TREASON: FBI’s probe of President Trump after he fired crooked James Comey was an obvious COUP attempt

Two years into his administration, POTUS Donald Trump remains under siege by special counsel Robert Mueller and the Deep State as establishment politicians, the intelligence community, and the “mainstream” media put up relentless, unprecedented resistance to his policies on a daily basis.

While the president has so far managed to hold his own, replacing several Washington “insiders” who were hand-picked to undermine his White House with people he trusts, new details have emerged providing a glimpse into the powerful forces aligned against him.

Late last week, as many readers have heard, The New York Times published a bombshell report that implicates the FBI in what can only reasonably be defined as a blatant act of treason and an attempt to overthrow a duly-elected president — simply for performing a constitutionally permissible act against one of their own.

Following the president’s firing of then-FBI Director James Comey, which, you recall, came at the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, federal law enforcement officials claim to have become “so concerned” about POTUS’ behavior that they actually opened an investigation into “whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests,” sources told the Times.

The paper noted further:

The inquiry carried explosive implications. Counterintelligence investigators had to consider whether the president’s own actions constituted a possible threat to national security. Agents also sought to determine whether Mr. Trump was knowingly working for Russia or had unwittingly fallen under Moscow’s influence.

The investigation the F.B.I. opened into Mr. Trump also had a criminal aspect, which has long been publicly known: whether his firing of Mr. Comey constituted obstruction of justice.

The Times reported that “days” after “FBI officials” opened the investigation it was turned over to Mueller, which in and of itself makes the timing suspicious. In addition to that, the Times report never mentions who actually authorized the FBI’s probe — whether it came from the Justice Department, as is customary, or whether rogue agents opposed to POTUS Trump’s presidency took it upon themselves to launch an investigation.

Something else that is odd: The Times reported that the investigation was on a dual track — both criminal and counterintelligence, when usually such probes are either one or the other. The paper said that officials within the FBI and other federal entities not named (such as the Justice Department and the intelligence community) were allegedly concerned that the firing of Comey was both a criminal act and a sop to Russia, a national security issue.

Nearly two years later, we find that nothing substantiates either of those suspicions. The convictions that Mueller has gotten have been for crimes not related to POTUS Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russia. What’s more, we’ve since learned that Comey had a major role in assuring that Trump’s opponent, Hillary Clinton, did not suffer legal fallout (as in, she wasn’t charged) for criminal mishandling of classified information.

Also, the fact that Mueller’s investigation has proceeded is prima facie evidence that the president did not obstruct it. And, as the Times reports deep into its story, “No evidence has emerged publicly that Mr. Trump was secretly in contact with or took direction from Russian government officials.”

The Constitution grants the president the authority to dismiss anyone in his employ — which is everyone who falls under the Executive Branch. As head of that branch of government, POTUS doesn’t need a reason to fire anyone, though Comey — through his politically motivated mishandling of Clinton’s investigation — surely provided Trump with cause.

The president’s legal team has dismissed the investigation as pointless and it turns out that’s certainly true. But that’s the right answer to the wrong question, which should be: Who authorized the probe in the first place? Because whoever did it was obviously trying to undermine the president in such a way as to cause his removal from office — a coup, in other words.

So let’s call this what it is: Treason, pure and simple. That’s not a word Washington likes to use but that doesn’t make what the Deep State did, and is still trying to do, to POTUS Trump anything less.

The bigger scandal since is that no one in the bureau or Justice Department has done anything about it. Meanwhile, the cover for all of this — the Mueller investigation — continues.  — J. D. Heyes

A version of this story first appeared in NewsTarget.

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43 Comments on "TREASON: FBI’s probe of President Trump after he fired crooked James Comey was an obvious COUP attempt"

  1. LONG PAST TIME to cut more than a few sets of balls off.

    The ONLY WAY to completely eradicate a Cancer ( or any other type of malignancy ) is TO COMPLETELY EXCISE IT.


    The Question is: WHEN is it going to START HAPPENING ?

