeing a soft coup’ against POTUS Trump

(National SentinelFlynn Chaos: Author and historian Victor Davis Hanson joined Fox News‘ Tucker Carlson Tuesday night to discuss the case surrounding former national security adviser Michael Flynn and the court chaos that ensued during his sentencing hearing earlier in the day.

Hanson talked about the fantastical stories surrounding POTUS Donald Trump’s administration and the president himself that the Left is constructing because they are still unable to accept the results of the 2016 election.

Davis said what Americans are seeing is a “soft coup” against the president.

“This [special counsel Robert] Mueller investigation that we have is not in isolation. We had, remember, from the day Trump was elected we were told the election machines were flawed, we were going to sue,” he said.

“And then there was a group, remember we were told about the Electoral College, and we were told we had to overturn the electors. And then we went to the 25th Amendment that Trump was unbalanced,” Hanson continued.

“And that didn’t work. And then we went to the emoluments clause, he profited even though his businesses had lost a billion dollars. And then we’ve gone to Mueller. And so there’s a slow motion if you will, I don’t want to be too psychodramatic like MSNBC gets. But there is sort of a slow-motion coup to overturn the elections,” he concluded.


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20 Comments on "Victor Davis Hanson: ‘We are seeing a soft coup’ against POTUS Trump"

  1. Daniel Staggers | December 19, 2018 at 8:09 am | Reply


  2. “Davis said what Americans are seeing is a “soft coup” against the president.”

    WOW! Can’t fool Davis! Welcome to the party, my friend. The rest of us have been struggling with this realization for the past 2 years.

    The real challenge is doing something (ANYTHING) to STOP the insurrection.

    • The real challenge has been trying to get the President to do anything. He does control the army. It is his Justice Department. He is in charge of the IRS and the FBI, intel agencies. He can release the FISA docs without any redaction. He can shut down the border completely until congress does act.

      Why did we elect him, if he is just going to lay on the ropes and be on the “Take.”

      • He isn’t on the Take. Far from it. He doesn’t accept a salary, and if you’ve read the article you get the word his businesses (adding all together) have had a net loss of a billion dollars. He is willing to lose that money to try and help the American people.

        It is snarks like yerself, as well as the GOPe, Demented DimoKrats and others on the Left, who do and say what they can, even out of whole cloth, to try and get voters to leave Trump. He is our only hope to keep the America we’ve know, strong and present.

      • the DOJ may be in the executive branch, but they mirror the lefts agenda. especially a handful of activist judge……………..

  3. There is nothing soft about this communist takeover of a legally elected government.

    • Right, so why is the chief law enforcement officer allowing it to continue. And don’t bother to inform me about a hostile congress and the media. To coin a phrase, what the hell does he have to lose?

  4. Acoustic Conservative | December 19, 2018 at 10:36 am | Reply

    Leftists have upped their game to bring the President to a standstill. Here’s hoping he gets the wall built, and keeps working against these people.


  5. Not exactly a “soft coup” Davis…It is an all out “hard coup” coming from every direction. Even Republicans, anti-trumpers, Rhino’s , GOP elitists…Republicans held both houses and NOTHING got done…wouldn’t repeal Obamacare, fund the border security and wall…sanctuary states arise as well as cities. CONGRESS sat back and did NOTHING. Everyday, 90% of the media, attacking, attacking, Trump and his family. Soros and his cronies own the media, Soros organizations funded to attack, including anti-fa. Don’t know where you have been Davis, but this has been going prior to inauguration. Clinton can pay for and concoct a fake dossier that gets FISA warrants to spy on Trump and his campaign but elected Pres. Trump’s transition team communications with other leaders of other countries are deemed collusion? Obama was communicating with other leaders of countries prior to his even winning the election. Politicized DOJ, FBI, CIA, long before Trump won the election. Obama puppets doing his bidding and in turn Obama, doing Soros/NWO bidding. Do your homework before you start spouting off in an interview. You are way behind the times.

