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Baltimore’s Dem mayor actually believes the NRA supports private ownership of ‘rocket launchers’

Democrats have made some pretty outrageous accusations against the National Rifle Association over the years, but a claim made by Baltimore’s mayor — and one she’s fundraising off of — is one of the most scandalous.

Mayor Catherine Pugh seems to believe that the NRA advocates actually advocates for the private ownership of rocket launchers, according to a recent tweet she sent out.

As The Blaze reported:

The Baltimore Police Department’s latest gun buyback program — which is intended to reduce the number of unregistered weapons on the city’s streets — turned up a rocket launcher.

An actual rocket launcher.

Guidelines for the buyback included $25 for high-capacity magazines, $100 for revolvers and bolt-action or pump-action weapons, and $200 for semi-automatic weapons, according to the Baltimore Sun. The city also offered $500 for fully automatic weapons.

The rocket launcher reportedly fetched $500, though it wasn’t fully automatic.

The turn-in of the launcher was too much for Pugh to resist.

“As of today we removed over 1800 guns and 1 rocket launcher from the streets of #Baltimore. And yet the @NRA thinks somehow rocket launchers are good for Baltimore. Perhaps a name change is in order: The National Rocket Association. @Everytown,” she said, the latter a reference to former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for America,” an anti-gun organization.

Just. Wow.

Needless to say, the NRA has never come out in support of the private ownership of rocket launchers. For one, they aren’t “firearms,” they are legitimate weapons of war. If our founders wanted Americans to own warfighting ordnance they would have included “cannons” in the Second Amendment.

As for Pugh, well, she’s the mayor of Baltimore and since her party has a lock on the city, we’re pretty sure she’ll win reelection, and by a wide margin.

Because Democratic voters tend not to hold their politicians accountable — for taking away their rights, for creating massive pockets of crime, and for such public demonstrations of stupidity.

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12 Comments on Baltimore’s Dem mayor actually believes the NRA supports private ownership of ‘rocket launchers’

  1. USJoeFreedom // December 29, 2018 at 4:33 pm // Reply

    The NRA has been bending over to give away our rights for years. Only fools think they actually stand for the 2nd. Research the history of the NRA and find out you are a fool for donating to them. There are MUCH better pro 2nd groups out there that won’t compromise with your rights.

  2. The NRA is not who most think they are. They compromise on the 2nd all the time. They literally started out an anti gun group.

  3. The right to carry movement is almost exclusively the work of the NRA. They fought like hell against the Brady bill before that. They are on the front lines every time there’s a mass shooting working diligently to prevent the Left from defining this emerging issue. The real problem in the fight to preserve gun rights are fringe lunatics who leap from one conspiracy to the next and are only sure of one thing, that they are always right about who the “real” bad guys are.

  4. The hilarious part is that the mayor thinks they took a dangerous weapon off the streets! As if ANYONE would EVER be able to procure ammunition for it! Even if they could, (and they couldn’t) 1 rocket would cost them 5 years of EBT benefits. The mayor paid these folks $500 for a cool looking door stop! LOL! Basically as dangerous as a wrapping paper tube. Bravo!

  5. Rocket launching tubes Bazooka tubes have been collected for years by Civilians. The one shot Lawss rocket tubes aand the others are inert. You can’t buy rockets for them.
    The way the Commy left is going might be good idea if Citizens could. :).
    This is a non issue and NRA nor Government cares. It’s the same as condemning collectors of tin cans.
    Quit running from these anti American anti Bill of Rights Communist who understand and are working toward elimination of our Second Amendment Rights, confiscating our firearms so we are wholly unable to defend ourselves, from them, like Venezuela and Nicarauga did an give them to their Supporters.
    Today’s Democrats, some are crazy, all are Traitors and Liars and intend to take America down.

  6. Daniel Staggers // December 30, 2018 at 9:24 am // Reply

    Maybe the NRA doesn’t support this, but I certainly do. I dare say, if the people had rocket launchers, we’d no longer have a CNN, or AP, or NBC, or most of Hollywood. All of that would be a vast improvement.

  7. to be expected in ghettopotamus-run baltimore

  8. Bot (all of piss ant) MD and the NRA can suck it, as the NRA is an all talk FUDD group, and MD is just another commie POS (D) blue state where Americas need to go in and take their real estate back.

    The 2nd amedment requires PARITY of arms with our “government” (comprised of our idiot neighbors who needed a job, who thought that “governing” meant on it’s citizenry, and not the machinations of government).
    hat PARITY requirement is proven by the 2nd Paragraph of the Declaration of Independence [where we acknowledge Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness to each other], as there’s no way our Founders/Framers thought we needed to ask our gov’t for the means, or the permission to obtain the means to replace them, should we see fit.

    If you don’t think the Constitution guarantees that PARITY, then let me know rtf now so we can have-at. Day’s-a-wasting.

  9. This Bit*h isn’t stupid. She knows all of the people that voted for her are.

  10. Actually, George Washington believed in the 2nd Amendment granting parity to the people, whatever the Government, the Monarchy, the Dictatorship owned and used against the “People” should be allowed for private possession, as a deterrent to abuse. He, himself was a wealthy landowner and a cannon owner, since they were not regulated by Government but more by economic restrictions of purchase at a very high cost to buy for the common man. “When Government fears the People, there is Democracy, when the People fear the Government, there is Tyranny…” was not his statement but very much expressed his thought that equality in any level of weapon ownership was a just position.

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