LIES: Pelosi claims ‘food stamps,’ ‘farm subsidies’ not being paid because of Trump, but they ARE

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has every right to criticize POTUS Donald Trump and his administration, and in fact, being the leader of the opposition party in the House, we expect her to.

But the California Democrat has an obligation to the country to at least be honest in her critique of the president.

On Thursday, Pelosi was babbling on to reporters about how — because of the president — Americans aren’t getting their promised benefits including as food stamps, farm subsidies, and federal housing, all due to what she called President Donald Trump’s “petulance” and “obstinance.”

Farmers “are expecting, and not receiving, what the President promised when he did his, shall we say, misinformed trade policies,” she said. “They also have subsidies and other needs as they plan for the growing season.

“And food safety inspections, food stamps, all the rest, being held up by the President’s petulance,” she added.

“There’s so much that HUD has to do with housing in our country that is forestalled by the President’s obstinance,” she said.

First of all, POTUS Trump’s “trade policies” — we assume she means his regimen of tariffs imposed on China — are working. Chinese manufacturing fell last fall to its lowest level in two years, “hurt by slowing domestic and external demand, in a sign of deepening cracks in the economy from an intensifying trade war with the United States,” Reuters reported.

Last month, writing in The Hill, Jeff Ferry, a research director at the Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) who supports the tariffs, said unequivocally that, “contrary to popular belief,” they are working:

Why have the tariffs been working so well? The Coalition for a Prosperous America (CPA) examined both the positive and negative impacts of tariffs on the U.S. economy. We found that the tariffs have added $9 billion to U.S. GDP this year.

Hiring in the tariffed industries is carrying over to local supply chains and communities, boosting regional economic growth. Meanwhile the much-feared negative effects due to price increases have not happened.  

In short, the tariffs are working. Some argue that tariffs are a “nationalist” policy. But the tariffs are not eliminating imports. Clearly, the U.S. will continue to import a wide swath of goods, but a stronger domestic manufacturing sector will mean a higher growth path for the nation as a whole. 

Second, as to Pelosi’s claims that food stamps and other benefits meted out by the Department of Agriculture are not being paid is an outright lie.

While House Democrats refuse to pass legislation that funds the president’s requested border wall even as a humanitarian crisis plays out along the U.S.-Mexico border, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told reporters this week that POTUS has been working behind the scenes to ensure that low-income Americans will receive their nutritional benefits from his department, Breitbart News reports.

“At President Trump’s direction, we have been working with the administration on this solution,” Perdue told reporters. “It works and is legally sound. We want to assure states, and SNAP recipients, that the benefits for February will be provided.”

Funding for the Department of Agriculture expired on Dec. 21 as no additional funding bill make it out of both chambers of Congress to keep portions of the government operating.

As such, at POTUS Trump’s instruction, the Office of Management and Budget has been working with the USDA and other agencies to find available funds for priority programs like SNAP.

Breitbart News noted further:

The Trump administration has developed a strategy under the law to keep government nutrition programs providing services through February. Part of this solution involves directing states to submit a request for early issuance instead of operating under the regular monthly submission process. States must make their request by January 20, as this is within the 30-day provision allowed for the government food programs under the continuing resolution.

Finally — and this is important — Pelosi’s calling the president “petulant” and “obstinant,” but let’s remember that all spending bills originate in the House. The president is head of the Executive Branch and can only sign — or veto — legislation that makes to his desk.

So, just who is being petulant and obstinate? The American people gave POTUS Trump a mandate to build his wall and improve border security. Democrats in the House are refusing to send the president legislation that will achieve that objective, even though they’ve supported the exact same legislation in the past, and even though most Americans are fed up with illegal immigration.

It shouldn’t surprise you that the corrupt establishment media refused to challenge Pelosi on her fabrications. But it should anger you that she’s blaming this president for her refusal to send him legislation that includes physical barriers even the Border Patrol wants. — Jon Dougherty

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David Zink
David Zink

She is going by the Dem playbook under shut downs.

Ray Hardy

The way events are progressing the Democrats have two paths. (1) Carry on with (Pelosis’) their obstructionist ways and lose face. (2) Give in and lose face. Either way it’s a dead end for them. The only sensible thing to do is to remove Pelosi and blame her for the chaos within the Democrat party and the ongoing shutdown of the government. They can approach Trump, negotiate the $25 Billion to pay for the wall and walk away. With Pelosi gone, the Democrat Party would be satisfied, the Republican party would be satisfied but most of all America would be… Read more »


Remove ALL Taxpayer funded guards, barriers, door locks, gates and fences from all Congressional offices, facilities and homes. If OUR Families don’t get security CONGRESS doesn’t get security. Don’t put up with this crap. If YOUR family is “UNWORTHY” of protection the stinking politicians certainly are unworthy.
What happened to their mantra “IF it saves only ONE life it is worth it”?
YOUR famuily’s life is not “worth it”?! Not to Congress…………
Climb over THEIR walls and see how you are “welcomed”.
Obama has 7 walls —
Look at Pelosi’s walls —

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