    • I sense and empathize with your frustration, but Davis is on our side and always has been. Furthermore, what he says is true and accurate and past time that the President start taking control over his Justice Department, IRS and FBI. It’s also his army and his border to defend and to hell with the media and Congress. Comes 2019, maybe he should consider not funding the real government. Democrats want crisis. The President should give it to them and good and hard. It’s hardly Victor Hanson’s fault, the President has been laying on the ropes for two years. He came into office having to learn just how bad it all is, what is really going on. I and millions of Americans already knew when we voted for him two years ago. It’s time for him to start using some of the real power of his office and the half the country that does support him.

      Put on your armor Mr. President. Lead us into war. Forget about the trade deals and secure the phucking border, lock up traitors and criminals that have executed this soft coup and close down the sanctuary cities. Forget the judiciary until they become relevant again. How the hell can anyone discuss the law when half the country is in open insurrection? the law and the courts are a joke.

      Abraham Lincoln wasn’t stopped by the law in Maryland. If Lincoln acted the way President Trump is acting, we wouldn’t have a country today and, if the President doesn’t begin acting like Lincoln we won’t have a country tomorrow. That is what we are talking about after all.

      Why don’t you vent at the President? Send an email to the White House. expressing your frustration at his inaction. The time for cute has passed. The time for war is past due and that’s on the President.

  6. Show me in Missouri | December 19, 2018 at 11:10 am | Reply

    Hard to call it a “soft coup” when victims are putting in hard time in jail.

  7. If anyone would bother to look a little closer what they might see is America isn’t any democracy at all. This isn’t a square house and hasn’t been one for quite some time. Fake news isn’t new and it isn’t serendipity either. Fake news manipulates public opinion and for political purposes. So do all the news outlets, all of them, every last one and the reason is so as to manipulate public opinion, all for political purposes.

    Sure there is election fraud. Sure there are any number of ways to fix who gets what nomination, but the media actively manipulates our collective minds and public opinion. The simple selection of items comprising what it is that is covered as news largely determines what it is we are thinking about as a society. Editors and “Talking heads” will then attempt to tell us exactly what it is that we should think about the selected issues.

    Now think of how our educational system has “Dumbed down” the curriculum. US History is no longer part of the curriculum. Identity politics, or grievance politics has replaced nationalism, patriotism and civil virtue and all that tends to divide us a nation instead of uniting us. 40% of college graduates cannot pass a test consisting of critical thinking skills. See how powerful mass media really is in such a context.

    A soft coup, yeah sure, but that is hardly at the heart of the problem facing America, which is no longer, for all practical purposes a free country at all and not in any sense of the word. A soft coup may be the latest manifestation of this grand conspiracy to destroy America as a free sovereign and strong nation, but the corrective needed is a hard coup and a radical purge of the elite ruling class of globalist, multi national, corporate, one world interests. Not that I would ever advocate violence and especially not on a public menu.

  8. Thank jeff Sessions, If anybody else would have been AG, hillary would be in prison, and there would be no mueller

  9. Do none of you watch the Ingraham Angle?? Victor has been saying this for the past two years! It certainly isn’t as though he “just woke up”!!!

  10. Time to begin compiling dirt about any and all presidential hopefuls and anyone who advises them. Trump must begin to change the culture of the Justice Dept the FBI and prepare for possible defeat as well as prepare his campaign for possible victory. The opposition will try every dirty election trick and preparations must be made to stop them.

    • That’s not a good plan to run a country. That is plan on how NOT run a country. That is just stupid. We need something stronger than playing the ‘gotcha’ game. I suggest a meaningful civil war to reduce the numbers of opposition and restore some order. Then we can have a fair election where everyone has ID and votes once. Not a citizen? You don’t get to vote. And you only get to vote if you show up at the pols. Military excepted.

  11. When does new Attorney General Barr take charge and appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the investigators?

  12. The best thing I can suggest is that Trump resign, let the rats run the ship and go enjoy his money and the last few years of his illustrious life. Why fight a losing battle? It’s over… the Dems win. Now we have to mount of fucking civil war so they can’t run the joint either. We an do better than Antifa. We do not have a pathological fear of firearms.

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