Hannity: POTUS Trump ‘holding five different buckets of info’ on DEEP STATE corruption

On his nationally syndicated radio program Tuesday, Fox News giant Sean Hannity said that POTUS Donald Trump, whom he knows personally as a friend. is holding “five different buckets of information” on Deep State corruption.

“Comey deserved to be fired. Sally Yates deserved to be fired. A lot, frankly, there are a bunch of people still there that need to be fired,” Hannity said. “And if we’re going to have equal justice under the law, which I hope the new attorney general will bring, and equal application of our laws, then a lot of things are going to change very very quickly here.

“And maybe we’re beginning to see the work of John Huber, who was appointed by Jeff Sessions, you know, on leak issues, maybe now that work is coming to fruition,” Hannity teased.

“We still have Michael Horowitz, the Inspector General, he is to report back on FISA abuse, we already know that did take place. We know that the president has five different buckets of information that he’s holding, in his hand, that will reveal corruption at levels we never dreamed or we never thought of,” he added.

Critics of Huber’s investigation — and there are many, mostly on the Right — claim he’s done nothing in the months since he was appointed by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate abuses of the law by 2016 Democratic presidential nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

We speculated in December, based on additional independent reporting, that Huber’s probe was established much in the mold of the Robert Mueller investigation — as cover for Deep State crimes committed to undermine POTUS Trump’s presidency and administration.

It’s been about the same amount of time since Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz first revealed Obama-era FBI, DoJ, and intelligence community malfeasance and lawbreaking regarding the “Spygate” operation launched by the former president and his #NeverTrump allies in the Justice Department and intelligence community.

“Supposedly, these ‘investigations’ are continuing to this day. What’s going on? Investigative reporter Paul Sperry, along with the well-connected sleuth journos at Conservative Treehouse, both have a theory: The investigations are all a sham designed to provide cover for the guilty parties so that, if nothing else, the statute of limitations will run out before anyone is charged,” we noted.

Still, Hannity is an administration insider to an extent, so that makes him believeable. What’s more, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that POTUS Trump, who has access to reams of information few others can see, is well aware of the scope, nature, and extent of the operation launched against him.

Democrats are posturing and will continue to do so for their base. But it’s who is left standing in the end that wins. And we know POTUS Trump is a winner.

Tick-tock, as Hannity would say.

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If true, why doesn’t he start releasing the buckets to We the People. NOW!!


Sadly, the deep state AG nominee Bushie Barr has just said today that he disagrees with “Lock Her Up”.

Sadly, I have no faith in Barr, just as I have no faith in Wray at FBI. Deep state neocons and closet never Trumpers.


The wheels of justice grind slowly. Justice is not achieved by releasing all the prosecution’s evidence to the potential jury pool or leaking it to the press. How do you achieve justice when the mechanisms of justice (DOJ, FBI, Congress) are all rife with corruption through and through? Would you hear about justice being pursued if the media is the propaganda arm of The Cabal just as the DNC is its’ political arm? I’ll forgive Barr for disagreeing with “Lock Her Up” provided that he’s more in tune with “String Her Up.” He may be saying only what he has… Read more »

marty lopez

We will see soon enough. As for Hannity having credibility by way of proximity to the President’s friendship. Hey, come on. They both have vested interests in this relationship. Hannity makes tens of millions of dollars a year, hello? The President can’t even see fit to release the FISA documents. See today’s main editorial of the Wall Street Journal. And what does it say about Trump? All I see is Trump tuning up America for the establishment, as much as they hate him for it, but when it comes to actually doing what needs to done, he’s always got a… Read more »

Michael E. Fisher (Mef)
Michael E. Fisher (Mef)

From a strategic point of view, I guess it’s best to show the face of Howdy Doody to hide the soul of Rudy G. Trump is no dummy. I’m keepin’ the faith !

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