Constant trashing of America by the Left building a Millennial generation that has NO allegiance to their country

A recently released survey on Americans’ attitudes toward their country is a clear warning sign that the Left’s ongoing efforts to radically alter one of the fundamental pillars of society — loyalty — are having the desired effect.

As noted at Study Finds, researchers from the University of Kent in England and Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, found that one-third of natural-born Americans are actively considering leaving the United States to live abroad.

Researchers noted that the reason why “may not be” what many people might think as a first instinct — displeasure over the political direction of the country.

And while there certainly are some Americans who want to leave because of political dissatisfaction, the reason cited by a vast majority of study participants — 87.4 percent — is a “simple desire to explore the world,” Study Finds noted.

Researchers said that there was no correlation between the desire to live abroad and whether study respondents identified a politically liberal or conservative. “While one might think that ideological orientation plays a role, at least in this pre-Trump survey, we found out that it did not, at least not directly,” Dr. Amanda Klekowski von Koppenfels, of Kent’s Brussels School of International Studies, said in a press release.

That said, researchers found that although politics didn’t play the role some thought it might, the manner in which study participants felt about their own national identity certainly did play a major part in the decision. 

In particular, participants who did not feel as though they had strong ties — some might describe that as ‘patriotism’ — to the U.S. were far more likely to want to leave the country.

“We asked respondents if they had a ‘very strong,’ ‘somewhat strong,’ ‘not very strong,’ or ‘not strong at all’ American national identity. Those who had anything other than ‘very strong’ national identity were more likely to aspire to live abroad,” Klekowski von Koppenfels told  Study Finds. “It was, of course, a quantitative measure of a subjective belief measuring individuals’ self-identity.”

There are some additional startling facts regarding the study. For one — as mentioned by Klekowski von Koppenfels — it was drawn on 2014 data, well before Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential race. So the percentage of Americans who want to leave may have changed.

At the time of the survey, 33.1 percent of the 877 respondents said they had considered living outside the U.S. for a period of time. That compares with 58.4 percent who said they never have considered it and 8.4 percent who said under certain circumstances they might consider leaving.

About 5.4 percent are “strongly planning on doing so,” said Klekowski von Koppenfels.

Another astonishing aspect of the findings is that of the one-third of respondents who said they had been considering leaving the U.S. is that the majority of those people answered less than “very strong” when it came to how they felt about their national identity. And while the researchers said there was no strong political leaning one way or the other, what is true is that the American Left — via academia, pop culture, entertainment, and politics — has been pushing the notion for decades that America isn’t anything special, that our country is evil at its core, and that we are most responsible for the world’s problems — none of which is true.

Is the Left’s constant America-bashing having a negative effect on patriotism? And if so, how bad is it now two years into POTUS Trump’s first term? Will the country survive a future crisis — say, a major war — if we have a large plurality of citizens who don’t feel strongly enough about the U.S. to fight for it?

At one time most Americans held similar views of “freedom, responsibility, decency, patriotism, and hard work,” John Hawkins wrote in October 2017. As evidenced by this study, those shared cultural traits appear to be vanishing. — J. D. Heyes

A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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Real Americans are Shocked at this when in fact it is exactly what the Democrats planned all along !


“… and Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts, found that one-third of natural-born Americans are actively considering leaving the United States to live abroad.”

Good ! That’s like cancer leaving the body.

James Carpenter
James Carpenter

If stupid disloyalty and ignorance outweighs patriotic and educated, well… fulcrums don’t lie.
And every crisis is a fulcrum.
Hope for the best.
Prepare for the worst.


Those millenials who want to leave the U.S. to live abroad are welcome to go, but there are many more millenials born in foreign countries who are eager to live in the U. S. Regardless of where anyone lives, things are about to change, thanks to Trump and Q, so maybe millenials in the U.S. should wait a bit to witness the major changes that are coming before they move to another country. Nothing will stop those changes from coming. Nothing.


Let the Millennials go. They will be quite shocked for the most part and will want to come home.

Uppity White Man

What a deceptive title on this article. I’m new here. But ,you just put me on notice to your veracity.


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