Top U.S. Admiral warns fleet on Russia, China: ‘Be ready to fight NOW’

The U.S. Navy’s top surface warfare officer has issued a call to action — or a warning — to his crews: They need to develop a “sense of urgency” regarding the Russian and Chinese navies.

In an address to the Surface Navy Association in Washington, D.C., this week, Vice Adm. Richard Brown said that U.S. warship crews, for the first time since the Cold War, must make ready for aggressive actions by adversaries with peer or near-peer capabilities at sea, such as when a Chinese navy destroy came within yards of ‘scraping paint’ off a U.S. destroyer last fall in the South China Sea.

Also, for the first time since World War II, junior officers and enlisted personnel may have to step in for senior leaders if they are cut off our killed outright during a surprise attack using sophisticated new weapons, Breaking Defense reported.

Brown painted a much different threat picture than what has existed for much of the past 25 years, when American naval commanders had little to worry about in terms of facing a real threat at sea.

The resurgence of Russia and China’s rise has changed that dynamic, however. Brown noted the next major war could well resemble what the U.S. faced in the South Pacific when battling Japan — a military with great skill and zeal that often overcame superior American technologies.

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3 Comments on "Top U.S. Admiral warns fleet on Russia, China: ‘Be ready to fight NOW’"

  1. The problem with the scare tactics that US is spewing is that China is mostly NOTHING, it has all of it’s military resources in a very few places, places easily destroyed. Granted they are building their Naval forces but they are not equal to the US Navy, Japan found out the hard way.

    • Never mind, American causalities were horrendous and the outcome was hardly any sure thing and not even after the battle of Midway. It only just seems so now in hindsight. Do you remember how many aircraft carries America lost, the Indianapolis, the pilots, able bodied seamen?

      • The Japanese Navy in WWII was second to none and they had excellent skills. Following the surprise attack on Pearl, America was left with no battleships but fortunately all of our carriers making us near peer for the Japanese Navy. The horrendous losses were a direct result of having to battle a tough, seasoned and capable enemy with a Navy that was completely green. Talk about trial by fire. China has not even come close to the level of the WWII Japanese Navy. They have one carrier (an old Russian model) but are working on a second. They really have no Navy at all when compared to the US. Their only hope in a war would be to inflict massive quick strike casualties and hope we quit. If not their Navy would cease to exist within a week

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