International security expert: ‘Sweden on its way to civil war’

A noted international security expert is warning that historically peaceful Sweden is “on the way to civil war” due to is soft justice system and the government’s inability — or unwillingness — to eliminate expanding “no-go zones” where crime has become rampant.

In an interview with the Ingrid & Maria news blog, Olle Fjordgren, who’s worked as a security adviser for governments in Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Mongolia, said, “We have basically given up and the criminals have seized power. Right now we have nothing to oppose and I can’t see that we could reverse the development.”

In describing Sweden as a “freight train heading for a rock,” Fjordgren noted further that the government’s unwillingness to face the realities of how bad rising crime has become — due in large part to an influx of Muslim migrants — over fears of being called “racist” means that Sweden is dangerously close to becoming a “failed state.”

And frankly, that is unheard of for a European country.

Fjordgren cited Lebanon as an example of what happens to the civil society when integration does not take hold and rival ethnic and criminal gangs engage in battles over territory. He said there is “only one possible development” for Sweden in the future: A “civil war.”

The security expert said as a last resort the Swedish government could adopt a New York City-style zero tolerance policy for crime. However, he said, that isn’t likely given the government’s liberal approach to justice.

“The judiciary must ensure that these dangerous people are incapacitated and removed from the streets,” he argued.

Studies have traced Sweden’s rise in crime to the country’s open borders policy regarding migrants from largely-Muslim countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

Spectator study noted, “Murder is up 40 percent since 2012; the number of gun homicides has more than doubled in ten years. Compared with Britain, it is five times more common for young men in Sweden to be shot and killed.”

Statistics released in August found that 58 percent of convicted rapists and 85percentt of all convicted assault rapists in Sweden were born outside of Europe. — Jon Dougherty

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The Swedish government and politicians are total idiots to risk loosing their country because of one word “RACIST”? Allowing strangers to invade and destroy your country and your people are OK? But protecting the people and secure your country is ‘RACIST’? This is moronic.


“Sweden is dangerously close to becoming a ‘failed state’. And frankly, that is unheard of for a European country.”

That depends on how you define “state”. If a state is a government that protects its citizen’s interests and its borders, then most EU nations have already failed.

Show me from Missouri
Show me from Missouri

People don’t seem to be able to understand the difference between race and crime.
Trump has actually done this, defining crime as breaking the law, it doesn’t matter what race you are, if you break the law, you’re an outlaw.

Uli W.

For me all of Europe has become a no-go zone, and this is coming from a former German citizen. It has been invaded by the worst that islam and africa have to offer, there is no more freedom of speech, liberties are infringed at every corner, and indigenous Europeans are consider garbage by their governments. The continent is unrecognizable and within 75 years will be irrelevant in the world.

It makes me cry to know I will never see Bavaria again.


We can all thank the Jews for this. They are 100% responsible.


@ Frank”

True, the Jews promote this open border madness and hate all forms or expressions of nationalism. We are brainwashed to believe that nationalism is by default “anti-Semitic”.

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