  2. Not only have there been coup attempts by Deep State psychos to remove President Trump from office, but I believe there have been assassination attempts as well. So far he’s been protected, but I pray for his safety every day. There are Obama holdovers still working inside the government to oppose Trump. It’s nice to know that those traitors are not being paid during the shutdown. I know there are honest, hardworking government employees who are also being affected by the shutdown, but I like knowing that the rascals are shutdown from their bad anti-Trump seditious work. MAGA!

  3. I fear we have crossed the bridge and have become a third world country……

    • Well that was the plan when they took us into this global one world business. Our middle class was tying up too much wealth and capital. When the computer technology offered them the ability to take it, they jumped at the chance.

  4. All of these thugs in the Obama administration including thug Obama, need to pay the legal price for this. I cannot imagine the US citizens having any confidence in Washington, DC after what we have seen happening to President Trump and again, what happened during the election of 2016. WE NEED TO TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT. Right now, not happening. So yes, how do we fix this? Legal ramifications, not just firings….gut the swamp. Perhaps the FBI needs to go. We know since J. Edgar that it was a sewer. Even Eisenhower was afraid to fire Hoover, as was Kennedy….and speaking of Kennedy. President Trump was suppose to release the final documents on his assassination….when Trump again decided against some last documents, do you suppose he saw what truly was covered up and while most of these people are dead, it must be truly damaging to the swamp/Johnson/FBI at that time for it to be exposed….These politicians are not above the law. If I am bound by rules/laws, then so should these scum bags have to pay for criminal behavior. Lock them UP !!

    • What he saw, was clear, irrefutable ( & actually, in many cases, blatant ) evidence that LBJ, Allen Dulles ( as well as the contemporary CIA, at that time ) several of LBJ’s uber-wealthy Texas Military-Industrial cronies, & several corrupt Secret Service Agents all conspired in planning & executing The Assassination. Did you ever wonder why the longstanding Texas Tradition, of giving YELLOW Roses, was sacrificed & circumvented, in giving Jackie RED Roses, instead ? It was precisely because, those who MADE that decision & arrangement, didn’t want the OPTICS of blood-stained Yellow Roses to be on National Television, & in the National Press, in the aftermath — so, they did the LOGICAL thing — they gave her RED Roses ( which, believe me, was UNHEARD OF, in Texas, in those days ).

      One of the biggest disappointments of MY life, is that ALL of the $kumbaggs involved ( ESPECIALLY LBJ ) are now dead, & were allowed to live & die peacefully, instead of being prosecuted, convicted, & executed for their participation.

    • Well here’s the big reveal. This isn’t any square house and you and I don’t have any options. There is only the company store. There aren’t any alternatives.and I doubt we will ever see another Trump phenomena. Although rest assured I am quite rabid in my perfect agreement with all of your sentiments.

      To paraphrase my favorite TV character, I do believe the #3 bus will take me to Piccadilly, but that isn’t to say, I believe in Santa Claus either.

  5. Truly Treason. Arrest them or we the People will take our country back the old fashioned way. By Force.

    • And while we have all heard it said when peaceful change becomes impossible, violent change becomes inevitable we are still eons away from any of that. Things could have never gone so far if it were a possibility in the real world.

  6. Yeah, yeah…we KNOW the FBI is corrupt. Pointing it out EVERY DAY isn’t helping, anymore. Sadly, we don’t NEED more proof…we need SOMEONE in DC to do SOMETHING to fix the problem. SHEESH!

  7. Could someone please tell me why we are spending so much money and energy going after Trump with zero evidence of wrongdoing, while letting this proven corruption ride? Something is seriously wrong with our justice system and congress!!!! Trump is boss of the DOJ. Send them out against the House with a grand jury and subpoena the whole lot of them. Start with Nancy, and interview her for months.

  8. The day that Muller submits his report. is the day that new Atty Gen Barr should launch a wide probe investigation (no special counsel) for criminality under the Abuse of Office (abuse of power) Criminal Code:

    • Barr is a close friend of Mueller. The AG has power over the special counsel to stop the abuse, has no reason to wait. You will wait a long time. Barr is a Mueller fan just like Sessions.

