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Reports: Disabling attacks to U.S. power grid that could wipe out ‘democracy’ and the ‘world order’

A pair of reports released in the past month from two separate federal entities both warn of dire, devastating consequences from the destruction or disabling of a substantial portion of the U.S. power grid. 

In late November, the Pentagon released an eye-opening analysis of the effects of a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) stemming from the detonation of a sizable nuclear weapon above the United States. The report by the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force at Air Force University noted that, “Based on the totality of available data, an electromagnetic spectrum attack may be a threat to the United States, democracy, and the world order.”

The report culled information from a mostly classified summit of government officials from 40 agencies who met just outside of Washington, D.C. over the summer and forcefully calls for a new focus by Congress and the Trump administration for making preparations either for an enemy EMP attack or a naturally occurring event such as a major solar storm, the Washington Examiner reported.

Much of the report focuses on the negative effects of an EMP event as it pertains to U.S. military capabilities. However, the report also appears to substantiate a congressional warning from 2017 that claimed up to 90 percent of the population along the East Coast could die within a year of the event.

Citing information from the Union of Concerned Scientists, the report said:

— Approximately 99 nuclear reactors would very likely melt down because there would be no electricity to power infrastructure that keeps them cool;

— Because of a spreading radioactive cloud, as many as 4.1 million Americans would have to evacuate surrounding areas;

— Military and commercial jets, like those built by Airbus, could fall out of the sky after becoming immediately degraded;

— EMP events would destroy communications infrastructure, thus cutting off military bases from their commanders;

— Officials believe civil unrest would begin after only a few “hours.”

The report estimated that it would take 18 months to replace important elements of the power grid that would be destroyed by an EMP event.

A second report from The President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council released in December makes similarly dire predictions, noting that the grid can be negatively impacted or even parts of it destroyed by an EMP event — human-caused or by a natural event such as a solar storm, natural disaster, or cyber attack.

The second report, “Surviving a Catastrophic Power Outage,” makes similar predictions about social chaos and other forms of unrest that the Pentagon’s analysis also identified.

“The NIAC was challenged to think beyond even our most severe power disruptions, imagining an outage that stretches beyond days and weeks to months or years, and affects large swaths of the country. Unlike severe weather disasters, a catastrophic power outage may occur with little or no notice and result from myriad types of scenarios,” the report says.

They include an EMP event caused by the explosion of a massive nuclear weapon at altitude, solar storms, or even large-scale natural disasters.

“The NIAC found that our existing plans, response resources, and coordination strategies would be outmatched by an event of this severity,” the report said.

NIAC analysts also laid out some solutions — ways to harden the grid against attacks or other unforeseen incidents. They include:

— Identify which federal authorities can be implemented during a widespread “grid security emergency;”

— Develop guidance and provide resources for states, cities, and localities to allow “residents to shelter in place;”

— Develop an adaptable emergency communications system; 

— Conduct a series of regional catastrophic outage exercises.

Also, other experts have recommended developing a “layered defense” for the grid through the establishment of a network of zones and multi-tiered lines of defense that include cyber defenses.

With so much attention focused on grid-down scenarios, it seems rather obvious that the federal government is increasingly worried about them. That generally means we should also worry — and prepare for them. — J. D. Heyes

A version of this story first appeared at Natural News.

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5 Comments on Reports: Disabling attacks to U.S. power grid that could wipe out ‘democracy’ and the ‘world order’

  1. Wrong, repairing the grid would take years. Those big transformers are not just laying around to be used. There is a long waiting list for them. If we suddenly needed 100’s of them. I hope you have plenty of batteries.

  2. Low technology would still function, the more a machine is mechanical, the more likely it will survive to be used. If you want solid state devices to survive, build giant Farraday cages and store those devices in them. Unfortunately Communications for the most part will not survive, having a working radio doesn’t help if no one else can transmit or receive.
    Forget about Cell phones, and good ol’ Ma Bell is long gone in favor of computers and sophisticated Electronics. Your modern Day Automobile will be fried, and inoperable.
    Unless you can light a pilot light with a match, or have a wood burning stove, no cooking or heat. Unless you have a deck of cards or a board game or a paperback book, no entertainment.
    We supposedly have the technology to shield the grid from this, but no company, corporation, or the government wants to undertake that project. Must have something to do with “The Bottom Line”…

  3. I’m trained as a nuclear scientist and was 5 years the engineering director of a major supplier of electric utility protection and control gear. I sleep quite well at night knowing the truth about how the grid really works and what is being done. I don’t know who profits from this B.S. but it is so far from the reality. I can only think it is a diversion to let the terrorists think something is possible and get them to show their hand. We have experience from GIC caused by solar flares. We have designed protection devices to disconnect the transformers at the speed of light while CME travel much slower. They also can isolate sections of the grid in the case of EMP attack (those H field wave do travel at the speed of light). Since it is a passive defense we don’t need to tell anyone about it and just let it do it’s job. Journalist are as dumb as a bunch of rocks and “experts” get paid to make up the scariest story possible. Viruses are what will kill us all and it might not be from the people we suspect the most…………..

  4. Until we actually ‘see’ something do it’s job, all the hype and fluff from the people trying to sell it to us, is just hype and fluff. GE is great for that, way over pay for ‘stuff’ and when it don’t work, well they bought out the competition, so you just have to pay them now to fix it. Those chickens are coming home to roost as well, as they are trying to sell off assets left and right to get some cash flow to ease the crunch they are in. Don’t just take my word for it, you can do your own research and see this as well. Westinghouse declared bankruptcy over a deal gone sour. Two of the kingpins in big trouble, so when SHTF, those we think might help us, may very well tuck tail and scurry out of town. We have seen it before. Oh Darn, our stuff didn’t do what we said it would, declare bankruptcy and get out of town before the angry mobs get a game plan.

    Yes you know days ahead of a solar flare, and it still does damage because your communications routes are generally incompetent… government run stuff you know. Look at California, if we cut power, people will cry and then sue us. if we don’t cut power, it starts a fire, then people will cry and sue us. We are going to rely on people to make the decisions to make emergency plans for us? Or better yet, we are going to let Tech do this for us, and the first time it over reacts or creates a false alarm, we disable it because it caused an inconvenience for some. Oh Im comfy now.

    Disconnect transformers at the speed of light? Impressive. So I guess switch arms move at light speed now? SF6 Bottles open and quench at the speed of light now too? Wow you must have been busy. When the control circuit gets fried and leaves the transformer unprotected and ringing, now what?

    The people in charge, and those who want to believe they are in charge, want you to sleep happy at night, because if you knew the real story, you’d be demanding something be done and now. Then they get the real tough questions asked, those which they don’t want to answer.

    It’s each individuals choice though. You can sleep better at night knowing your stuff is going to work wonders. I sleep better at night knowing I have a backup plan for when it does not work as advertised.

    There are people who design wonderful things, and there are people who have to fix that @#% and try to make it work. I’ll take the latter’s word for how wonderful it really is.

  5. The very first order of business must be to have EMP-hardened generators at the nuclear plants, so they can keep operating at least long enough to safely shut down.
    Oh, and elevate the generators high enough so a tsunami can’t flood them!

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