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POTUS Trump renews threat to close southern border if Dems continue to deny wall funding

In a Friday morning tweet storm, POTUS Donald Trump renewed his threat to close the southern border if Democrats continued to oppose his $5 billion funding request for a border wall.

“We will be forced to close the Southern Border entirely if the Obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the Wall & also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our Country is saddled with. Hard to believe there was a Congress & President who would approve!” he began.

“….The United States looses soooo much money on Trade with Mexico under NAFTA, over 75 Billion Dollars a year (not including Drug Money which would be many times that amount), that I would consider closing the Southern Border a “profit making operation.” We build a Wall or…..” he continued.

“…..close the Southern Border. Bring our car industry back into the United States where it belongs. Go back to pre-NAFTA, before so many of our companies and jobs were so foolishly sent to Mexico. Either we build (finish) the Wall or we close the Border……” he added.

“…..Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador are doing nothing for the United States but taking our money. Word is that a new Caravan is forming in Honduras and they are doing nothing about it. We will be cutting off all aid to these 3 countries – taking advantage of U.S. for years!”

It’s not clear how closing the border would be accomplished or what economic impacts that would have on our country. But it’s clear the president is putting Democrats on notice that he’s not interested in caving on border wall funding.

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12 Comments on POTUS Trump renews threat to close southern border if Dems continue to deny wall funding

  1. Don’t threaten Donald, just do it.

    • No one is more impatient than I, but let the President handling the timing. We’ve been waiting for thirty years. Look to the State of the Union speech. We must stand together in support now more than ever.

      The President will never back down, not now and he will never back up. He sees it and together we will never give up. Shut the border down Mr. President and if you ask, we will shut the whole, damn country down.

  2. We’re WITH YOU, POTUS the Donald! DO NOT BUCKLE!

  3. Shut it all down, the government the border and message constantly to the American people that this is the disingenuous anti-American Democrat’s fault. Let them emigrate out of the U.S. to China and learn from their Marxist masters about borders. The U.S. will exponentially leap ahead without their obstruction and that’s a fact.

  4. The President has found his Mojo. Let’s get ready to ruuuuuuuuuumble. Bring it on. Shut it down, Mr.President. Think of the billions of dollars of lost cartel revenue in drug and human trafficking, Think of the losses to the banking interests who launder all that money for the Cartels. Think about the Mexican government that has been bleeding us dry and think about all the ways Mexico can be made to pay for it all. And then think about the gangster governments of Guatemala and Honduras.

    The people are with you Mr. President. Together we will stand and deliver.

  5. Put the military on the border with orders to shoot anyone who set foot on U.S. soil illegally. Close the border down.

  6. I agree with all the comments above… and am with you President Trump. Stop ALL payments to those countries that try and take advantage of us and give us NOTHING in return but grief. And let Mexico know that if they don’t stop allowing these caravans from coming through their country, we will stop all financial help to their country as well. The FAKE POLITICIANS ( like assh**es Pus*y Pelosi and Sh*thead Shumer) who think helping criminals (like the man who killed the Policeman in Calif.) are more important than helping secure our borders and helping our own Americans, should be locked up PERMANENTLY where they belong, for they certainly ARE NOT politicians, Americans, or Patriots. Just seeing them on TV and listening to the insane words they speak makes me want to PUKE!!!!!

  7. HERE IS A PERSONAL MESSAGE TO PUS*Y PELOSI: You may THINK you are smarter than President Trump, and have the upper hand with the incoming Demoratic House… but you are just too stupid to see the writing on the wall and realize how MUCH MORE POWER the POTUS has over little ole baghead such as yourself. He can Close the Border; and through the National Emergency Act declare the invasion on our southern border needs to be treated for what it actually is – an invasion against the sovereignty of the United States; he can VETO all the legislative bills YOUR House passes on to the Senate that You think will be good for America when in reality they are just the opposite; he can veto any Omnibus Bill you create for spending in the upcoming year; and he can do any and all of these things until you get off your as*es and provide the money to BUILD THE WALL… yes, Nancy, the WALL, that you and all your cohorts are seen on TV claiming that we need in past years, but that just like President Trump claims, are not willing to do so now that he wants it done and would do so while you phony demorats appear to ALL AMERICA to be the fake politicians you truly are just because HE would get credit for it, rather than you as*holes. Once again, proving you aren’t the least bit interested in serving and helping Americans, rather for your own petty political reasons would act like little whiny children who had their toy taken away from them. Grow Up Nancy, and stop acting like the total jerk you REALLY ARE.

  8. Patriot Parks // December 28, 2018 at 5:49 pm // Reply

    I’ve grown very bored with this. Can we just start the 2nd American revolution already and eliminate the traitor demoncRATS NOW!!!

  9. Kevin Cowlishaw // December 28, 2018 at 9:09 pm // Reply

    Hang in there Boss and crank up the stakes as high as they need to go because the fate of the country is at stake.

  10. You Go Trump MAGA…… WE the People Got your Back.

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