  9. Yes it was an obvious coup event and, in a straight line in both directions meaning before and since and still the President does nothing. AG Barr appears in confirmation hearing as an ex Bush establishment protector who will do nothing to upset the apple cart.

    So there it is, a worn out, played out Trump who even, if he manages reelection has failed to restore our nation under law.

  10. someone HAD to sign off on the investigation,…someone!…….that person!!…….
    that person needs to feel the entire weight of our justice system as laid out in the Constitution for Treason.

    • The only problem with that is that although maybe only a handful of corrupt, high-ranking, DOJ officials were involved in planning and initiating the attempted treasonous coup, they likely had plenty of inside ‘help’ & collaboration from others who could themselves be tried for “Misprision of Treason” (i.e. hiding any treasonous plot of which they had knowledge) were they now to testify. So they won’t!

      They have little choice but to protect each other lest they all hang. Nevertheless, the seditious Deep State traitors who planned this shouldn’t be allowed to simply ‘walk away’ because their attempted coup failed. They should all be tried… and then (as Hillary herself ‘predicted’), summarily “hung from nooses!

    • We know the people who did this. DOJ leadership is corrupt.

  11. we need a new modern jacobean reign of terror, but this time it’s american Patriots hauling the guillotines around the countryside town tot town eradicating the cancer.

    • I much prefer Thompson Submachineguns. Not only are they a helluva lot lighter to haul around, they’re also a HELLUVA LOT more exciting.

      Guillotines get boring after the first dozen uses or so. But a Tommy Gun NEVER gets boring 🙂

      • P.S. — and, as an ADDED Bonus, you can ALWAYS use a Tommy Gun AS A Guillotine, if you so desire —

  12. From the very beginning, I have felt that it was Obama(who had BEEN spying on Americans)
    using HIS Intel Agencies/Directors to do HIS Bidding, and they did so willingly. This came into being by Obama, Hillary, and his whole Corrupt Regime, because HE wanted to insure that ‘Criminal Hillary-who Also had the goods ON OBAMA.

    She/Bill ALWAYS Had “an Enemy’s List of Anyone who Got in THEIR WAY of becoming ‘Extremely Wealthy, Above ANY American Laws, Covering up THEIR MISDEEDS, and the Many who have Met their demise. These two have BEEN corrupt since early days in Arkansas and MANY KNOW IT.

    Obama was handled by Soros who actually runs the Corrupt Democrat Party, along with his running MANY Liberal Media Outlets(I think I read around 250-280) that he supplements with HIS BILLIONS, to Sway People, to push HIS Agenda and All who are engaged with him.

    The “Globalists/Elitists, like Soros, Obama, Hillary etal. wanted a “One World Order” wherein America had to be weakened and Obama accomplished that with our Republic, our Military, Our Constitution, as their Agenda was to make a weakened America answerable to the Corrupt U.N. and International Law-which Obama was Already implementing, as he By-
    Passed our Own Congress to do whatever he/Soros/Hillary wanted, and SHE was to continue with that Agenda.

    It would be POTUS Trump, who actually KNEW America was in danger, who stepped forward to help return America and it’s citizens to being protected by our Constitution, that Obama shredded on a daily basis, as well as he “Used the Race Card to Cause Chaos and Further Divide us, Pitting American Against American”

    These “Traitors to America KNOW they tried to STOP then Campaigner Trump, and then the Deep State pulled together, in their “Attempted Coup of our Duly-Elected President Trump, that is STILL going on, as corrupt FBI/DOJ/CIA/IRS Bad Actors need to try to Oust him from office, as “They ARE STILL IN COVER UP MODE, TO HIDE THEIR OWN CRIMINALITY, AS HILLARY “WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN, AND SWEEP ALL THEIR DEEDS

    We the people, deserve to KNOW all that was/is being done AGAINST US, and our Republic
    and those who “Planned and participated in this COUP, are to be held on charges of Treason and Sedition, and that day is NOW. Those who ARE honest within this nation, and are Supposed to work on ‘Behalf of the American Citizens, NEED TO GET THE LEAD OUT OF THEIR ASSES, AND DO THEIR JOBS NOW!” NO MORE ‘GOING ALONG TO GET ALONG….YOU ARE WAY OVERDUE TO DO YOUR DUTIES.’

