Bernie Sanders just explained in one tweet why the EPA is a worthless federal agency that exists to punish ‘climate change deniers’

Outside of federal workers affected by it, the lingering partial government shutdown seems to be affecting Leftist lawmakers the most.

In a desperate bid to make a point about how bad the shutdown is, Sanders, in a tweet, actually proved how necessary it was in complaining that the Environmental Protection Agency is one of the federal entities largely shuttered.

“The scientists tell us that the future of the planet is endangered by climate change,” he wrote. “Meanwhile, because of Trump’s government shutdown, about 95% of E.P.A. employees have been furloughed because they are ‘non-essential.’ How insane is that?”

First of all, it isn’t “Trump’s government shutdown,” it’s the Democrats who own it because they refuse to fund border security — a presidential priority and one most Americans agree with — and won’t even meet with the White House to discuss a compromise.

But beyond that, we have to ask: If 95 percent of the EPA’s employees are deemed non-essential, what makes the agency itself ‘essential?’

Yes, of course, Sanders’ point is that the agency should be functioning because, you know, that human-caused climate change phenomenon is real and thus, the EPA needs to be on the job, with the implication that it could, single-handedly, stop “climate change.”

Well, not all of “the scientists” agree with Bernie’s claim that humans are causing climate change. And what’s more, there’s nothing even a fully functioning EPA would be able to do about it even if his claim was true. So what he’s doing in the video clip above is just cheap political theater.

What the EPA existed for in the recent past was to foist Bernie’s and the Democratic Party’s Left-wing climate agenda upon the rest of the country. Armed with fake science and an ideological belief that borders on religion, the EPA was weaponized under Obama to go after the American energy industry, capitalism in general, and even individual Americans unfortunate enough to own land where mud puddles form when it rains.

How insane is that?

With 95 percent of its employees furloughed because they have been deemed non-essential, Bernie’s tweeted stunt proves that the agency itself is really non-essential.

After all, if human-caused climate change were a real thing, wouldn’t the Obama administration have ensured EPA workers remained on the job instead of, say, Border Patrol agents, given that what’s happening along our southwest border is just a “manufactured crisis?” — Jon Dougherty

Jon is the editor of The National Sentinel.

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John Schaper
John Schaper

Bernie is a waste of fresh air. Bernie never worked in his life. He is a Communist, and still gives the same speeches that he has fr 30 years. He ran for President and was able to scam a couple beach houses, a new Porsche, a loan for his wife, bankrupt a College, and he’s at it again.


Cimate change is real. It’s what happens between ice ages…DUH!

1. Antarctica has been ICE FREE 60 times that we know of so far
2. Oceans rise up to 600 feet between ice ages
3. Oceans have risen 300 feet since the last ice age ended
4. Oceans will rise another 300 feet before the next ice age in 90,000 years…WITH OR WITHOUT HUMANS ON THIS PLANET


The EPA are the Climate Destroyers !! They have been weaponized and are shilling for the JWO. Mass extinction is underway as I type. Thanks, EPA, you are what TREASON is all about.


Think of the savings to the American taxpayer if the 95% deemed non essential are pink slipped? Trump should do this across every agency and reduce federal bloat. Meanwhile the staffs of the legispators need to stay home as well, they are non essential.


Everything that comes out of Bernie Sanders mouth is “non-essential”.

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