Ingraham: POTUS gave ‘sober, serious’ speech but Dems ‘don’t give a damn’ about border security

POTUS Donald Trump addressed the nation live last night from the Oval Office, taking his case for enhanced border security including funding for physical barriers, in what Fox News host Laura Ingraham called a “sober, serious” speech, but it fell on deaf Democratic ears because “they don’t give a damn.”

During his speech, POTUS Trump called on Democrats to help him end the “humanitarian crisis” along the U.S.-Mexico border by granting his funding request and reopening government agencies closed by the current shutdown.

“Democrats in Congress have refused to acknowledge the crisis. And they have refused to provide our brave border agents will the tools they desperately need to protect our families and our nation,” Trump said, as Lifezette reported.

“The federal government remains shut down for one reason, and one reason only,” Trump continued. “Because Democrats will not fund border security.”

He urged Democrat leaders to rise above party politics and what’s right for the country. But in the Democratic response to the president’s address, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer dismissed his appeal.

“Much of what we have heard from President Trump throughout this senseless shutdown has been full of misinformation and even malice,” Pelosi claimed. “The president has chosen fear.”

Schumer added, “The symbol of America should be the Statue of Liberty, not a 30-foot wall,” as he urged Trump to “re-open the government and we can work to resolve our differences over border security.”

Just a few short years ago, Schumer — in an address to the 6th Annual Immigration Law and Policy Conference at Georgetown University –he praised border fences and strict immigration policies.

“People who enter the United States without our permission are illegal aliens, and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the United States legally,” Schumer said in 2009. “Any immigration solution must recognize that we must do as much as we can to gain operational control of our borders as soon as possible.

“This progress includes…construction of 630 miles of border fence that create a significant barrier to illegal immigration on our southern land border,” he added.

That was then, however.

As Ingraham noted in her opening monologue Tuesday night, “the president was really sober in his address. He was extremely serious. And he genuinely believes that a wall is needed as part of a larger border security policy. That’s what he campaigned on. That’s what he won on.”

“Democrats do not give a damn about securing the border. For them, this is all about scoring political points — and of course, about 2020,” Ingraham warned.

She added that POTUS scored “a major media coup” by getting “all the major networks to carry his address, galvanizing the attention of the entire country.”

Also, “he accomplished something else. He got two of the least popular politicians in the nation to respond to him on his terms.”

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Laura is correct. Democrats are opposed to a border wall. They are against it, even though they were once in favor of it. They have been corrupted, bribed, and blackmailed into obeisance by the Deep State. They are given their scripts and their bribe money by their overlords in the Deep State and they are for or against various issues according to whatever orders they receive. Above all, they oppose President Trump and his MAGA agenda. They want to usher in the totalitarian New World Order dictatorship rich elites like the evil, power-mad Rothschilds and Soroses have planned for us… Read more »

marty lopez

Notice how tight the President’s speech was. He gave the opposition absolutely nothing to use, no ammunition to distract the viewers, or try to confuse the subject. There was no personality, no slick delivery, no attempt at warm, winning, charisma, or persuasion. There was just only that, which everyone already knew, a straight forward description of the catastrophic and worsening situation at the border, the senseless, human tragedy and a sincere concern for provision of safety for the American people and yes, what is obviously the very preservation of America itself. Nancy and Chuck, short a pitchfork, crammed into a… Read more »

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