  13. Not treason, doesn’t comport with the definition.

    It is criminal though, perhaps insurrection or sedition.

  14. The question is… so what? These characters in the Deep State seem to have more Teflon cover than John Gotti, so they break common law, constitutional law, and every law in the books, not to mention engage in all sorts of dishonorable and immoral behaviors, and nothing ever happens to them. The worst that happens to them is they get fired and go on to take highly paid jobs with the MSM or Academia and start appearing in all MSM shows as “experts”.

    • The deep state carries water for establishment interests. As humongous and heinous as their crimes are they pale in comparison to dissembling of America, opening up of our borders in direct contradiction to law, by four consecutive Presidents from both major political parties and 25 years of congresses ( not to mention a Judiciary which is more schit than poultry).

  15. **************
    The American people have full bellies and a phone with which to mastr*bate, so they DON’T CARE. You could have Islamic terrorists overrun Washington and until their personal door is kicked-in, THEY DON’T CARE. Americans will do exactly NOTHING beyond “keyboard warrior” and “Facebook bitching.”
    Never in the history of Mankind has a nation and a people more completely deserved, even begged to wear chains. Bugger the whole bunch of them.

    • You hit the Nail RIGHT ON the Head.

      And to EXTEND your thought to the EXTENT that it is OVERWHELMINGLY True:



      So now, as a result, we have TWO GENERATIONS OF IDIOTS & MORONS — to whom we now HAND OVER CONTROL OF OUR NATION.

      Congratulations, Americans !

    • Sadly I have come to the same conclusions. I’ve lost all respect and most empathy for them. The only I despise more than ignorance and stupidity is someone who is afraid to stand up for themselves, fat , lazy and self absorbed.

  16. It DOESN’T MATTER WHAT THEY DO! The fix is in! All of this outrage is for naught. There are no consequences for the Left. The FBI are the Brownshirts for a Democrat party SO corrupt that they fixed their own primary with impunity! LOL! Evidence of their corruption? PROOF? These things ABOUND! The problem is that nobody does anything about it. Reality is that the mountain of proof we have, of this failing coup, is as good as having no proof at all.

  17. Talk, talk, talk, nothing but talk

  18. The Federal gummint is far too powerful – ergo inevitably corrupt. Recall the sneering faces of Strzok, lerner, Brennan, Crapper et al…. These apparatchiks fancy themselves ‘Progressive’ when in actuality they are simply Oppressive. In a Socialised economy Friedrich Hayek warned that the worst sorts, the most venal and unprincipled, will rise to the top. We are witnessing this – look how vulgar and mendacious the DemoncRats have become. Federal power derives from the slavery of the Federal Income Tax which must be replaced with a consumer tax such as the Fair Tax. The Federal government ensconces corrupt politcos in power whereby they enrich themselves endlessly in ‘service’ to the country. Term limits must be enacted to turn these hoodlums out.
    But the most basic problem is that a corrupt people can not engender an incorrrupt governance. Sadly we get the awful government we deserve. Many people do not even vote.

    • “But the most basic problem is that a corrupt people can not engender an incorrrupt governance. Sadly we get the awful government we deserve. Many people do not even vote.”

      And the even-more-tragic COROLLARY to this stated Truth, is that Many People DO Vote.

      And it is the cumulative effect, of the horrendous CHOICES of such, over the past 100 years, which has BROUGHT US to the disastrous point at which we now find ourselves.

      The passage of the 16th ( 1913 ), 17th ( 1913 ), & 19th ( 1920 ) Amendments, effectively SEALED THE FATE of this Country. In just those 7.5 years of Progressive Insanity, we, as a Country, slit our own throats. The entire History of the voting patterns & habits of The American Women, from the very beginning, right up to the present moment, has been, unfailingly, overwhelmingly for BIGGER Government. American Women have DESTROYED the Traditional American Family AND the Traditional American Economy, not ONLY by being primarily responsible for Instituting Huge Government ( thereby replacing — read, “eliminating” — the financial / economic need for a Father in the Household — but additionally, by Invading the Workplace, where they DO NOT belong ( thereby giving-over the job of Raising Their Children, to the Government Public-Education Indoctrination Camps, & the News & Entertainment Media ( when the Children return, from spending the entire Day at the Indoctrination Camp, to an EMPTY House, & turn on the TV — while they’re also doing drugs with their friends & siblings ).

      So, yeah — we get the Government we deserve — the one(s) that we Voted For, & which we continue to allow to suckle at our Collective Teat ( via the Federal — & State — Income Taxes ).

      Congratulations, America !

  19. Agree with alkmnost everything in here so far….

  20. I doubt anything will change until blood runs in the streets. DC is cancer, it’s treatment should consist of intense radiation until the malignancy is baked like a potato.

    We have one man fighting for us and an amalgam of 535 enemy combatants/communists, RINO/quislings and a handful of conservatives.

    • I expect you are correct, but know this. This buck is clearly on the President’s desk where it not only appears to have stopped, but died. He won’t even release the documents.

  21. The Deep State and their attempts to remove President Trump is being done BECAUSE he does not support their “Global Government”. President Trump must have been really shocked when he found out that the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Pentagon, and every department of our Government were/are crooked; AND that includes ALL the Banks (Feds), ALL CEOs of the large Corporations, ALL of the MSM (Main Stream Media), Washington Attorneys, Chamber of Commerce, etc. etc. (BECAUSE THEY ALL SUPPORT THE “GLOBAL GOVERNMENT”.
    ALSO, I have to add the Democrat Party and MOST of the GOP supports the “Global Government”. The Global Elite are using AGENDA 21 AND AGENDA 2030 to implement their Global Government. And anyone who doesn’t know what this will do to America needs to do the Research on it right now, and pass the information to everyone you know. This will COMPLETELY DESTROY AMERICA. The Immigration Crisis on our Borders is part of this Plan. These Globalist are hell bent on turning America into a Muslim Country, just like Germany, Sweden, France, Canada, UK, EU, etc. etc.

    • “President Trump must have been really shocked when he found out that the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Pentagon, and every department of our Government were/are crooked . . .”

      I don’t think he was shocked at all; I think he knew full well how thoroughly & extensively-crooked the entire Federal / Corporate / Military-Industrial System is. After all, if WE know it, then certainly HE must have known it, given that he has every bit as much Internet information-access as any of us do, AND much-more extensive personal contacts as a source of “secret” or “privileged” information.

      Pretty soon, enough Americans are going to realize, that all of the Decades of their frustration — frustration which has been engendered by having to watch NOTHING being done — over & over & over again — about the rampant Treason & Corruption they’ve known about, and have been begging the Politicians they voted for, to do something about, in hopes of eradicating it — that all of those Decades of frustration & uselessness, can be VERY QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY solved, by a single bullet, to each of a great multitude of appropriate heads. No more years and years of begging & waiting, of having promises made, & hopes raised, only to end exclusively with disappointment & failure — one bullet, one second, & problem solved, forever. You can’t beat it. That’s exactly WHY Thomas Jefferson famously said that after having created the Most Perfect Government in the Entire History of Mankind, it will require a BLOODY VIOLENT REVOLUTION, every 150 years, to RESTORE it ( that’s just a paraphrase, not the exact quote ). And, of course, his OTHER famous quote: “The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from Time to Time, with the Blood of Patriots & Tyrants. It is its Natural Manure.”

      Like I said, pretty soon, enough Americans will REALIZE this.

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